Month: August 2014

The path that we take

The last few months have seen me take a very weird and painful journey. It was around March that I decided to upload my Resume to Naukri and start looking for jobs. I had done the Oracle RAC training in Wilshire in Feb and was fairly confident about my Oracle abilities. It’s ironic that only one of the 4 interviews that I gave was core Oracle, and that was the one at which I failed miserably.

Its funny how life leads us to our destination. When I started looking for Jobs, I certainly did not expect myself to land in Oracle 5 months later. The first interview that I gave was for Infogix way back in the last week of March. I came to Bangalore for the interview on the 4th of April and by the end of the interview, I was convinced I had the job. I went to Pune the week after that and they were ready to give me the job as well.

The first time I submitted my resignation was on the third week of April. On a Wednesday I think. When Rajaram and Raji asked me what I wanted, I told them I wanted to move to Bangalore and wanted a raise. In that moment I don’t know why I asked them those things. I was not completely convinced by Infogix and Talentica would have required a complete shift from my current work. So I thought I’d give Mphasis a chance even though I was confident both of them would give me the offer.

The next 2 weeks were probably the hardest of my life after Mom’s death. I sat refreshing my gmail once every 5 minutes for the offer to arrive. By the end of the month, I was frustrated and exhausted and in a fix. I had resigned without an offer in hand!! If the Talentica HR hadn’t sent me the mail asking for Pay Slip details, I don’t think I would have had the confidence to resign. In a way Priya from Talentica was responsible for my getting into Oracle!!

May was the month I played my game. All was not lost as Mphasis still needed me and there was still some ambiguity with Raji about my status. I built on my Initial discussions with Raji and forced a move to Bangalore. I achieved my goal of move to Bangalore before June. The week before coming to Bangalore, I withdrew my resignation and came to Bangalore with my tail between my legs. I was humiliated inside but I somehow managed to maintain my pride on the outside.

Bangalore was fun since the beginning and it helped me cope with the setback a little. I wasn’t getting any calls for interviews but I was still happy with my life. Suddenly one day in July Ramya sent me an email asking for profile for referral. I thought the position was for Oracle. I sat studying Oracle for 2 days. As it turned out, they interviewed me for GG and even that wasn’t in complete depth.

The Oracle guys also made me wait for a month but I was confident they would give me the offer. I didn’t repeat the mistake that I had done earlier of putting in my papers early at Mphasis even though I was under compulsion to be at home on the 10th of October.

Would I have got a call from Oracle If I hadn’t been in Bangalore? No.

Would I have resigned from Mphasis if the Talentica HR had not sent me an email asking for Pay slips? No.

Would I have resigned if my interview with Infogix had not gone well? No.

Would I have resigned from Mphasis if we were not vacating the Chennai room in May? Probably Not.

A combination of all these factors brought my feet to the doorstep of Oracle. I have often thought that I have lived my life in a flow and have never tried to force things to happen.There was nothing I could say that I was proud of about myself. But now I think I can say that in the last 6 months, I worked hard. Things turned out well for me because I took risks. I stumbled. I got lucky. I worked hard. I’m here now. The last few months were an adventure. Just like Mangalore was. And I want to remember this period as an adventure for years to come.

If I had waited for the offer from Talentica, I would probably still be in Chennai. Without the resignation I wouldn’t have had the bargaining power for transfer to Bangalore. No other decision of mine has come to shape my life so much till now. I’m glad I took that decision then, and I’m glad I tried to play along. I’m proud of how I managed the situation, and I’m proud of where I have ended up now.

It’s certainly not the end. Life’s just begun. What’s about to come is also an adventure. And I hope the coming adventure will be just as remarkable as this one.


Sunday 13

It seems to me that I making it a habit of skipping Sunday’s in between. Anyway here goes Sunday 13.

Oracle gave me the offer letter on Friday. Thus endeth my 5 months old struggle for search of a new job. I think I’ll write another post about how it came about. So I am happy now.

Ran the AHM on Sunday. Was worse than last year. Did mistakes again, not the same one’s as last year though so some lessons learn’t. The run made me question why I started running in the first place. Have to explore that chain of thought more.

Stayed at home for 4 days last week. Was good. Stayed at Aliabad on Friday. Home was in decent condition.

Sunday 12

So I missed out a Sunday in between. Here goes Sunday 12.

Prashanth confirmed late the week before regarding the package. Oracle asked for lot of documents for background verification and other purposes. I also had to raise an online application that will go through their internal approval process. I am hoping to get the offer this week.

Attended the GoIbibo interview. Their requirement is quite different. I didn’t show much interest after that. Even they didn’t call.

Bro booked his ticket. He’ll be coming to India on 30th September. Most probably the job is gone. He will stay for a while in India.

I have been having some free time these days. Have to start doing something productive.

Arsenal won the Pre-Season Community Shield match yesterday. Looking forward to the start of the season next week.