Time: 19:50
Place: Home

Sunday post after more than a month.

I have been busy this past month. I got an interview opportunity with Pythian and I worked very hard to clear the interviews. I have passed 4 rounds of interview and will know the result next week.

My life has been in a limbo this past one year. A lot of things around me seem temporary. It feels like I am constantly living just managing with what I have. An offer with Pythian will see me turning a new leaf. I feel I can handle the extra stress that will come with working at Pythian when other things around me will become easier. A lot of problems will be solved if I start earning more money. I am expecting more than double what I am getting now.

The coming week will be pivotal in more ways than one. Dads money thing has reached its conclusion. Dad is going to get at least 26L. Once the order copy is given next week, the money will come in a couple of weeks. Bala’s loan has ballooned to 1L. I desperately need the money.

The third thing that I am expecting will happen is with the Mrs.’s job. She attended several rounds of interviews with Accenture last month and has completed her interview process. Like me, she is waiting for an offer letter.

I will write a Sunday post next week. Depending upon what the results are for me, the Mrs and dad, my mood can be any of the below:

  1. All 3 happen: Very Very happy.
  2. Only 1 happens: Happy
  3. None happen: Very Very grumpy.

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