Month: November 2011

The week of Draws

A rather uncomfortable bus ride from Kandanchavadi to Guindy in a crowded bus. Not the most ideal setting for ideas. But somehow this one idea came to me from nowhere. Finding patterns in dreams. The concept behind this idea is that one cannot directly read his subconscious. Dreams are one way of interpreting one’s subconscious thoughts and needs. Logging one’s dreams helps one identify patterns in dreams. These patterns may or may not contain information of any worth or value. But it still might prove to be a useful exercise.

How? Created a google doc. Used a calendar template to fill the information. The good news is that there is an android application available for google docs. The bad news is that filling information into that app is a little cumbersome. Entering into colornote and then copying it to the app is one way of doing it. There may be other ways. Two pieces of information are being entered into the app. One: what was the central theme of the dream. Two: who were present or involved in the dream..

Coming to the week. It was a week of draws. The third test match between India and West Indies went from boring to excruciatingly interesting in one session. They lost 8 wickets for 90 something runs in one session and finished the second innings at 140 leaving us a target of 246. We scored 245 of the last ball losing nine wickets. Kohli and Sehwag played well in the second innings.

Then came the Arsenal home match between against Fulham. The guys probably were tired after the game against Dortmund so the performance wasn’t the best. Managed a 1-1 draw with Vermaelen scoring on both sides. Man U drew with Newcastle and Man City drew with Liverpool so we are still at seventh. The unbeaten run is at 10 though. We are playing Man City in Carling cup on Tuesday and there might be some rotation although I feel that the Man City bench team is much stronger that of Arsenal.

The last F1 race of the season was won by Webber. Alonso finished 4th, 140 points behind Vettel and Massa finished 6th. Ferarri were third in the pool. A rather disappointing season comes to an end. Federer though ended the season on a high by beating Tsonga in the finals of the world tour finals. Djokovic didn’t even make it to the semis. Federer is now third in the ranking I guess.


Hohoho.. CL is here!

Good News and Bad News..

The Good News first… Arsenal beat Borussia Dortmund in the Champions league group stage fifth game and qualified for the knockouts finishing top of the group. What this means is:

1. This is Arsenals 3rd win in a row and 9th game unbeaten. We have scored 20 goals and conceded 8 in this run with 3 clean sheets.

2. We avoid playing Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona in the pre quarterfinals. Any other team can be managed, including Man U.

3. Robin van Persie now has 17 goals in all competitions this season. 33 goals this year for Arsenal. Amazing..

4. We play Man City twice in the next 4 weeks. In between them are 3 premier league games v/s minnows and one CL game v/s Olympiacos. Since we have already qualified, we can relax about the Olympiacos game and concentrate to get the best out of the 2 Man City games. The Carling cup match against them is critical for us. The good thing is that we are playing at home. We have lost only one game in 11at home this season in all competitions. A good record.

The Bad News.. Nadal lost badly to Federer in the second round robin game and then lost to Tsonga in the third round robin game. He is out of the Tournament with that. It’s disappointing that he didn’t even clear the group stage. He will certainly lose points with this as he was runner up last year.

The third test match between India and West Indies is most probably going to end up in a draw. They scored 591 in the first innings in reply to which we have scored 365 already for the loss of 6 wickets. Sachin got out at 94. Sad.

The Finals Starts

What the lack of a system does to you is that it hinders your ability to continuously keep a tab on your favorite sports. What happened as a result is that I was not aware that the season ending world tour final has already started.

Nadal started well in the tournament by winning his first round against Mardy Fish in 3 sets. He next plays Federer in today’s match. He would be playing Tsongs last. Beating Federer would mean that Nadal will play Murray or Ferrer in the Semis. If he loses to Federer, he will most probably end up playing against Djokovic and we know how that meeting has turned out in the last few months.

So this game is absolutely critical for Nadal. Unfortunately, Federer has been in good form in the last 2 months or so. He managed to win the Paris masters and the one before that. And Nadal is coming back to tennis after a break of 1 month. So.. we’ll have to see how that goes.. specially because they are playing in an indoor hard court and Nadal has never beated Federer in indoor hard courts.

Tall Red Robinhood!!

