Month: March 2012


Sometimes in life when interacting with people, we don’t make an effort to view the other person’s perspective. We are content to look at things our way and act or comment in line with our own view of how things should be. This can sometimes lead to us missing signals, or opportunities to get an insight into the other guy’s way of thinking.

Our lifestyle and work brings us into proximity of a very diverse people, be it by age or culture. The resulting interactions give us ample chances to peek into other persons thought processes and compare them with our own. As kids we were lost in our own world, and content to be that way. Fully functional adults can’t afford that. We, for our own good need to be conscious of the things we say or do and what possible impact our actions may have on the other person, specially if you can’t see said person and don’t know how he is actually reacting to the communication you are having.

Being a child was easy, short of hurting another person physically or otherwise, one could pretty much do or say anything he wanted. We didn’t have to contend with inflated egos or paucity in communication. Things change rapidly when you enter the adult world, when you are expected to do things. Whether or not you do the things that are expected of you, one should be prepared with the answers.

There is a thin line between being conscious and being overly conscious. We don’t need to be skeptical in our attitude, the world is not out to beat us. Just directing more thoughts outside that inside would make our lives so much easier.


Lackey Wars Part 1: Bilbo has a visitor!

This piece of work is a tribute to all the gamers and geeks out there.

Disclaimer: This is the work of a jobless geek trying to get his creative juices flowing. It gets nasty in a few places. This is not for the week hearted. That said.. enjoy.


A tired looking warrior in red clothes slowly trudged up to Bilbo’s door. He paused at the door, telling himself that he had to go through the plan and that the survival of his clan depended on him. He took some time to compose himself, then took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Knock. Knock.

‘I’m coming’ came a voice from inside the burrow, or whatever the place was called. Hobbits like to live in cramped places, thought the Lycan. The door popped open and a short stubby hairy guy appeared at the door.

‘Mr. Bilbo Baggins?’ asked the creature on the porch.

‘Yes’ said the hobbit. ‘Who or what are you?’

‘My name is Banehallow and I am a Lycanthrope’ said the beast.

‘What do you want from me?’ asked Bilbo, a little afraid now as Bilbo had never heard of a Lycan before and Hobbits tend to be scared of things they don’t know about.

‘I need your help and I have come a long way looking for you’ said Mr. Bane. ‘Can I come in?’

‘Okay’ said Bilbo and reluctantly let the Lycan into his burrow.

‘So what can I help you with?’ asked the hobbit once  Banehallow was inside the room.

‘There is something I need you to do. But before I come to that, there is a story that I’d like to tell you” came the Lycan’s reply.

Now Hobbits love a good story, which you undoubtedly know if you have read “The Lord of The Rings”, assuming of course that you had the patience to read the book. If you haven’t, you can just take it from me. (Here I am assuming that you have at least seen the movies.. if not, this story isn’t for you.)

‘Alright.’ said Bilbo, now excited at the prospect of getting to hear a story of faraway lands and alien creatures, because to Bilbo, this creature definitely looked alien. ‘ I’ll go ahead and make some tea’ he added.

With that Mr. Banehallow launched into his story. It went something like this:

‘A long long time into the future in a world that actually exists, there will come to exist a race who will call themselves humans. They are a race, who during the process of evolution will start getting bored of life and in order to kill their boredom write books to read and create computer games to play with. You and I are just characters in these books and games that the humans will come to create.’

Bilbo looked at the Lycan skeptically at this but he did not interrupt him. The Lycan carried on.

‘The humans will create us characters and we will ease their boredom for a while but they will soon move on to other things, like Harry Potter books or Age Of Empires’ game and will cease to take interest in us. We will then be left with only each other and nothing to do. So we started socializing and hanging out to pass time while we for the next human to come along and read about our fictional adventures or play games with us.’

‘ My group are characters from a game called Dota and all of us are of different species although there are some of us who cannot technically be categorized as a species. Like minded people from our group joined together to form clans under the leadership of the Lich King. Skeleton king also wanted to be our ruler but the idea of a skeleton with lame powers ruling over us didn’t appeal to us. So we banished the skeleton king. We have come to form a lot of clans but there are 8 important clans that are of interest to us in this story. I belong to the “Imba Runners” clan.

