Month: February 2018


Time: 13:30
Place: Cab on the way to office

Sunday post on Tuesday.

I resigned from Oracle today. When I spoke to Mr. Ch last week, he said Oracle would match the offer that Pythian was giving me. This got me thinking whether resigning was  the correct move. I weighed the pros and cons and thought about it a lot. I had a chat with my old colleague Ramesh from Mphasis who had worked at Pythian for 2 years. He told me that it was a good company and that I could join them.

I am moving from a position where I am very comfortable. I have built a good rapport with the management and a good reputation. Will I be able to build the same kind of rapport in the next company? Will I be able to learn like I have learnt at Oracle? I am taking a massive chance right now and this move could backfire spectacularly. Only time will tell.




Time: 21:31
Place: Home

So I got the offer from Pythian. I will resign from Oracle next week. I am a little disappointed with the offer that they gave me. It is nevertheless a lot of money that is being offered. I am a happy man right now.

The Mrs. did not get the offer from Accenture. Dad’s thing is ongoing. I spoke to bro this week and told him that I might need some cash from him. He said he would give me the cash.


Reflections (Of an year gone by and an year to come)

Its 11:27 PM right now. Normally its past my bed time but for some reason I am not able get sleep. I am pondering over the implications of the events of this week.

I have been offered a position at P. I have been looking for a new job for an year now. I have been disinterested at work ever since SSC broke up in October 2016. I worked hard to prepare for interviews. I failed to clear in 2 companies. Those rejections hurt. I finally managed to get a job. I am being offered 19 LPA. That is more than I would have managed in either of those companies. It’s good money, but I am not over the moon.

I need time to process this change in my life. I have faced so many disappointments over the past few years that I conditioned myself to not have too many expectations. Now that something positive has happened, I am not quite sure how to react. I stop myself from being getting happy. I can sense a disappointment around the corner. I an not getting my hopes up, to protect myself from pain in case I fail at something.

I have been too wound up. I need to start relaxing now.  I will need to temporarily arrange for some cash to settle my bills at Oracle and to buy some stuff. Starting May 2018, I will start getting fat pay checks so my money problems should ease up. Once that happens, I will go easy on myself and more importantly, go easy on the wife.

Good days are coming. Time to cheer up.


Time: 19:50
Place: Home

Sunday post after more than a month.

I have been busy this past month. I got an interview opportunity with Pythian and I worked very hard to clear the interviews. I have passed 4 rounds of interview and will know the result next week.

My life has been in a limbo this past one year. A lot of things around me seem temporary. It feels like I am constantly living just managing with what I have. An offer with Pythian will see me turning a new leaf. I feel I can handle the extra stress that will come with working at Pythian when other things around me will become easier. A lot of problems will be solved if I start earning more money. I am expecting more than double what I am getting now.

The coming week will be pivotal in more ways than one. Dads money thing has reached its conclusion. Dad is going to get at least 26L. Once the order copy is given next week, the money will come in a couple of weeks. Bala’s loan has ballooned to 1L. I desperately need the money.

The third thing that I am expecting will happen is with the Mrs.’s job. She attended several rounds of interviews with Accenture last month and has completed her interview process. Like me, she is waiting for an offer letter.

I will write a Sunday post next week. Depending upon what the results are for me, the Mrs and dad, my mood can be any of the below:

  1. All 3 happen: Very Very happy.
  2. Only 1 happens: Happy
  3. None happen: Very Very grumpy.