Month: December 2014

Sunday 17

So if my last Sunday post came on a Saturday, this one comes on a Monday. Why? With the weekend shifts screwing up my schedule, Sunday becomes my new Saturday and Monday becomes my new Sunday. That’s why. Anyway..

What happened over the week you ask. Quite a bit I say.

1. Spoke to Bro on Saturday. (The actual saturday that is not on sunday which became saturday). It seems IGate wants to offer him a full time job. Which is good news. He has yet to discuss his 4 week visit to India so not sure how that will go down but I don’t think its going to have a big impact. We’ll have to wait and see how that goes.

2. Spoke to Mr. Yelisetti the Director this week. He asked me to learn OID and OIM and weblogic for which he says there is a lot of demand. He says he’ll send me to the U.S if I learn those technologies. Looks like a good opportunity for me but its going to take a lot of work given that I will be playing catch up on Core for some time and I need to learn Migration also.

3. Dad says the Money for the land acquisition should arrive by the start of Jan which is good news. I just hope the amount is going to be enough. Spoke to Bro about buying a second hand car or first hand car.

4. Making progress on the RAC Installation. Should have it up and running by the end of next week.


Sunday 16

4 week hiatus for the Sunday series before its back on a Saturday!!

So why am I writing this post on a Saturday? For 2 reasons. 1: Because right now I am in the Hyd office doing a Saturday A shift with 10 inactives in my queue and praying that none of them become active. 2: Because tomorrow Bro’s marriage with Nagasree becomes fixed and I have a lot of work to do tomorrow and hence wont have the time to write a Sunday Post.

So here goes…

What’s going on these days?

As mentioned above, Bro’s marriage with Nagasree got settled. I almost put a Nagasree it? in the collage but decided against it as the previous 2 times I did something like that, things┬ádidn’t turn out so well.

Everything’s not so rosy though. Bro’s contract ends this month and he is basically out of a job. Dad did a horribly bad job of calculating what the compensation for the land acquisition will be. The compensation disbursed will be about 1/3rd of what he calculated. Kind of destroyed my dreams of living a happy and comfortable life. Oh well!

So I am currently doing my 3rd weekend shift after joining Oracle. My beginners luck seems to be extending for quite a long while. I have a lot of hours to go before the end of today so fingers crossed.

That’s basically that. Lot more to write but I think I’ll do some writing when I get back to Bangalore.