Month: March 2016


Time: 15:32
Place: 1A092, Oracle HYDWeek 23

Hectic Week.

Sunday post on Monday.

Got the U.S visiting visa. Don’t know the visa duration yet. I have given dad the authorization letter to collect the passport.

Spent a lot of time with Ramu and Radha this week. I had a couple of patching activities where I was the backup engineer. I initially though about coming to Hyderabad for these but decided to stay back and spend time with the family. Visited lot of Ramu’s relatives, Devakkapalli, Parlapally, DD Colony, Uppal and Beeramguda. I don’t think I have visited so many people in a span of so few days. All in all a very satisfying week.

Dad had a meeting with his society members yesterday. They have decided to take back their money from the society pending the allocation of land. Dad will be relieved of all his responsibilities from May. He mentioned that he would come to Hyderabad and find a job. I am not sure how that will work out.

Week 23 was interesting. I will be meeting Swati this weekend. I am looking forward to the meeting. I haven’t yet prepared mentally for this. I will sit and think about it once I reach Bangalore. While I was in Karimnagar, multiple people gave me multiple profiles but none of them were very concrete. Currently Swati is the only girl on the radar.

I spoke to Chaman last week regarding the vacation for the U.S trip. He mentioned that he could initiate an L1 visa. I need to sit down with him once I go back to Bangalore and talk to him in detail about my plan for the coming weeks. I know I need to concentrate on scaling up on the migration skill set. I know how to go about doing it. I will also need to work on the OCP and OEM.

I have a very hectic set of weeks coming up. I am raring to go.




Time: 16:35
No. 30, Harmony Homes.
Week 22

Good week.

Participated in OEM 12C LVC training this week. It was a little hectic but it was a useful training. Another 6 day week in the office. 2 day week in the gym.

Came to Hyderabad today. I got the slots for the B2 U.S visa. I have to prepare over the next 2 days for the interview. Interview is on Wednesday. Since I went ahead and spent 11K for the fees, I better make sure I get the visa.

I am planning to stay till the weekend and travel back on Sunday. I applied for leave for 4 days so I am pretty much free to do what I want for the next 4 days. On the top of my agenda are getting the AB loan account closed and the visa processed. I need to get my credit card from Chinna and make sure I take my shoes back to Bangalore.

Ms. Swati from week 20 is still hanging on. The proposal now is for me to meet the girl in Bangalore in the first week of April. Then I decide whether or not we want to take the case forward.

I realized this week that I had incorrectly calculated my tax for the year. I now need to put an additional 22k into the Reliance MF.  I also need to revise my contribution to the MF from next month. I will have payed a total of 83K in the MF for 2015 – 2016. I need to raise the SIP to 5K per month. Since the budget for April is already very tight for me, I think I will raise the SIP starting May.

Got to know this week that Mr. Krishna in the office has completed the Oracle 12C OCM certification. Fantastic stuff for the man. I need to really pull up my socks. I think once I return to Bangalore at the end of the week, I will have the next 6 weeks to myself to really focus on what I want to do. What I want to do:

  1. Work on the OCP exam.
  2. Work on my electric guitar.
  3. Start the low rep regimen at the gym.

The office times have now changed to my preferred timings so I should try to make the most out of the coming months.









Time: 15:11
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 21

Okayish week.

The case from week 20 kind of tapered off. The girls family are poor and conservative. We have put the ball in their court. Let them decide.

6 day working week ending with the night shift that I did yesterday. 4 day week in the gym.

I have scheduled OEM 12C LVC training next week. It could be a hectic week. I will need to travel on the weekend. I have not made up my travel plans for the weekend. Will think of something today.

Had a good lunch with Bala and Mrs. Bala yesterday at Coringa. It was a good drive.

Manga attamma has reached Hyderabad. I need to get the documentation ready for the visa interview the week after. I will need a few days leave. Lets see how it goes.

Picked up the guitar again this week. Need to keep it up.


To do or not to do.

“Things almost always never turn out the way you expect them to”

A quote by your’s truly. It’s something I repeat to myself at least once everyday these days. While the wisdom behind the words have held me in good stead over the years, I wonder if this line of thinking makes me a cynic.

