Month: October 2016


Place: 005, Devi Residency
Time: 10:55 AM
Week 54

100 Sunday posts. 30 months. A casual read through these 30 months will give one a very good idea about my life so far. So much has changed over the last 30 months. There have been highs and lows. Some great moments and some not so great ones. Throughout this turbulent period, I have stuck with this series. It is something that I should be proud of.

Moving onto what was another very good week. I got the result of the Walmart interview last Sunday and I did not clear it. The second round was a tough one. They concentrated too much on one skill set and did not consider the others. Their loss.

There were some issues with the loan approval process. The CIBIL report had incorrect entries and it took some effort to get them cleared off. The loan finally got processed and I got 6,14,000 in the account on Friday evening. I can now start with the marriage work one by one.

Setup a pre wedding shoot thing with Wesley yesterday. Picked up the Mrs yesterday morning and went to MG Road for the shoot. The Mrs was a little uncomfortable during the shoot but we got some very good photos. I will need to collect the photos from Wesley next week.

Came back to my room after the shoot. We had a very memorable time in the room. Did not try to go for it this time. Got comfortable and had a chat and then slept for some time. Had lunch in Zaitoon. Dropped her off at her place in the evening.

Have a lot of stuff to take care of this coming week. I will be travelling back to Hyd the next Sunday. Dad has posted the cards in courier. I will need to visit the Mrs’s place to give them the first card. Then I need to give cards to my colleagues and invite them formally to the wedding. Also need to follow up with dad to make sure the work in Aliabad is progressing.





Place: 005, Devi Residency
Time: 10:24 AM
Week 53

Very hectic and tiring week.

Mom’s thing was on monday. Took care of that and left for Bangalore on Tuesday and reached Bangalore on Wednesday morning. The travel was a big hassle with the bus breaking down before the start of the trip. They did accommodate in a different bus which reached late.

Walmart scheduled an In Person interview for Saturday. Did not get time to prepare for interview as the work was very hectic. Went for the interview yesterday. Did a lot of waiting. One round was good. Technical round did not go so well. They wanted resource to join as soon as possible. I sent them mail today saying that I cannot join before Jan first week.

This job thing is making my life even more complicated than it already is. With the marriage scheduled next month, I am not sure if I want to join another company now. Added to that the problem that if I join Walmart now, I am stuck here in Bangalore for another 2 years.

Looking at the people, the facilities and the work, I think if I pass this chance, I will be missing an opportunity. Having sent the email, all I can do is wait and watch. There will be 2 more rounds of interviews. I will demand 16LPA salary. If they are prepared to give, I think I should make it happen. If they are not prepared to give, I will pass up the chance, get married, settle down and then look for a job in Hyderabad.

Submitted documents for personal loan on Friday. The processing is currently in progress. They should disburse the loan sometime next week. Once the money comes, I can start planning the expenses.

Feeling very tired today. Will try to get some rest before I need to leave for office.


Place: Chinna’s Place, Vidyanagar
Time: 09:30
Week 52

Hectic week.

Reached Hyderabad on Monday morning. Did wfh on Monday and went to Karimnagar. Had a couple of fruitful days in Karimnagar. Visited Parlapally, Devakkapally, Saibaipally and Karimnagar. Had a lot of good discussions. Gave the work of preparing laddoos and buying sarees to Sadhana Pinni.

Did another 4 days work after coming back. After a lot of searching around, found a guy for doing the photography. Need to settle the price with him today. Also need to finalize the decoration and wedding card design today.

At Chinna’s place currently. There have been lot of conflicting opinions on how to organize the reception event. The final invities count has surpassed the initial estimate, meaning that the number of people attending the event will be a lot more. The problem is with the 800 per plate cost that Alankritha is charging. If 140 ppl turn up, the total cost will go to about 100,000 just for the food. Decoration is going to be about 40000 more.

Alternative is to have the event in a function hall near home. The cost of the hall will be 25000. Food cost might be about 50000 all included. This setup will save me about 75000. Considering that the decoration cost might be the same, I need to decide in the next 2 days about which option I need to choose.


Place: 5A021
Time: 11:23
Week 51


Fucking week 51. I hoped it would be so much different.


So yesterday was a mixed day for me. I visited her place. Then we were alone. Then we had some fun. And it ended in disaster. At least I have a fair idea of why it ended the way it did. I  am confident I can correct the mistakes and not make the same ones again. I am not too worried.

Everything else was lovely though. I had to coax quite a bit but she agreed happily eventually. We got to know a lot about each other yesterday. As a couple, we too giant strides forward. And I seemed to be more disappointed than she was. Anyway

Fixed the photographer. 1L for the marriage and reception. He is asking for 50K advance. Will need to manage it somehow.

Travelling to Hyd today. Have a lot of work to complete over the next week. Will be hectic.




Place: 005, Devi Residency
Time: 09:27
Week 50

Another hectic week.

Did some migration work this week on the first 3 weekdays. Was good experience. Got pulled into SSC for the last 2 days of the week to handle a CBP issue.

Mr. Thirthak at work gave a treat on Wednesday at BBQ Nation. Ate out on Tuesday and Friday night too.

House party in Bala’s house on Friday night. Did not drink a lot but had a lot of good discussions. This will probably be the last party I will be attending as a bachelor.

Dad came to Bangalore yesterday. Brought moms saree. Need to give the saree to Madam.

Did not get the time to prepare myself for the OCP. I am thinking of pushing the exam out to the last week of Oct. Just not able to get the drive to complete this one.