Month: February 2013

Prog 3

In the last couple of weeks, I completed the Auroville marathon and have settled down in the team. I was free last Sunday but couldn’t come up with a post so we’ll just have to do with this one.


1. Completed the Auroville marathon. It took me about 2 hrs 16 mins. It was a good run and I did better than what I expected second time in a row. The shin exercises in the gym have helped and although I have some knee issues now, it’s not that severe so I don’t have to worry right now. Prepared a running schedule and have stuck to it in a satisfactory fashion till now.

2. Played some more guitar. Again I have to put in more effort.


1. Have got a bit lazy about getting the xerox for the RC. Have to get it done soon and plan to get the smart card done too.

2. Have to improve the driving a bit. Not doing good enough.

Next week:

Have to continue the good work on the guitar. Have to take care of the expenses at home and be constantly in touch with mom and dad. Just do better in general.


And the first one goes down….

I have seen quite a lot of humor about marriages in facebook and twitter. They say your friend getting married can be depressing for you. You read these things and go hmmm. But you feel the real thing when it happens to you. Like I am feeling now..

Randy got married on 14th Feb. To Sudipta Ray. He’s the first among my friends to get married. There have been others in my batch who’ve been married already.. but they are people I haven’t been in touch with or don’t care about. I didn’t give it much thought when they got married.

But this one hurts. I haven’t spoken to Randy in the last 4 years. Completely lost touch after college. And we were never the greatest friends. A little more than acquaintances maybe.. But he is a guy I really like. And Sudipta too. She’s probably the only girl in my batch that I liked. I’ve always felt that the idea of 2 BITSian’s marrying each other is incredibly romantic. These two are obviously in love and they got married on Valentines day so that makes the whole thing all the more romantic. So why am I depressed?

I am happy for them. There is no doubt about that. And I guess I am a little jealous of Randy. Sudipta is a fine girl and he’ll definitely have a happy married life. I congratulate him on his happiest moment and wish the best future for him. At the same time, I compare him to me and don’t see me getting married anytime in the future. That is what makes it hurt.

He might be the first but he won’t be an exception. I’m 25 now. Soon all my friends will start getting married one after another. And then one day Mr. Randy will pop up on facebook and say he’s going to be a daddy.. Arggg!!

How do I deal with this? I really don’t know. I can ignore them and move on, or congratulate them and move on. But things like these are not easy to put off. Even if you try not to think about it consciously, your subconscious will dwell upon it and constantly prick you at the back of your head. Why are they in such a hurry.. fucking assholes.

The thing that really bothers me about marriage is that really divides you life in the sense that pre marriage you are a young guy and post marriage you are an uncle. I am finding it incredibly hard to relate to my younger days. I left my school 8 years ago and I don’t think I should really think of myself as a kid. But still when you look at it.. 8 years.. has it really been 8 years!! Where has the time gone. Which was the more meaningful time for me.. then or now? Those were the happy carefree days when I still had my innocence. Now I can only see them in my children as they grow up.

Now I can really understand how my brother feels. His case is a lot worse than mine. He has lived in isolation for a long time. Away from family and friends. The loneliness must be stifling. That is why I must keep my feelings inside me. Because its a lot worse for him. His time will come.. and my time will come sometime after his time comes. Sigh..

As a person I like having rules or motto’s. A few of them are:

1. To make the best of what you get instead of looking for the best. This gives you a lot more satisfaction.

2. To be proactive and always look for alternative opportunities.

3. To have balance in life and to persevere and endure to achieve that balance.

4. To be the best person you can possibly be and lead others through your example.

As long as I am able to follow these rules of mine, I will always feel good about myself. I believe these rules will help me lead a responsible content life. But will that be enough to satisfy my hormones?

And then there were 100!

So I have now have 100 posts on this site. Its taken me 2 years get here. 2 years is a long time. I hope I can keep this us for a long time to come..

People change over time. Our needs, our outlook, our expectations and our understanding of this world change as we get older. Even as I look within myself, I can see a lot of changes. Now it is difficult to view yourself from an external reference, specially over time. So how can I tell that I have changed..

When I started this blog way back in 2011, my intention was to record the feelings I have at any point of time. I was convinced that to read a post that I had written 2 or 3 years back would give me pleasure and a perspective of how I used to be at the time when I had written the post. Over the period of time, I have come up with other novel ideas and have implemented a few. The collage in particular is something I am proud of. It will take me a few years to find out how good an idea it really is. I also liked the “1 year on” idea. A few days back I was thinking about trying a “5 years on”. I must say it’s something that really tempts me. When you think about the things you want to say to a 5 year older yourself, the ideas are endless. I hope I can write it something in the near future.


Auroville you lovely..

So I did the Auroville. And did it fine. Lots of superlatives I want to pen down today. And lot’s I will..

2:16 hrs. Before the run, I didn’t know If I could complete. It just goes to show that if you take care of the body, it takes care of you. My choice of quitting running and joining the gym was the right one.. I might have been under prepared, but still to finish that well was something..