We dream and we day dream. We fantasize about a future yet to come and convince ourselves it will be very different from the past. Is it any good though?  I know deep down that the future will not be the way I expect it to be. So I think it’s good that I stop myself from fantasizing.

What kind of life will it be when one does not hope and dream? Specially for someone like me whose mental state is shaky at best, am I protecting myself from disappointment? If I had to describe myself as one among the following, what would I choose?

Optimistic, Practical, Pessimistic, Cynic.

** Thinking for 5 mins **

I don’t have an answer. I would like to think that I am a practical person but I am not. I am not pessimistic either. I am definitely not a cynic all the time. I think my outlook depends upon the context.

Take Bala’s marriage for example. It makes me feel uneasy. The couple obviously love each other so I should think that they will do fine. The girl’s volatility and impulsiveness makes me wonder how the couple will handle difficult times. Why can’t I just hope for the best? Why can’t I look at their happiness now and think that it will last?

My quest to get married is throwing some interesting challenges my way. There have been 2 cases that I have considered seriously. Both have been a thought experiment for me. I would be the first to admit that nobody can be perfect. I would give every person I meet generous leeway. Both the cases have pushed me to think about what would be reasonable. In Ms. Telugu Medium’s case, it was a combination of the girl’s and her parents shortcomings that made me decide I did not want them. In Ms. Swati’s case however, from the data that I have so far, I am happy about the girl. The deal with the family is bad though.

Dad is very generous in his evaluations of people. Even he sounded unenthusiastic about this family. He might reason it by saying he needs to get the money first, but I know him well enough to know what is going on in his mind. He is not convinced. And if he is not convinced, I will definitely not be convinced. But it the girl turns out to be very good, can I compromise about the family?

It wont be a small deal. A carefree father is a burden to his child and this father will be a burden as long as he lives. I will have to bear some amount of responsibility. It’s not like I’m not up for it though. If Swati is worth it, I will handle all the shit that I can. And that’s the deal. I don’t know if Swati is worth it. I may not know if I speak to her. I may not even know an year into marriage, in case I marry her.

Situations like these call for a leap of faith. These are also moments when I consider the people who find love lucky. They know more or less what they are getting into.

What should I do?  Should I push and make it happen? Will Swati end up in my negative portfolio? I don’t know.

I have an idea. One can get a good estimate of a person when you push them into doing things they don’t like. So that’s what I am going to do. I will ask dad to tell Janardhan uncle that I want to meet the girl alone. If they agree, let’s see what happens. If they don’t, so be it. Ms. Swati will not get to be Mrs. Ravula














Time: 8:25
Place: Beeramguda
Week 20

Interesting week.

I had a couple of good discussions with Chetan. On monday Chetan informed me that there was a requirement for a resource to work in the east coast hours and that he was looking for me as an option. Working in the 6:30 to 2:30 shift did not really excite me but there was a significant monetary benefit involved. I wanted to take it up.

Chaman did not agree for this though. There are a lot of QPD activities scheduled over the coming months and Chaman does not want to give up a resource. So they instead gave the offer to Mr. Sasank. I don’t know if Sasank agreed to it or not. They may yet come back an tell me that they need me to do the shifts.

The dell thing is definitely coming to a close. On an unrelated note, Satya left for the U.S.

Dad visited Chennai and then came to Bangalore. He was set to leave for Hyderabad on Thursday evening. I too booked my ticket with him. I thought I would take an off on Friday and relax a little at home. Didn’t really work out though as I had a couple of very hectic days traveling around the place.

Interesting events in Week 20. When dad visited his friend Mr. Janardhan, uncle informed him about a family friend of theirs who has a daughter. The girl looks good and is working. The catch is that the family is from Nellore and they are settle in B’lore. Which means there is no way for us to find out more about them. Also the family does not seem to be very well off.

I am approaching this “alliance” very tentatively. Right now the ball is in their court. If they show any interest, I will need to talk to Bro about how I want to approach this one. I definitely want to talk to the girl and understand what she is all about. We’ll see.

Srikanth’s wedding reception is scheduled for later in the day. I will travel to Mr. Lava’s place now and will spend some time with them. Then I will go to the reception place. I have the return bus booked along with Mr. Bijjam.