Month: October 2015


Place: 1A095, Hyd Office

Time: 6:26 P.M, Week 1

Came to Hyderabad today. The last week was a good one. After the marathon I would have liked a bit of rest but I couldn’t afford it. Literally. I worked through the week and will be working the next 2 days too. It has gotten tiring and will get more so by the end but I will get a chance to rest once come Wednesday. Hopefully.

This whole series of posts are keeping a count going but the purpose of the posts was  not to build a count. The last time I started a count just for that purpose was when I was on bench in 2012. I think that count ended at 167 days. Will need to check the diary. Anyway, I have decided to start another count, hence the week 1 above. The count is for the number of weeks it will take for me to get. At the outset I don’t like it. These things get depressing and its going against my better judgement but some things are just worth doing so I will go ahead and do it anyway.

On Monday I had a chat with Mr. C about a Migration onsite project with Dell. The contract is getting signed and the delivery may start in the third week of Nov. The project involves GG so me and Rupak are lined up. Which one of us ends up going depends up the timing of the start. Rupak is getting married next month so in case the project starts when he is away, I might get the chance.

I wasn’t too disappointed when the T&M thing with CSC went to Gopi. I knew such opportunities will keep coming and I just need to be ready. This one is a longer project and is definitely a tougher assignment. I hope it turns out well. Now given that its a 10 months thing, in case I get to do the delivery, what about my plans for marriage and Hyd move?

My schedule for the next 6 months is already very complicated. I am looking to move to Hyd, looking to get married and looking to go to Europe. If I add another demanding activity to this list, I will have to drop one of the above mentioned ones. The Hyd move is definitely gone but I may need to drop the Europe trip as well. Work has been very demanding of late and with the Marriage blues, I have my hands full.

It’s not just about the effort involved in the planing, its also about money. Is it worth it? As of this moment, I dont know.

I think I will take the rest of the month to make up my mind. I will see how it goes at the other 2 fronts and will make up my mind when the moment comes.

About the other front, I am officially in the market now. I have not prepared mentally yet. It’s also something that you cant absolutely plan for. With these things you need the delicate balance of having a clear picture but yet remaining spontaneous. I think I’ll see how the first meet goes and then I might have a better idea of how to deal with it. I am not sweating it at the moment.

So the next 2 days I relax at work and will try to get some rest. Wednesday I will go to Aliabad. I have a lot of lose ends to tie up. AB loan, the dry cleaning of clothes required, cleaning up the house etc. The catering for Thursday also needs to be planned. We will need to feed 30 people and it’ll require planning. Dad wants to go for catering. I don’t really mind the expense given that we basically might not be left with much choice. We’ll see.

I also want to spend some time with dad. I hope he stays at home for the 4 days. It’s been more than 6 months since I had a proper relaxed conversation with him. I think I might be neglecting him a little. I think I’ll do a morning walk with him one day.



Time: 11:25 AM.

Place: 005, Devi Residency.

Ran the Bangalore marathon today. Completed it in about 2:33. Its a welcome return to the 2:30’s after a couple of 2:50’s. It’s a shame I will not be running another marathon for a while. I would have liked to build on this fitness level.

I think the preparation for the run and the run itself went very well. The last time everything went well before a run was Auroville 2013. I started the run slow like I wanted to. Caught the 2:45 bus but they were too slow so went looking for the 2:30 bus. Got the bus at around the 8K mark and stuck with them until the 13K. At that point they started picking up the pace and I could not stay with them so I had to slow down.

I had to push the last 6 Kms. Had I run the last 2 long runs properly, I could have been in better shape towards the end but I thought I did the best I could. I am proud of the way I finished. I have to say the after run recovery has been the best compared to all my previous runs. I did take the time to do my stretches properly so that helped I guess. The way the event was managed was disappointing. These guys can learn a lot from the Hyderabad Marathon. It’s only their second attempt so I guess they will learn in time.

On Monday I had to attend an Interview for the T&M project with CSC. I had very little time to prepare for the interview and I did the best I could. It apparently wasn’t enough for them so they interviewed Gopi the next day and he got selected.

I had a chat with Baiju during the week and he said Migration wasn’t fun. He has been at it for an year and is suffering right now. He wants out but since there is no one else, he is bring forced to stay put. So his advise to me: Stay out. Which is a good advise given where he is coming from. But what is good for me?

Getting some migration experience will certainly help but its very difficult to deliver all 3 services consistently. And for a migration project, you need to be working on it from start to end. Plug and play will not work for Migration.

So what do I do? Do I go with the flow or do I have a chat with the 2 Mr.C’s.

I think having a chat with them and discussing the situation should be the way to go about it. It’s easier said than done though. Let’s see how it goes.

Edit 1: The official timing for the run was 2:33:45 🙂

Pre – Bangalore Marathon 2015

Chennai 2012. –> 02:02
Arouville 2013.  –> 02:16
Hyderabad 2013.  –> 02:31
Coimbatore 2013. –> 02.:34
CTC 2013.
Chennai 2013.
Hyderabad 2014. –> 02:56
Bangalore 2014.
Hyderabad 2015. –> 02:51
Bangalore 2015.

The one’s listed above are all the marathon events that I have registered for in my endurance running career. Of the 10 above, I participated in and completed 6 of the runs. For 2 of them, my registration was for a full marathon. I did not attempt either of them. For the Bangalore 2014, I did not even pick up the bib and the free t-shirt.

I will be running the Bangalore Half Marathon this weekend. My preparation for the run hasn’t been ideal but I am in decent shape. If I take care of myself these next few days, I should be able to complete a good run. I have no further Marathons planned this year. As such I have no plan about what I want to do going ahead.

