Month: January 2013

Before Sunrise…

I was watching the movie Before Sunset. I love this movie. I also loved the movie that came before this titled Before Sunrise. I love these movies for various reasons.. because they have a good feel to them, because they are conversation based movies and have a good flow to them. But I specially love them because I relate to the things those two talk about in the movie. Which brings me to why I am writing this piece.

I don’t know why but purpose seems to be very important to me. I try to find a point in doing something. What use is it.. how will doing this help me. And as I write this, this feeling is bugging me.. why am I writing this?

As of now I have no clear idea about the why. I hope by the end of this piece, I would have written something cohesive and meaningful. There are two things that make me write.. an idea and the drive. Right now I have the drive to write something and I hope to have completed this before it goes away.

One of the topics or concepts which these two talk about in the movie is about happiness. What do I thing about happiness? I don’t think I have ever organized my thoughts over this topic so I might as well try now..

I think happiness is in the little things. I don’t think it is possible for a person to be truly happy. Even if one feels truly happy, its just an instance of one source of happiness blurring out the cold reality. And reality cannot be ignored for long. Now this might seem like a bleak or depressing viewpoint but it isn’t so. I think is it unfair of us to expect life to always grace us with its good side. We fantasize about things all the time when instead we should be more realistic.

It’s a difficult thing to talk about. The ability to fantasize is what makes me human. Remove that from me and I am just another common animal, content to satisfy its hunger and act upon evolutionary instincts. There is a reason why I say that happiness is in the little things. The amount of significance we assign to a particular event is truly up to us. What is important for one might not mean anything to another. So instead of always wanting good things to happen to us, we should start giving more importance to the good things and less importance to the bad things.

I love mornings. They make me feel alive. The time when the the sun yet to break out and the common man wont be leaving bed for a few hours more. The fresh air and the solitude makes me feel one with myself. I love the cold, it clears my senses. It helps me understand what is important and what is not. It’s difficult for me to feel sad or depressed about anything in the mornings. The pleasure of the experience drives all the negativity away.

It has never happened to me that I drag my sleepy body out of the bed and into the cool morning air and I regret doing it. And as long as I can keep enjoying this experience that I love so much, I will be happy.. atleast for those few moments before the world wakes up and I join the race called life.


Prog 1

Here’s a first in what I hope would be a long long (Harsha Bhogle style) series. Here I intend to write down the good and the not so good things that I did in the week gone by and the plans I have for the next week. So here goes:

Last Week:


1. I practiced typing a little and am getting better at it. The little effort that I put in at BITS seems to have had some benefit. Anyway I need to do more practice on it.

2. I have started to put some effort into learning Tamil. Progress will be slow but I will have to stick to it to get any better.

3. Tried to be a little proactive at work and tried to learn what goes on in the RI’s. Have to put in more effort though. Need to do a lot of groundwork. I don’t know where I will find the time to do it.

4. Documentation. The documentation work that I am doing in Sabre is a very positive thing. It’s going to be a massive help for me in the future and I will have to keep at it.


1. Just didn’t practice the guitar. Very bad. This was one of my New Year resolutions and I have to do better.

Next Week:

1. I’ll be getting the Laptop this week so I’ll have to continue to be proactive and make things easier and faster for me and everyone else.

2. Touch the guitar everyday. Doesn’t matter if I spend 5 mins on it or 50. I’ll have to do something everyday for the sake of my fingers.

3. Continue effort on documentation, Tamil and typing.

4. Get the RC for the bike and end the tension I have had about this issue since the time I bought the bike. Give me some closure….

5. Continue the series!!

Where we stand..

It’s been quite some time since I wrote about any sporting events. I have been busy and I haven’t had any good things to write about. I finally found the drive to write something so here goes..


India won the ODI series 3-2 against England this week. Suresh Raina was the man of the series with 4 50’s in the 4 matches he batted. The flops of the series were Gambhir and Yuvraj. Neither of the performed well and we could have won 5-0 had they chipped in. Nevertheless we find ourselves in the Numero Uno position in cricket ODI rankings as South Africa lost a ODI series to New Zealand. We lead the table by 2 or 3 points. Not much to go by. We had lost a ODI series earlier against Pakisthan 2-1. 2 T-20 series were played against Pakisthan and England and we drew both 1-1. We lost the Test series against England before that 2-1.

