Month: August 2015

AHM 2015


The timing is very near to the one that I got last year. But while last year’s run was painful and disappointing, this year it was painful but satisfying.

The week leading up to the run was up and down. I arrived well on Monday and had a plan set for the week. All my plans went haywire when Chaman called me up and asked me to do a patching on the weekend. There was no clarity whether the patching was on Saturday or Sunday morning. I mentally prepared myself to skip the run. Then, to my great relief Sriharsha called me later in the week and informed that the patching would be on Saturday.

I did one run during the week, and it wasn’t great. It was probably because of lack of warmup that led to the shins getting very tight. I decided against doing any further runs during the week. To improve my pre race day, I went and got the bib on Friday. Saturday however did not go as I planned.

I started patching at 8 in the morning and it went on until 4:00 p.m. I had a snicker and chocolate milk for lunch. Came back home and had a heavyish dinner. Slept at 8:00 pm.

To start off the race day, I had the same problem that I had last year.. no shit was given. The phone got switched off at night and there was no alarm. Luckily, I woke up at 4:15 and checked the time. There was no time for the warm water to do its trick so I didnt have any choice. Didn’t even take a bath, had a hurried breakfast. Got in the cab late and reached the venue at around 5:30.

I was worried about how my stomach will handle the run all the while. Didn’t focus on the warmup completely. I should have stretched the hamstrings more, among other things. Anyway the run started and I started off at a nice slow pace. I felt felt the hamstring ache at 4 kms and knew it would be a difficult run. At 6 kms, I ran out of gas.

I didn’t know the missed lunch would have that big an affect. From 6kms onwards, it was an uphill battle till the end. The time spent in the gym working on core strength helped during the run. I was able to hold posture till the end of the run. The pleasant whether helped too.

I tried to stretch the hamstrings at multiple points but it kept getting worse. Had the right hamstring sprayed at one of the aid stations. I somehow found a burst of energy at the end and managed to complete the last 500 mts running. Surprisingly, there was no shit problem throughout the run.

I think I am fitter now, compared to this time, last year. I hope I can build on this fitness and prepare better for the Bangalore marathon in mid-october.

Kota-Kinabalu will be the next adventure!



A difficult but highly successful week this last one.

I had a 7 day week in the office. I was mentally tired yesterday but surprisingly was okay physically. I closed quite a lot of SR’s during the week and received some recognition. I also had a good chat with Chaman regarding the shift to Hyderabad.

So he is basically okay for me to shift IF I am able to pickup Migration and Supercluster patching as well. That will probably take some time for me to do. I am thinking of a November first week deadline. Should be able to manage it if I push myself. That all will depend of what happens this week in Hyd.

With Ravi Mama visiting Hyd, I think the topic of the Sambi girl will come up. I will have to think and reply to whatever questions are put to me.

The preparation for the AHM has gone well. I had a very good long run today. I am hoping this year the AHM will be done. Will see how it goes

Preparing for AHM 2015 Part -3

I will be running the AHM next Sunday. I did my final practice long run today. In the last 7 weeks, I managed to do 5 long runs. Today’s run was the best of the lot. I ran 16k and could probably have pushed a couple more. Recovery has also been good so far.

My weight is at around 69 kgs now so it hasn’t been a drastic reduction. The core strength training has paid some dividends. My hamstrings feel much stronger and should be able to carry me over the finish line in the AHM.

The last 3 months have been good to me in terms of running. I have been able to visit the Gym regularly and the weekend long runs are keeping me fit. I think after the AHM, I will take stock of the situation and decide about how I want to prepare for the Bengaluru Marathon which is another 8 weeks away.

I think I will start from Aliabad again this time on the morning of the run. I will be doing morning shifts the entire week but I should be able to sneak in 2 short runs in the week. That will be my preparation for the run. I have to avoid any kind of binge eating during this week. Specially important will be what I do the day before the run. I will be doing M shift so there won’t be any lunch available. I will also have to go to the pre run event so I will be doing quite a lot of travelling. These things can’t be avoided I suppose.

I hope I have a good run this year. After 2 horrible years, I think I deserve some luck.