I started endurance running in Chennai and in those days, I enjoyed running. For various reasons, my passion for running has reduced now. Nowadays, I am so worried about niggles and injuries that I don’t get to enjoy my long runs. Most of my running has been in the Gym and I’m not a big fan of that.

Running a marathon has been my dream for long but I have quite a lot of things stacked up against me. Wouldn’t it be easier if I just quit?

I am thinking of going back to the regimen that I followed during my Fitness One days. The results that I achieved in my 3 months in that gym were amazing. I have not been able to replicate that in the last 6 months. I don’t know what I am doing wrong now, but I feel its worth a try going back to what has worked in the past.

The new regimen would mean a reduced focus on running and increase in weight training. I will be extending my Gym membership for another quarter so I have the next 4 months to plan for. I can still do the Sunday long runs but with no Marathon to plan for, I don’t think I will be able to sustain the drive. Doing long runs is hard work.

I have to get to under 68Kgs before I start planning for the next  marathon. All of this to reduce the damage my weight does to my legs when I run.

Say I come down to 68 Kgs by Feb 2016. Will I start preparing for a full marathon in Aug at the Hyderabad Marathon?


I started writing this Sunday series on 11th May 2014. This is what I had to say then:

“This is the first of a new series that I hoping will run for long. Kind of like the PROG thing but not so structured. Just updates about what I did personally, professionally, and the major things that happened around me. Here goes.”

It’s been an year and a half now. It has run longer than I expected it to run. So kudos to me!! Moving on..

The last week has been an interesting one. I got used to the new shift and got a lot of testing done. Even managed to work on the SQL certification a little. On Friday, Chaman called me up regarding a T&M project for Exadata migration involving goldengate. I prepared my resume and sent it to Deepak. I am yet to talk to him about it. Looks like an interesting project. I will definitely get to learn a lot if I am part of it.

I had patching and SSC shift scheduled for the weekend. I could have asked Vimal to move me from the SSC shift. I thought about it. An extra day worked without comp-off means about 4000 additional cash in the paycheck. That is something I can do with. What is the cost though? I will be working 6 days in a row and will definitely get tired by next Thursday. But I can deal with it. I have to be very careful while scheduling shifts in the future as every shift missed will translate to loss of money.

But I don’t like doing it this way. Sigh!

Other interesting things happened as well. Tatayya wanted to buy a car. Dad offered the Etios to him. He seemed to be fine with it but out of the blue went an bought a second hand car. I am pissed with him. Idiot.

Yesterday I had a chat with the folks about marriage. It was a good talk. I will be changing my approach towards marriage  a bit. I have decided to forget about the cost factor. I will be preparing my mind on how to approach the situation. If something turns up, I will deal with it appropriately. Which all translates to meaning that I am now officially in the market. My days in the hunt start from October. Sigh!

All of this puts the Europe trip in a mess. I really don’t know how to approach this one. The trip will cost 1.5 lakh. If I am to get married in the next 1 year, will I need the money? If dad’s irrigation money comes in the meanwhile, I think my savings wont be needed. So I can afford to spend it. The problem is:

  1. I dont know when the marriage will happen.
  2. I dont know when the money will come.

Realistically speaking, I thing if the folks start looking seriously, it may happen by the summer. That is 9 months. The money should also come in 6 months. 6 months is March 2016. 9 months is June 2016. The trip is planned for March.

Then there is the small matter of my hatred of summer weddings. Ideally I would like the marriage to be before or after the summer. Before summer is March, after summer is September – December. March marriage is very unlikely to happen. I have 6 white hair on my chin right now. I dont know how many I will have my September 2016. Just thinking about it is distressing. Argggg!!

Okay. Think clearly. Focus…

The below things I have no control on:

  1. When the marriage happens.
  2. When the money comes.
  3. At what rate my beard whitens.

The below things I can control:

  1. The schedule for the Europe trip.
  2. My savings.
  3. The plans for Hyderabad relocation.

I am finding out the hard way that emotional decisions are not mathematical equations where a set of inputs will give an unambiguous result. Each of the above things is related to each other.

** Uttam comes into the room. We have a chat. Now I have some clarity.

So this is what I will do. I will continue to plan the Europe trip as normal. Will do the flight tickets and the Visa thing. Come Jan, if the marriage happens, I will have the girl get the visa too. Hows that for a plan!


Time: 8:53 A.M

Place: 5A021, OTP

Interesting week this one. The whole week in itself was not interesting. It was just that one incident that made it so.

So yesterday Mr.B accidentally flashed his weener at me. It was something neither of us were intending. I guess given the way he is, it was bound to happen some day. That’s one image I will not be able to remove out of my head in the near future. Sigh!

Phani came to Bangalore from Chennai yesterday morning. From some reason, I thought he was coming from Hyderabad, when for a fact I knew that he was living in Chennai. The result being that he arrived sooner than I expected him to. I had to cut short my long run and come back home. It was a horrible long run anyway so I didn’t mind at all.

We had a good conversation in the evening. It’s nice to catch up with old friends. I was hoping RoopC would make it to our place in the evening but he couldn’t come. Since Phani is leaving early morning tomorrow, I will ask RoopC to come today. I am quite looking forward to hearing from the man how his first 7 months of marriage have been. Should be an enlightening conversation.

The recent events of Mr. B’s life have also been very interesting. It’s difficult to write down in words though. I think after this post I will do the post that I have been intending to do for quite a while.

Work was slow this week. Monday and Tuesday I worked hard to come back into the SSC fold. Wednesday and Thursday I tried to get some training done. Friday I was at home but I managed to spend some time testing on the VM. Yesterday I slept most of the day. There are no active SR’s today so I will try to get some more testing done.