Some time ago, some of us had assembled to celebrate Pudge’s birthday. Now Pudge lives in a shabby cottage that reeks of rotten meat so we decided to hold the party in Axe’s Mansion instead. Every clan was expected to send one person to represent them at the party.

Lina and Storm were the first to arrive at the party.Lina is from the “Wily Bitches” clan and Storm was representing the “Blue Bangers” clan. When they entered the mansion, Axe welcomed them and offered them booze. The next to arrive were Naix from the “Brown Babus” clan and Meepo from the “Puny Fuckers”. Pudge and I we the next came next. A little behind us came the “Brothers” and  Tinker was the last to join the party. Tinker is a member of the “Useless Idiot’s” clan and Pudge does not belong to any clan as he reeks of decay and anyone in close proximity to Pudge would start losing HP. Some of Axe’s slaves were also present at the party. His favorite slave is Smeagol whom he sodomizes every night in his bedroom.

The party started out with Pudge cutting the cake which was of course made of his favorite item: Fresh Meat. Lina being vegetarian excused herself while the rest of the gang chomped up the cake in record time. After the cake was dealt with, the booze started to flow and the guys decided to not hold back. Lina got a little too drunk and ripped off her clothes. Tinker got a little excited too and took off his clothes and started fucking Lina  in the middle of the room while the rest of the guys started cheering them on.

Axe meanwhile was having Smeagol bring up barrels of booze from his warehouse. Pudge too tried to have some booze but it kept seeping out of his open stomach so he stopped drinking and started hooking Meepo for fun instead. Halfway into the party, Smeagol slipped off to fetch another barrel of booze but this time, Naix silently followed him. Meanwhile, the bothers had joined Pudge and had started to play with Meepo. Storm excused himself to go to the bathroom and didn’t return.

After a while, the ale started drying up and Smeagol was nowhere to be seen so Axe set off top search for Smeagol. He went to the back of his mansion and approached the warehouse but paused near the door when he heard a strange sound coming from inside the warehouse. Axe thrust aside the door and ran inside, only to be shocked at what he saw there. Smeagol and Naix were in a frenzy and were sucking each others dick off. Axe wa enraged. He pounced on Naix and caught him by the neck. He then dragged Naix from the warehouse to the room where the party was going on.

Lina meanwhile had set off in search off Storm who had not returned for a while. She searched everywhere but could not find Storm. When she did discover Storm, he was lying in a pool of his own piss, a bullet through his head. Lina broke down when she saw Storm’s dead body. Rage followed her grief and she charged into the house screaming at the top of her voice.

Axe dragged Naix into the house and threw him on the floor, shouting “This insolent beast dared to mess with my favorite slave. I will kill him.” He tried to attack Naix but I stopped and and tried to calm him down. Lina chose that moment to come charging into the room and attacked Axe accusing him of having Storm assassinated. In the confusion that ensued, Naix managed to slip off and escape from the mansion.

Axe lost his mind when Naix escaped from the mansion and declared war on the “Brown Babus”. Lina in her grief for her beloved Storm declared war on the “Red Basterds”. The brothers being neutral left the mansion but the rest of us have got ourselves entangled in a bloody war that will put an end to our clan.’

Bilbo was amazed at the Lycan’s story and could not make up his mind if he was excited or afraid. He simply stared at the Lycan.

‘I need your help in this war’ finished the Lycan.

Surprise Surprise…

After a rather disappointing start to the season for Ferrari, Fernando Alonso managed to win the Malaysian Grand Prix and get himself to the top of the table. In a rain disrupted race, Alonso put all his driving skills into play and a well timed pit stop managed to get him onto the lead which he held onto till the end of the race.

Massa’s disappointing run continues with the Brazilian finishing 16th in the other Ferrari. The Malaysian win doesn’t mean that the Ferrari’s have a pace on par with that of the Red Bull’s and there is a lot of work still to do if Ferrari has to be competitive this season. A bonus victory like this always helps though.

The Lotus team is showing promise of pace with Raikkonen finishing 5th in Malaysia. The Mercedes team seems to have the pace but they are struggling for results in the race. Mclaren is leading the Constructors table with 55 points while Ferrari is 3rd with 35 points, all of which have been garnered by Alonso.

And then there were 7!