We have a series against Australia next month. I’m not very hopeful of our performance and I just get the feeling that we are going to get our asses kicked in by Clarke. I’ll have to wait and see how we do.


I saw a Tennis match today after a long time. The Australian Open final won by Djokovic who beat Murray in 4 sets. The match seemed even in the first 2 sets with both of them going to tie breakers but then on Djokovic kicked in and took the game. I hope to see Nadal on court in a competitive match in Late Feb or March. I don’t know how long he will take to get back to top fitness.


Things are not all that well in Arsenal land. A string of defeats in various tournaments have left me disillusioned. Why am I watching Arsenal play football. I don’t play football. They are not my local team. They don’t have any legendary players in the team. So why should I suffer while they lose. Any deal should give benefits to both sides. This deal is not giving me anything. So I’ll just twist it around to suit me.

Anyway we are out of the League cup after losing to some shitty team. We won against some shitty team yesterday in the F.A cup and are into the 5th round. In the league, we sit at the 6th point, 4 points behind 4th placed Tottenham who we still have to play and 8 points behind 3rd placed Chelsea who we lost to some time back. I don’t know if we can finish in the top 4 this season and I don’t know if I’ll continue watching football if we don’t. We’ll just have to wait and see

New Days

The title doesn’t mean much. What I want to say is that my life these days are quite different from the days gone past. I finally have a project which isn’t shit and I can see myself learning and developing in the future. Life is not all that bleak and there are fewer pressures now. How nice!

But if I go to the root and analyze myself properly, I really want to know how I am doing these days. That is what this is all about. And I am not really doing that great. I am pretty tired everyday by the time I come back from office and am not getting enough time to practice guitar. Okay It’s not that I don’t get the time, it’s just that I am tired by the time I get back and I don’t have the motivation to pick up the guitar. And when I do pick it up, it’s getting difficult to practice because of the extended break that I have taken. The work in the office is only going to increase from now on and I will have even less time or energy to spare in the future so I’ll just have to come up with a strategy on how I can maximize my output and achieve my goals.

And about the work. As I said the work is only going to increase in the future. To make things easier for myself, I’ll have to do a lot of groundwork from now on. I will have to have a clear understanding of the concepts and always have a clear perspective of my work. I don’t want to be doing donkey work at any point of time. I want to make things easier for myself, work smart, not hard and be proactive at all times. I have to do this.

It will get difficult to write blog posts from now on in weekdays. So I’ll reserve weekends for blogging. I’ll update the collage every weekend and write a post about how well I am doing regarding my objectives every week, starting this week. And I’ll try to keep up the posts about sporting events. Starting this week.

It has been a good 2013 till now. Hope it remains the same way for some time to come.

So many resolutions!

1. On the first day of this year, I thought about what resolutions I can have for this year. The first thought that came to my mind was running. I will do 1000 kms in 2013, I declared. Just 11 days into 2013, I see it’s going to be difficult. Shin Splints are making me give up on the Auroville half marathon. I would have run 200 kms by the end of the Marathon if I hadn’t had this problem. But still a resolution is a resolution. And I will have to try my best.

2. 2012 for me was a year where I faced stress and pressures. I want 2013 to be the year where I teach myself ways to effectively deal with issues. I want to consciously acknowledge each problem as it comes along and I want to create strategies to handle these problems. I also want 2013 to be the year when I become proactive in every way. This is not going to be easy but I will try my best.

3. I resolve to get better and better at the guitar. There is no way for me to measure my improvement at the guitar. Time spent playing is not an accurate measure of progress and it is difficult to record. I will just have to be my own judge and see where I am going.

4. I want to learn a new language in 2013. Tamil.

5. I want to read 20 books in 2013. And I want to improve the quality of the books I read and diversify the range of topics that I cover.

6. I want to do a constant appraisal of myself in blog and collage about my progress.