The trip to and fro Auroville was great. Mr. Kannan brought out the Xylo and the journey was quite comfortable. For 350 bucks, it was a great deal and saved us a lot of trouble. Joining us on the ride were Srinivas and Raghu who did the full, Ganesh and Kannan did the 10k along with Sainath and me and the other guy whose name I can’t quite remember did the half. Comfy!!!

The stay was also amazing. I called up Mr. Anbu when we reached Auroville and he said that there was place for people. We shared a 4 bed room which was quite comfortable. For 200 bucks, it was a great bargain, that too just 3 kms from the start line. Fabulous!!!

I took food that the cook had prepared for dinner and that helped as there was no food available nearby there. I had a great sleep helped by the fact that Arsenal beat Sunderland in the League game. I woke up early and prepared mentally for the run. Initially I didn’t have a ride to the start point but just as I came down the stairs, a large group of Hyderabad runners were leaving in their tempos and they gave me a lift. Terrific!!!

The physical preparation for the run was great and the start was even better. I was slow and steady at the beginning and kept an easy pace till the 8k point. I kept dreading the feel of my shins giving in but the pain never came. My ankles hurt at 10 kms but that was normal. I found Volini at one of the Aid stations and applied it to the area. The lack of long run practice showed when I started tiring at the 14k point. But I hung on and ran on. Took breaks every one km and I thought it was a race where the milestones came easily. I didn’t have to struggle until the 19k point.  Stupendous!!!

At 19k, I couldn’t feel my lower body. I had very little left in my reserves and I pushed with all I had. After 20k I was determined to get to the finish line without stopping and finished the run in 2hrs 16 mins approx. The time keeping was manual so the results won’t be that accurate. But I am still very happy with my performance. I didn’t finish as strong as I would have liked and there was no place to cool down and do any stretches. I had to wait in the line for the Pongal Vada breakfast. And the medal was also not that impressive. But among a sea of positives,, I won’t bitch about the negatives.

So I came out of the finish area and promptly found a lift to the room. Entered the room and just crashed. Started back at 12:30 and reached Chennai at about 2:30 P.M. By that time, my body crashed very badly and I had to struggle to get to the restaurant and have the food I ordered. I just came to the room and slept for another couple of hours.

I have to say a few lines about the Auroville track. About 90% of the run was under the canopy of tress and the scenes were amazing. Most of the distance was trail run so I had to be careful to avoid putting a foot wrong. Still it was a great experience. The organizers dutifully put up milestones after every km which was great.  The aid stations were adequate and the locals turned up to cheer us on the run which was lovely. What was also great were a few very nice booties that I followed around the run. A pair in particular was really really nice and she had my attention for about 3 kms. It’s a shame I didn’t get to see her front as I overtook her. But still I thought she did a good job. Cheers to the mystery nice assed babe who showed me how its done. Sexy!!!

The knee is sore. My recovery will be bad. But I now believe in my legs again. And now I will fight. Now I will push. Now I will go get my dream. What is my dream?

I have a dream. There is a wall somewhere out there.. A wall between the human and the inhuman. My dream is to stand on that wall.. and PISS on the other side.

Prog 2

So this seems to be more difficult than I thought. I think a post every weekend will be a little difficult to churn out so I’ll just have to upload one whenever I find the drive. Anyway here goes Prog 2


1. Tried to get more ordered. Have gotten a little more used to going up and down DLF and     can now do without my afternoon nap.

2. Learning some more Tamil. Progress is slow but I am putting in some effort into it. Have to do more though.

3. Played some guitar this week. Not enough but still its a start. have to really pick it up next week.

4. Put in an effort in driving the car while at home. Produced 2 scratches but they were due to unavoidable circumstances and not because of negligence.  Good job.

5. Got the RC for the bike. The important part is now done.Now I just need to pick up the smart card from the RTO.


1. Neglected a few things as I am still getting used tot he schedules.

2. Bike driving getting a little rash. Have to tone down a little and set some rules.

3. Had a spat with bro that I really could have avoided. He is going through a difficult phase now with the Divya thing and the job thing so I really need to support him rather than pick up fights with him. Will have to work on this next week.

Next Week

1. Guitar, Tamil, Work with bro, Get the Smart card, work on a proper RI.


Pre-Auroville Post

I am to run the Auroville marathon this sunday. The preparation for the run hasn’t gone as I had planned. Shin splints came in my way and I had to drop the plan completely. I have been running in the gym for the last 3 weeks and have been doing some exercises for the shins and I think they been beneficial.

I ran a 10k yesterday on the treadmill and didn’t feel a lot of discomfort. But still the treadmill is completely different from the road and 10k doesn’t compare to the half. So I really don’t know how my body will hold up to the wear. I think overall I am a little fitter compared to when I ran the Chennai marathon but I haven’t run a long run in over 2 months so I am badly under prepared.

My target last time around was to see if I could complete the run in less than 2:05 hrs. I did it in 2:02:34 hrs. My target this Sunday is to complete the run without falling over the finish line and if possible, look to cross the finish line in 2:30 hrs.

The preperation for the Chennai marathon was perfect. It won’t be so this time around. This time it’s more of a mental challenge than a physical one. I just want to complete the run successfully and then look to building up a schedule for proper return to full time running. Wishing myself good luck..