Month: October 2011

Here we are..

Here we are..

Been a long time since I last wrote anything. Lots of reasons for that. Lack of a laptop, missing a proper schedule and sheer laziness being some. I will try to dish out a weekly post from now on. Onto some sporting news then…

Nothing going on in the Tennis front. Nadal participated in a couple of tournaments recently but did not do that well. Reached the final of a 500 series tournament but lost to Murray in the final. Murray by the way is in terrific form.. having won three tournaments in a row. I’m not exactly sure how long his form would last though. All form that Murray has usually fizzles out when he reaches a grand slam semifinal.

Redbull have already won the constructors and drivers championship this season. Some season for Vettel. He has won 10 of 16 races this season. The inaugural Indian GP is being held this sunday. Gotta see who wins this. Hoping Ferrari atleast manages a podium finish.

Terrific news on the cricket front. India beat England 5-0 in India after being thrashed 8-0 in all forms of the game in England. Just one T-20 game left. Hope we win that too.

Last weekend was one of the best weekends for me personally. Can’t say the same for Man U fans though.. who lost the home derby with city by 6-1. Haha. Arsenal beat Stoke 3-1 last sunday. Good win. The slow accumulation of form is encouraging after the disastrous start to the season.

The gunners visit Stamford Bridge tomorrow. It will be a cracking game. A draw would be a terrific result. Can’t watch the match. But will follow it online.