Month: May 2014

The Road ahead

My running goal for 2013 was to complete 1000 kms. I finished about 400 kms short. My goal for this year is again to complete 1000 kms on the road. I have done 178 over the last 6 months. Completing 822 over the next 6 months will be a huge challenge. I will have to do an average of 137 kms per month, that’s an average of 30 kms per week.

30 kms per week doesn’t sound that bad. Specially after I start doing long runs, I should be able to clock the kms progressively. I guess its all about keeping myself fit now. Right now my body seems to be coming into a good shape. Certainly there is a lot more work to be done right now. I have to improve core strength to the level at which I was last October. I will need to lose at least 3 more kgs. The lessons learned over the last 2 years will come in handy.

I know the trick is to start slowly. I will have to increase my mileage progressively. And I will have to make good use of the facilities at my disposal. Will some effort I should get closer to my goal of 1000 and even achieve it.


Sunday 3

Again no contact from either of the companies this week. Time was running out so I had to take a decision. I withdrew my resignation and told Raji that I wanted to move the Bangalore. She agreed to that. Left for Bangalore on Saturday. RoopC and I traveled together in a cab with him sharing 65% of the cost. Sold my bike and got 10k for it. Will get around 14k advance back. Not sure how much the advance in PSN would be. Have a look to buy a new bike in coming weeks.

The land work is still not done . Bro was talking about his job troubles. He is thinking of coming back to India. I told him to wait for a couple of months more and then make a decision. 2 extra pay checks will help ease the pressure a bit.

Other issues: Nadal lost in the Rome masters final to Djokovic. The Monaco Grand Prix is today and Ferrari start 5th and 6th.


Collage of Shanti’s Experiences (June 2014 – Oct 2014 )

Enter PSN ūüôā ¬†; ¬†Breakfast blues!! ;¬† Swimming¬† ;¬† Pulsarred¬† ;¬† 2 rated !!!¬† ; ¬†Dilip Left !! ¬†; ¬†Run4october ¬†; Oracled!! ¬†; ¬†MyElectric ūüôā ¬†; ¬†Resigned again ¬†; ¬† Trip-in-i20 ¬†; Shitty Hyderabad ¬†; Pelli Chupulu :/ ; ¬†Fun@Barbeque ¬†; ¬†Gymming ¬†; ¬†Prawny Saturdays ¬†; ¬†Chennai and back ¬†; ¬†Jobless again ūüôā ¬†; ¬† ¬†To and Fro@Bro ¬†; ¬†ORAC ¬†; ¬†Exit PSN ūüėź

Sunday 2

Last week was perhaps the most frustrating in my life. The Infogix HR guy called me on Monday and talked to me about the offer that we had discussed. I think the reason why he called me was to inquire if I was still available. I waited the whole week to hear something from them or Talentica but nothing came my way. No mails, no calls. Attended a walk in interview on Saturday which was out of my scope.

So with just 1 month left to go, I have no other options. I will have to talk to Raji tomorrow and take whatever they give me. I’ll look to move to Bangalore by last week. It’s not the ideal scenario but its not that bad either. RoopC will be leaving next Saturday so I can plan to move my luggage with him. Spoke to the bike guy and he offered me 10k for the bike. I was hoping for more but I don’t have to find a buyer outside or get any repairs done so I can take up his offer.

No further movement on the land allotment case. The government officials want to release a GO for the case. That could take a few days. Last week the officials were busy with elections so this will have to go next week. Bro got a pay check early so he sent me 175k. I cleared off the CC bill. Some 4K might be left over. I’ll settle that next month.

Phani left for Hyderabad on Friday. So its just me, RoopC, Vamshi and Ram left now. RoopC will leave next week. I sent the notice to Parveen travels on Monday. Haven’t heard from them since.

Other issues: BJP won the election. By a great margin. TDP in Andhra and TRS in telengana. I don’t like TRS in telengana but there was no other alternative. Arsenal won the F.A cup yesterday. I didn’t watch the match because it was easier for me to bear it that way. Nadal will play the Rome masters final today vs Djokovic. I hope he wins. He had won at Madrid last week.

Sunday 1

This is the first of a new series that I hoping will run for long. Kind of like the PROG thing but not so structured. Just updates about what I did personally, professionally, and the major things that happened around me. Here goes..

Spoke to Raji about the Mphasis offer thing. The fact that I made a mistake putting in the resignation is crystal clear to me. But it seems the timing of the thing and the way I did it was also wrong. I had put in the resignation after I spoke to Raji so she was under the impression that I was not satisfied with the discussion we had. I had to tell her this week that I was still willing to listen to whatever offer Mphasis has to make. She took that positively and said she would discuss that with Abhijeet. I don’t think they would offer me anything above 7.5. But considering that I dont have much of a choice, I’ll have to take what I get.

Got a pleasant surprise when I got a mail from the Talentica HR. I was under the impression that the Talentica position was gone but it seems they have put the position on hold for now. That doesn’t do much for me as they could take months before they finalize the position and I will have to make up my mind a lot sooner. But it gives me confidence as I got through in the interview of a good company.

Have to make the arrangements to sell my bike next week. I might have to stay in June also in case the sale doesn’t happen soon. Regardless of what happens at the job front, my leaving Chennai is fixed so the bike has to go.

Dad said the land allotment was confirmed last week. Next week we need to get the order copy and get the money from land acquisition. Vijaya attamma is leaving for U.S tomorrow. Sripal’s B’Day was yesterday. For once I remembered someone’s Birthday.

Other issues: Elections going on.. BJP seems to have majority but might not get the numbers to form govt on its own. Nadal is in Madrid Masters final. Today is the last game of the Premier League. 4th is already confirmed for Arsenal is not a pressure game. Formula 1 is also there today. Would be a surprise if any of the Ferrari’s manage the podium.

For next week I need to make arrangements to sell the bike, send that notice to Paarveen travels, speak to Raji about the Mphasis offer and prepare for other interviews.

Getting Back

In 6 days, I’ll be doing the 7th month thing for mom. These seven months have passed by rather quickly. It’s not like I haven’t done anything. I have been doing lots of things.. not enough for my liking.. but still I haven’t sat idle.

It feels to me like I am at a crossroad. I’m not sure what lays ahead of me. This confusion is entirely of my doing and it’s something that I could have avoided had I been smarter but now I just have to deal with deal with it. Looks like I will have to extent my stay at Mphasis for an year although that year will be spent in Bangalore. Anyway we’ll see what happens.

Looks like I have fallen into a rut this last month. 2012 was a very productive year for me personally and so was 2013. Half of 2014 is gone and I don’t really feel like I have done anything so I need to pull up my socks and starting working. My life is best lived when I am organized and have things to look forward to. When I don’t have these I lose the order and fall into chaos.

So it’s back to the 2013 formula for me. Running to keep my body in shape. Blogging and using the diary to keep my daily activities in check. Focus on constantly doing new things so that I feel a sense of improvement. For starters these things should do.

A post every Sunday from this Sunday onwards. I thought of that just now. I’m that good. What should I call it? I think I’ll simply call it Sunday#.

Not sure how many of these I’ll be able to do but the prog was a moderate success and a good template to build on so I think I can go along in those lines.