I am back. To my office that is. Took a four day vacation to Madurai and Tanjavur and Rameshwaram. The vacation went well. Other than those two unforgivable blunders. One after another. I was surprised at how supportive my dad was. Could have been worse. I’ll have to say that my credibility within the family has dropped considerably.

Other than that it was a good weekend. India won the second test with an innings to spare. Laxman scored 173 which was good to see. We are now 2 up in the series with one match to go. I hope we win that too. Then came the league matches. We beat Norwich 2-1. Van Persie scored both. he has scored 13 in this season so far. And I used to think that he is a bad finisher. Being the leading goal scorer in the premier league is no mean task, with the likes of Aguero and Rooney to compete with.

With this weeks result, we are in seventh place but are tied with Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham at 22 points with the spurs having played 2 matches less. So from next week, ill be keeping a watch on other results too because they affect our league position. It wont make a difference unless we win. But we are on a fabulous run right now. we are unbeaten in the last 8 games and ill be counting from now.

This weeks other results mostly were favorable to us. Man city beat Newcastle which is good because Newcastle doesn’t belong in the top 4. Liverpool then beat Chelsea at Stamford bridge. I think it’s good for Liverpool. Bad for us in short run because if they had lost, we would have been sixth. Good in the long run because it keeps Chelsea close to us. So the team with a good run of performances will have a chance at fourth. I hope Tottenham loses to Aston Villa tomorrow. Bit of a long shot but possible. They sit beneath us at eight place… not bad.

We have a CL match with Dortmund on Wednesday. I’ll check in again after that.

Not Jobless Any More!!!

Another satisfactory week follows the last one. lots of stuff happened during the week. first I got allotted a project on Thursday. Then arsenal beat Westbrom on Saturday.

Nothing much to say about the victory. 3-0. as comfortable as it gets. Another goal and 2 assists for van persie. He has scored 13 goals and made 4 assists this season already. some form. some say we are depending on him too much. I think we need someone else too. Chamakh is not consistent enough.

The project is in DLF. The travel to and from office its a pain. Will have to explore the option of a bus service. The work is production support. boring. The KT should start on Wednesday. We’ll see how Onstar turns out.

Blue Rues

Last weekend i was overwhelmed by overexposure to pure awesomeness. Firstup was the Arsenal-Chelsea match on Saturday that left me shaken and short of breath. then came the Metallica concert on Sunday which (sorry for the cliche’) simply blew my away.

I didn’t have a t.v. and had to follow the match on Arseblog. before the match began, I felt that a draw would be an excellent result. but to have won the match, that too in the way we did it, after a bad first half defensive performance, against Chelsea, away from home, after the kind of start we had to the season, when we needed it the most……it just couldn’t have been any more perfect. Now all that left for us to do is to win the premier league, league cup, f.a cup and champions league…. and then we’ll be good.

The league win had lifted my spirits a lot but the concert on Sunday really took me somewhere else. it was a novel experience. My first concert.

The one hour wait in the line was unpleasant, the subsequent hour of crowding before the gate was strenuous. by the time we reached the stage, a local band was playing something quite awful. Another hour of wait before the first band started playing. By now I have quite forgotten what the name of the band was, harry clyrus or barry clyrus or something else. a brit band that wasnt that bad. they could have done a better job with better equipment.

Nature had made up its mind to make us miserable until Metallica started. It bestowed us with persistently sporadic rain to compensate for the small bit of enjoyment we were receiving from that Brit band. Then came the one hour wait before Metallica that was anything but torturous.

We had entered the line at 2.30. Metallica started at 8.20. in this period, things went from unpleasant to strenuous, to awfulness, to mild pleasantness, then to irritation and finally to torture. my back had started to hurt really badly by now. Metallica then came on and did a show that more than made up for all the trouble taken earlier. 2 hrs of nonstop metal was that was awesome and intensely satisfying.

I had to take rest on Monday to recover from the eventful weekend. In between these events, India lost the t20 match against England. We played well in the one-days so I wasn’t bothered much by the loss. Fernando Alonso managed a podium finish in the inaugural Indian GP. A podium finish gives me as much happiness these days as a victory would have given me last season.

Overall it was an amazing weekend. It can’t get any better. Or maybe it can. The blues will certainly rue their missed chances for sometime to come…….