Month: November 2016


Place: Sai Colony, Beeramguda
Time: 19:52
Week 56

Another tiring and busy week. Got a lot of stuff done during this week. Cleaned out most of the house in Aliabad. Went to meet vadina on friday evening and bought the sherwani yesterday.

After a lot of deliberation, settled on one Innova and one mini bus for the marriage. Will need to book train tickets in tatkal on the 23rd and 24th. Lots of stuff to do in the next week. I am so tired right now.

Miles to go before I sleep..



Place: 005, Devi Residency
Time: 08:35
Week 55

Probably my last Sunday post written from 005, Devi Residency. Probably my last day spent in this house. It has been 2 years since we came to this place. Where have these years gone? This place has been my home for quite a while now. It has anchored me when everything else in my life was chaotic. Starting today I will be stepping into the unknown.. and the coming weeks are going to be turbulent at best.

I am going to be tested as a man and I will need to be patient. I will need to be aware at all times about what is going on around me and what are the things left to be done.

Events of the week have made my life so much more challenging. Bro has a tiff with his previous employer who has yet to settle dues worth 8000$ with bro. Given the expenses he will be incurring travelling to and forth India, he is really tight on his budget. He was angry and frustrated at dad’s failures so to mollify him, I told him that I will be taking care of the housing loan EMI’s for the next 2 months. Added to that the 26K that I paid for the visa fees is a total of 1L. That is 1L eaten away from my marriage budget.

Dad wanted to take a loan on the land but for that we need to pay the existing loan first which is 1.5L. Then it will take 3 more days for processing time to release the new loan. Any delay in the process will delay the release of money, if it happens at all. Like all such things done by dad, nothing is without its problems or litigations. Its a risk that I cannot take right now so I told dad that I will not give him the money to pay out the existing loan.

All this leaves me in serious trouble. I will be able to manage the marriage expenses with the money I have but will be left with nothing post marriage. I will need to be very careful with post marriage expenses and will need to use the credit card for them.

I am annoyed and frustrated but there is nothing I can do. I wish someone would support me, either financially or morally by being there for me. With an event like a marriage coming up, I could really do without this stress.

I will be travelling to Hyderabad today. I will not be getting any kind of a sendoff today. Next week promises to be just as difficult as this week was.