Don’t we just love it when get double bonanzas? Like a high paying job where you don’t have to work.. or a brand new laptop with a 2 gb graphic card.. or a chocolate cake with chocolate chips on top..

Yesterday’s Arsenal’s victory over Aston Villa gives me a feeling like that. But it’s more like triple or quadruple bonanza. Arsenal winning 3-0 with Tottenham and Chelsea drawing their match and we moving 3 points clear in third place is just fantastic. Throw in Liverpool and Man City also dropping points into that mix and I’m the happiest person on earth. Not that the Red’s or rich guys woes affect Arsenal. Just a little sadistic pleasure..although I do feel sorry for my roomie who is a Man City fan.

At this point I want to stop and psycho-analyze myself. When we lost to AC Milan, it took me 44 days to get back to blogging. The morning after the game, I didn’t even want to open up and see the post game pictures and articles. I felt that bad. When I finally found the courage to open the site, it was full of comments from big nose Ibrahimovic giving off comments like how he had rejected Arsenal’s offer and free advises to van Persie to leave Arsenal. I felt offended and angry. Then we lost to Sunderland and I thought..’okay what else is new’. And from then on we have turned it around.. and I am back to blogging again.

Now I can give excuses and say I was busy.. which I was.. but the truth of the matter is even if I was not busy, I wouldn’t have written at that time. I am a positive person and I usually don’t write anything if I don’t have anything good to write about. But doesn’t that go against the “treat victory and defeat the same way” thing. It is really difficult to put ideals into practice. It takes a lot of discipline. I hope I can be that good some day.

Back to the victory itself. Since I am in a particularly analytical- kind of mood right now, I’ll analyze our run of form.

Our last loss came at the hands of Man U in January. I felt we were unlucky in that match and would have won if Alex Chambo had not been taken off. But after that, we have played 8 premier league matches and have won the last 7 of them. Our last unbeaten run was of 7 games which was broken by Man City in December. Now we have a 8 game unbeaten run. But its different this time.

In the last 8 games, we have scored 22 goals. 7 out of that were scored by van Persie, including a hat-trick against Blackburn. Before that game, we had scored 39 goals, 19 of them coming from our captain. I’ll call our current streak as resurgence, and the period before that pre-resurgence. So his contribution was 31% of goals in resurgence and 49% of goals in pre-resurgence period. The stats tell us that we have reduced our dependency on Robin during this run, although we did need a moment of brilliance from him to win the Liverpool game which ideally we should have drawn or lost.

The fact that we are decreasing our dependency on van Persie gives me a lot of comfort. An injury to him will still be catastrophic to our cause, but we now have some stability in our team and I think we can now cope. Robin has started in more matches than anyone else in the team this season, except for Szczesny who is the goal keeper. He has been tremendous for us and I shudder to imagine what our season would have been without him. As a tribute to the captain, I had changed all my passwords to his name.. silly thing to do but that is what we fans are like.

Fire Start

Yesterday happened to be a perfect Wednesday for Arsenal football club. We beat Everton 1-0 courtesy a Vermaelen header. Then Man City beat Chelsea and Stoke drew with Tottenham. So we are currently sitting in third spot, with 55 points, 1 point ahead of Tottenham. This victory was our fifth in a row in all games and 6th victory in a row in Premier League. We are 7 games unbeaten in the League. If only we can keep this going…

Back in the Hunt!!

My last post on current affairs was exactly 44 days back. A lot has happened since then. So this is going to be a rather long post. I will break this into parts to make this easier for myself.


The last time I wrote about football, Arsenal had beaten Aston Villa in the F.A cup 4th round. Since then, Arsenal has featured in 8 games across tournaments and the results went from very bad to very good.

First came the premier league away match against Bolton which we drew 0-0. Our league position then: 5th.

Then came the home tie against Blackburn rovers that we won 7-1. Everybody scored in this game, a brace why Chamberlain was good to watch. Our league position: 4th , points and goal difference equal to Chelsea but ahead on number of wins.

Next came the away game against Sunderland that we won 2-1 in injury time. We had to work hard for this victory.   Position: 4th, being ahead of Chelsea on number of wins.

