Month: July 2015


Place – 005, Devi Residency

Time: 6:27 P.M

I am writing this post on a Monday. The trip to Pondicherry over the weekend was a successful one. I said goodbye to Mr. M today as he left the room. I don’t when I will see him again. Another one of my closest friends leaving for the U.S. I will miss him immensely. I am even more determined now to move to Canada. I have to make the trip at any cost.

Bala has something going for him in Singapore. Uttam, the travel lover that he his, will not give me much company. No idea where Mr. AB’s life is headed. I don’t know why but this feels like the end of an age for me. Much like leaving Chennai was last year.

My Bangalore adventure may not have been long lasting like the Chennai one, but it certainly was a very enjoyable one. I had a great time with a lot of good friends, learn’t a lot and grew as a person. I think its definitely coming to an end now. I have to make a move now, either to Canada or to Hyderabad. One last hurrah in the form of the Singapore trip is still remaining.

I now have all the details that I need to apply for Canada. The IELTS score came over the weekend and I think I did quite well. I will finish doing the application today or by EOD tomorrow.


Collage of Devi – III’s Experiences – July 2015 – Nov 2015

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Place: 005, Devi Residency

Time: 7:19 PM

Another positive week gone by. There was escalation on the migration team for a data mess after starbucks migration. I sat with Rupak and did a few test cases for GG replication. On the SSC front, there was some good work done with a couple of SR closures.

There is a supercluster training starting tomorrow that I will have to attend.

Bala and Mr. P have got the WES results. Mine should come in a couple of days. Have to start working on building linkedin profile from tomorrow. Will schedule the GG certification exam today for sometime in the first week of august.

I was supposed to do a long run today but it became late by the time I got home yesterday night so I will be doing the run tomorrow.

The rating thing seems silly now and I doesn’t seem to be adding much so I will be discontinuing it.

Preparing for AHM 2015 Part -2

So 6 weeks after the last running post, I want to track the progress made so far. The biggest disappointment for me has been that I haven’t run a single long run till now. I was supposed to run 2 and this weekend would have been my 3rd run. There is good reason for this though. I was busy  patching in the first weekend of July and had spent the last weekend travelling to Chennai to write the IELTS exam. It’s not a huge setback, and nothing that I can’t make up for.

My runs in the Gym have been consistently getting better. I have dropped down to 70 now, and if I am able to control my diet and keep up the good work, I should be about 68 when I run the AHM. That is in 7 weeks.

So I am able to run 5K’s with 1 incline on the treadmill in about 37 mins. With practice the timing should get better. I think I have figured out the root cause of the shin pain. Whenever I have worked to relax and stretch the calf muscles, the subsequent runs have been painless. Tomorrow will be the first big test for my fitness. I have a 10k planned for tomorrow, it will be my first long run in the last 11 months.

Hopefully, tomorrows run goes well, I have the schedule mapped for the next 6 weeks:

19th: 10k

26th: 12k

2nd: 14k

9th: 14k

16th: 16k

23rd: 14k

30th — AHM

I am thinking of sticking to the 5K routines on weekdays in the gym for atleast the next 2 weeks. In the subsequent weeks, I will increase it to 6k right upto the AHM. Depending on how the AHM goes, I will plan my training for the next run which will be the bangalore run.


Place: 5A021, OTP

Time: 16:42

Another hectic week saw the back of the IElTS test which had me travel up and down to Chennai twice. Even with minimal preparation, I thought I did decently well. With this done, a certain load has come off my mind. Now I can concentrate on the plethora of remaining things.


ACS will have me do SSC, Migration and ES this month. Tackling all 3 will be a difficult experience but not one that I need to think too much about. I will take it as I go along. Forgot to mention the new assessment that Manish has asked me to do. Fun times!

I have 8 weeks to go before the Hyderabad run. The preparation hasn’t really taken off. I need to restart building up serious fitness from tomorrow.

Both the WES and IELTS results wont be out for another 3 weeks so I can relax about the Canada thing for the rest of the month.

The GG certification that I missed earlier in the month will need to be re-scheduled for the first week of August. I can start preparing after coming back from the Mangalore trip. So no need to worry about this for the next 2 weeks.

So running and ACS over the next 3 weeks atleast. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Dad asked me to come to Hyderabad next week and I thought long and hard about it. Finally I decided not to go. Will save some time, energy and money. Will have to call him and speak to him about it. Sat and calculated my expenses for the next 4 months. It seems that I will have barely enough money for the Malaysia trip. It will be very tight for me however and I will not able able to transfer the money to Suchi for the next couple of months. Still think selling the bike will be a good option. With everything going on right now, I will devote time and effort to this endeavor in August.


SSC: 5 — special praise from Chetan during the week for no reason. was 2 days off so no other work to talk about.

Mig: 3 — After hectic work over the last couple of weeks, nothing this week. Something should start in the last week.

ES: 5 — Did solo patching after lots of days shadowing. All set to be a full time patcher.

Avg: 4.33

Cum. Avg. 3.997(10)


Place: 005 Devi Residency

Time: 9:43 A.M

After quite a long streak of having written these Sunday posts on actual Sundays, comes along a Sunday post on a Monday. And with good reason. The week gone by has probably been the most hectic of my time at Oracle. It’s also been the most satisfying week.

On the weekdays was the Migration training by Dieter. This got tiring as the days went by and by Friday, I was very tired. I also learned quite a lot about the Migration service as well as the O2O tool that we use.

On the weekend was scheduled a BOA patching activity that I was supposed to shadow along with Sriharsha. Both Saturday and Sunday were difficult, but for completely different reasons. On Saturday we did the infrastructure patch. The drilling sound because of the construction activity and Sriharsha’s constant bickering made it a difficult experience. Then we wasted 4 hours at the end as they had not setup VNC.

Then Sriharsha went and got himself into an accident at night which meant the entire Sunday task was left to me. I spent 5 hours on Sunday troubleshooting the VNC issue for which we were able to find a workaround. Then I started the GI and RDBMS install activities which I completed by around 9 P.M. Since it was the first time I was doing these, it was a difficult experience.

At the end I managed to complete the entire activity. On the whole I had spent 29 of the 48 weekend hours in the office. This has given me a lot of confidence to handle the entire patching activity end to end. Except for the DB upgrade that I haven’t done till now.


SSC: 4

Mig: 5

ES: 5

Avg: 4.67

Cum Avg: 3.96 (9)