Month: August 2013

AHM Episode 1

I ran the Hyderabad Half on Sunday. It was my third running event and first in over 6 months. The preparation was less than perfect. I remember feeling more confident before last year’s Chennai half than the Hyderabad run. The ankle pain didnt let me train as much as I wanted and 6 weeks practice was not sufficient anyway.

How did the run go? It was bad. All because of my mistake of having started faster than I should have. Finished with a timing of 02:31:40, 29 minutes more than what I took to finish Chennai run last year. I was feeling good before the start of the run and I thought I could do a 2:00 hour run. It was over-confidence I got punished for it. Into the 6th Km I realized my mistake. I was tiring fast and the run had just started. I kept thinking that I had the energy to do the run well even if it took me more time. Boy was I wrong.

After 12 I felt depleted. The maximum I had run leading upto the event was 16 so I knew at that point that I was in for an ordeal. I reduced my pace and kept going. Soon I had to stop and walk a little after every km and after 18, I had to walk multiple times before I could finish the run. The track was 400 mts longer which didn’t help me any. I felt I had some energy left after the finish. I was not totally exhausted. This could only mean that I was not fit enough to utilize all the energy I had.

The run had its positives. Firstly the run is the toughest city Marathon in India so now I know what tough tracks feel like and I can prepare better. I learn’t a lot of things while preparing for the run and during the run. Met lot of new folks and slowly became more and more involved with the Chennai runners batch. Had a chat with Manivannan today morning during the run and now I am signing up for the Coimbatore marathon.. an event that I had no prior plans on attending.

I have to take the positives forward and keep learning. Can’t be too hard on myself but I have to get more discipline into my running.

I have 4 more events lined up for the next 4 months. CTC half and Coimbatore half in October and Chennai and Bangalore in December. I am planning to take it easy for a couple of weeks to rest my ankle and let it heal. After that I will start serious preparation for the Chennai Half marathon. My goal for Chennai is to do the sub 2:00. I have 13 weeks to train for that. I have to increase my mileage slowly and  make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again.

Till now I have faced Shin and ankle issues. What other problems can come up? Knees, Back, hamstring, quads, etc etc. Anything can give up at any time. I just hope I get an injury free 8 weeks to really develop a good feel of my running.