4 days after the Sunderland match, we traveled to Milan for the Champions League pre-Quarterfinal. This match was a disaster. They played very well, we played like shit. Net result? 0-4 loss away from home. It was a humiliating defeat. I was expecting us to compete with them and put up a good show. I was sorely disappointed at the result. This match left us with no hope of progressing into the next round of Champions league as no team has ever turned around a 4 goal deficit in the premier league.

5th round F.A cup match against Sunderland was our chance to redeem some lost pride. But it wasn’t to be. We lost 0-2, thus ending our chances for silverware this season. I was terribly disappointed and disillusioned after this match.

We had a 8 day break after this game and the next game we played was against Tottenham. Chelsea had beaten some other team 3-0 earlier and we were in 5th position and 3 goals behind them in terms of Goal difference. Tottenham started the match well and had gone up 0-2 in 30 mins. Then we began our show. We went on rampage and by the end of the game, we had scored 5 against them. We were back up to 4th position and this was a fantastic derby result for us. More significantly, this was the starting of a massive turnaround.

We played Liverpool away the next game. We lost to Liverpool 2-0 at home early in the season and I was eager to see some payback, specially after the way we beat the spurs. The match itself was a drab affair in which Liverpool dominated the game but could not find openings. Koscielny scored and own goal but van Persie equalized before half time. The match continued goalless until the last minute when van Persie snatched a victory for us with a fantastic goal in stoppage time. They played better than us but we got away with the three points and that is what was most important. Our league position continued to be the same. Tottenham lost a league match  so the points difference between us and them had reduced to 4 points.

Our next game was the return leg of Champions league. We didn’t have much hope for victory after the way we had played in Milan. But still we had to try and regain some lost pride. We ended up doing more than that. We played fantastically in the first half of the game. We scored 3, and AC Milan had no clue what was happening on the pitch. After the break, they tightened up a bit and we lost steam so we couldn’t manage another goal. But still it was a fantastic match in which we humbled them and did ourselves proud.

The most recent fixture was home game against Newcastle that we scraped through 2-1 courtesy a stoppage time Vermaelen goal. Tottenham lost again this weak and so did Chelsea so we find ourselves comfortably in 4th position, 3 points ahead of Chelsea and 1 point behind Tottenham.

Hence we find ourselves in a okay position.. no silverware to talk about but in a shot for the 3rd position this season. We’ll see how we will end up!


We didn’t reach the CB series final. We played well in a couple of games but lost a couple of games in silly fashion and hence found ourselves out of the tournament. SriLanka played well to win the second final though they lost the 3rd final and the trophy to Australia.

Next came the Asia cup that we are currently playing. We won the first match against SriLanka in convincing fashion with Kohli and Gambhir scoring good centuries. Then came the match against Bangladesh in which Sachin scored his 100th 100 and made history. We went on to lose the match and put our Final qualification in question. Pakisthan had already qualified. We then beat Pakisthan in our final match in which Kohli scored a brilliant 183 and we chased down a record 330 runs. Fantastic innings by Sachin and Rohit Sharma too got us through in the match. Our entry into the final now depends on SriLanka beating Bangladesh.


Nadal began the Summer season in good fashion when he reached the Semi-Finals of the Monte Carlo masters tournament. Lost to Federer in straight sets but he was playing well and Federer, who went onto win the tournament beating Isner in the final, was in awesome form. Still a good result for Nadal, even though he dropped points as he had lost in  the final last year.

Federer has equaled Nadal’s record of 19 masters titles now. Miami masters starts tomorrow and Djokovic will be keen to defend this title. We’ll see how things turn out.


The formula 1 season began this week in Australia and the news from Ferrari was not encouraging. The Ferrari cars are a second off the pace compared to the Redbulls and the Mclarens. Button won the race comfortably starting from second while Alonso managed fifth. Massa was absent from the top 10 as he continued his bad form extending to last season. He has not won a race in some time now and needs to get his act together if Ferrari hope for the title this season. Right now Mclaren are off to a flier, leading with 40 points, some 30 points ahead of Ferrari.

And that is as much on the sporting front. Personally also, there have been some recent developments worth noting down. Firstly, my bro got his visa stamped and has left for the U.S. In the same week, I got taken back into the project that I was previously working in, thus putting me back into my previous schedule. Then they found a girl for my bro.. the case looks promising.. might go all the way. We’ll have to see. More on that later.

Collage of Chavadi – II Experiences (Feb 2012 – May 2012)

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