Month: December 2017


Time: 17:57
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Finally a Sunday post on an actual Sunday. Tomorrow is Christmas so this being a long weekend, I have more time today. Not that I am that busy on the other weekends. But still.

Next weekend is new year. I will be travelling to Pogo’s place for the new year party. Since I will be travelling, this will be my last post for this year,  Sunday post or otherwise.

5 day gym week. The gym guy said he will be putting up the new year offers next week. The Mrs. wants to start attending the gym. I will make a deal next week for a 6 month or a 12 month membership for the 2 of us.

Last week I wrote about wanting to start living in the now. I practiced this over the week and I am feeling good about it. I have clarity of thought now and I have a sense of purpose during the day. I no longer feel that I am just drifting. I feel that I am dealing with things a bit better too. I need to keep this up.

Grandfather was re-admitted to the hospital. It seems his medication was not correct the first time he was hospitalized as his diabetes was not taken into account. It seems he is pretty diabetic. I did a video call this morning and he seems to be doing fine although he looked very week.

Dad’s pipeline order did not come today. It seems the officers were busy with other stuff.



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Could’t write a Sunday post last week. Sunday post on a Monday this week.

I celebrated my birthday yesterday. It was fun. The friends came my place on Saturday and we had dinner and then some booze. Had a good chat till 2 AM. Woke up in the morning and went to watch the star wars movie. Overall a good birthday.

Another interesting development happened last week. Mr. Ch informed me that I am due to be promoted. I will also be receiving a 10% raise. The news gave me the morale boost that I desperately needed. The last few months have been tough. I can now start turning around my life.

I now have clarity on what I need to do. During the past few months, I have spent an excessive amount of time looking into the future and planning, as a result of which my execution has suffered. I need to start living in the now and investing in myself more. My career needs an impetus and I need to make the time to make it happen.

4 day gym week. Will try to do a 5 day gym week this week.

Dad says the order copy of the pipeline money will arrive today. Will need to wait and watch.

Granddad was sick and was admitted to the hospital couple of days back. He seems to be recovering now.

A letter to Sridhar – 2018



Sridhar Reddy
Aged 29 years 9 Months

Hey pal. It’s me. You from an year back. How is it going? How is the Mrs doing?

I can image it has been a tough year for you. Most of the fun and games stop with me. You are the making of a quintessential middle class head of the family. Your life is not flashy or pleasant or happening but is something that must be suffered through to effectively raise a family.

I know I am doing no favors to you by heaping the loan to be settled for the South Africa trip on your head. I failed to get a better job when I had the opportunities. Its Nov 15th now and there has been no announcement of a hike so you will be managing with the same salary for the entire year. I am truly sorry for this.

What challenges have you faced during the year? For some time now, I have felt the need to start a family. Right now I feel there are 2 conditions that must be met for me to start on that path. One: I should be saving at least 40K per month (I first wrote down 50K per month but then did some quick calculations and realized that I will never be able to save 50K per month).  Two: Swathi should have moved onto a new job.

I do not set the bar very high when it comes to my behavior when dealing with situations that I am not comfortable being in. When shit happens, I do not deal with it well. I realized in the South Africa trip that I have a pretty big ego. When my friends told me that I was behaving overly responsibly, it meant that I was not masking my feelings well enough. This is one aspect of my personality that I have to improve on, specially as I age and take up more responsibility onto my shoulders.

I have also realized that I am not very good at following up on things. I plan to do stuff but don’t see it through. Take this post for example. I was supposed to write it in September. I started it on the 15th of Nov then left it off for another 3 weeks. This is something that I really need to change in life. When I get to be you, I do not want to be the person that I am now.

How do I go about changing myself. I sorely lack the focus. I lack the patience and endurance that I have tattooed on my shoulder. I think it is difficult to focus when life is complicated. I need to start making my life simpler. When I get to be you, if nothing else, I would want to be a more focused man.  I know when I can focus, I can be successful.




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Sunday post on Tuesday as I was busy on Sunday and Monday.

Went to the gym for 2 days during the week. Need to do better this week.

Father in law came to blore last wekeend for some work. He will be returning to Nellore today. Not sure if I mentioned it but Purush had a baby girl couple of weeks back. I will try to speak to him again this week.

Will try to write a more detailed Sunday post this weekend.