Next 6 Months

24th May 2015, the day I returned from my last trip to Hyderabad. I enter the room in the morning and the first thing that Mr. AB talks about is express entry. Actually, it might have been the second thing he mentioned. The first thing was the Malaysia fuck up that they did.

Anyway, by the end of that day, I decided I wanted to apply for Canadian PR and from the next day, I had started my planning for the process. Now, 3 months later, I have completed that process and am currently staring at potentially a 6 month wait before the invite comes. The last 3 months have been very eventful but what had to be done is done now so what do I do from here on out?

I had planned to do the GG certification. That I completed this week. I was planning to do the OCA but I think I will do it after moving to Hyderabad. I have nothing else planned for the days to come. Nothing to do in the office when I have free time and nothing to do at home when I come back from office. I can’t afford to waste my time so I need to think about what I want to do for the next few months.

The Marathon, the Hyderabad move and the OCA are 3 side tracks that are going on right now. Each will take its course and is not something that will occupy a lot of my time or effort. I need a main track to base my life on. I think its time I start focusing on scaling up. Not the gentle effortless scale up that has happened over the last few months. The scale up that I have in mind will need quite a lot of effort and dedication and I think I am in the right place at the right time to do what has to be done.

Scaling up from SSC is difficult to do. Planning is not possible and a lot of things happen ad-hoc so this effort will require quite a lot of focus. I think I can keep 2 themes for every week and base my effort of those themes. I will need to work on my documentation and start collecting IP. So action plan for the next 6 months:


  1. 2 themes every week. Do a lot of testing in the office and after coming home. While working morning shifts, try to pass SR’s by 12:00 and spend the rest of the day doing tests.
  2. No sleep after coming home. Change of dress and straight out to the gym.
  3. Relax time after return from Gym. Then try to do more documentation.
  4. Collect IP, IP and more IP on the themes of the week.

I should start to get the hang of it by the end of the week. I will have a break next week but once I return from Hyderabad, I think I will have another week to follow the same routine. Then will come the Malaysia trip that I am really looking forward to.

The Sunday posts will be a good place to log the progress and I think I can do a review in November on how this has progressed. By then, hopefully I will have settled down in Hyderabad and will have started a good routine.


Its a sad Sunday for me this one. My teammate Guru’s daughter passed away yesterday in a bee attack in Lalbagh. Thinking about what the man might be going through is painful.

I hope god gives him the strength to bear such a loss.

This Sunday is dedicated to the little girl who died too young.


Sunday post on Tuesday as there was no net on Sunday and was a little busy yesterday.

Time: 11:01 AM

Place: 005, Devi Residency

The biggest news of the last 2 weeks has been about Mr. B. He had applied for a job in Singapore and seems like he has got it. He is waiting for the offer letter and once he gets that, he will start the Visa processing. By end of September, he will post probably be out of India.

Given that he is leaving, I gave a serious thought about moving to Hyderabad. We will need to search for a new guy now for the room and we wont be able to find one so easily. For 3 people, the expenses will also increase a lot. By moving to Hyderabad, I will be able to save 10K per month on an average.

The Canada thing looks like it will take 6 months. Even after I get the PR, I may need to wait until I get a job before I make a move. That could take even longer. This is a good time for me to move to Hyderabad. I am thinking of talking to Chaman seriously this week if I am able to catch him.

Anil left for U.S on Saturday. He was the last good friend that I had in India. I think I will definitely be lonelier without him. Atleast until the time I remain in Bangalore, I have to try to keep in touch with the remaining 2 guys.

The Malaysia visa application is done. It should get processed this week and I should be able to get my passport by weekend.

I moved the GG exam to Friday as I felt I was under-prepared to take it today.


Place: 005, Devi Residency

Time: 10:13 A.M

Last week was rather hectic. Highlights:

1. Scheduled the GG certification exam for next week.

2. Prepared the documents for Malaysia visa. I will visit the embassy next week to get the visa stamped.

3. Submitted the CIC form. Created the Job Bank account too.

4. Did a 12K run yesterday.

Highlight of the week probably yesterdays patching activity. Got to learn a lot yesterday. Its a shame I will be leaving the company soon.

The coming week will mostly be SSC shift so I will have some time to prepare for the GG exam. That and the Visa thing are the 2 important things to do this week.