Month: August 2016


Place: 005, Devi Residency
Time: 7:33
Week 45

Expensive week.

Now that I have clarity on where I am going to stay post marriage, it’s not a bad idea to invest in some furniture. I have always wanted a table. I hate sitting on my bed when I am working. So this week I spent 5K to buy a table and a chair.

Got my bike serviced. Spent another 6K for it. Had to get the carburetor changed as it had got junked up inside because of the lack of use. Got the switch panels changed too. The bike is in a good condition now. I should be able to use it well for the next 6 months.

Ran the first long run of the bangalore marathon preparation today. Went well. I am a little short on preparation for the marathon.Need to focus very hard and train well these coming weeks.

At work the patching team was given a pace setter award. A cash price of about 10K coming my way. Yayyy!!!

Spoke to folks back home after the engagement was over. Most of them liked the girls family.

Told dad yesterday that since his money is delayed, he will have to talk to brother and take care of the car and housing loans going forward. This was I can concentrate on my expenses and planning for the marriage. Asked Mr. Chick yesterday if he would lend me 40K for the marriage. He agreed. Planning to take a P Loan at the start of November.

I will try to steal a kiss from my darling today. Best of luck to me!


Preparing for Bangalore Marathon 2016

For the past few weeks, I have been under the impression that I have plenty of time to start preparation for the Bangalore marathon. Only now have I realized that I have only 7 weeks to go.

Sub 2 in 7 weeks?

I would be happy to have a strong run with 7 weeks preparation. Sub 2 is a far away dream.

With all the stuff with the marriage going on, I have totally neglected my preparation. I will be skipping this years AHM. After running it for the last 3 years, to have to skip it this year is disappointing. I just couldn’t make it happen.

I am in decent shape though. If I can focus hard and be careful with my preparation, I thing I should be ready in 7 weeks.

I will try to do 4 runs per week. One 6K fast run, one 8K tempo run, one 4K speed drills and the weekend long run. I will try to do a few flyover repeats on the weekend run. I am doing a bit of core and strength training in the office gym these days. That should add the necessary conditioning work and also keep my weight in check.

I need to cut down on chocolates, desserts and booze till the end of the marathon. I weigh about 70Kgs now. I should be able to cut down to 68 by the end of September. Lets see how it goes.



Place: Pl 3, KSR Bangalore
Time: 06:48
Week 44

The place says KSR bangalore as I was in the station when I did the recording for this post. Recording because I knew that I would not have enough time yesterday.

The engagement went well. I forgot a few things but we managed to arrange them at the venue. The poojari made us do comedy things. But no one complained at the place.

Swathi was beautiful yesterday.

I made sure I got a lot of good pics with her. I had spoken to Wesley about the photographers. The guys he sent were good. I need to sit down with Wesley when the does the post processing and see how it all turns out.

With the engagement done, I think I can relax for a few weeks now. The planning for the marriage will not start for at least another couple of months. I have decided to bite the bullet and have the reception. I will talk to Uttam about the hall that he knows in Medchal. I will need to money only in Nov so I will stop worrying about that now. I have also decided to take a flat in Bangalore in Dec. So no point in thinking about it from now.

Need to focus on getting more career progress in the next few weeks.


Place: 5A021, OTP
Time: 11:36
Week 43

Sunday post on Monday as I was too lazy on Sunday

Decent week.

Worked more on the presentation. The content is ready. I just need to revise the presentation now to get the flow of the talk.

I am thinking of taking it slow so as to cover at least 45 mins with the talk. This way there is very little time for Q&A.

Had an argument with dad about the money. At this point I should forget about dad giving me anything and start making my own arrangements. There is no point in me calling him and putting pressure on him when it is completely out of his hands. The pipeline money which he said he will get by Aug could now take 2 more months.

The credit card bill is at 73K. I will pay the bill using my bank balance and will take a loan from Chick and Puri next month. About 50K. I will take a personal loan around Nov. Will need to manage using the credit card till then.

Arranged the rooms for the weekend.

Pradeep called me for lunch yesterday. Spent some time with them during the day and came back home later in the day.

Need to work on the presentation the next 2 days. I hope it goes well. If it does, I will go a long way in completing one of my targets for this year.


Place: 005, Devi Residency
Time: 9:39
Week 42

Decent week.

Did some work on the presentation. More work needs to be done.

Figured out how to arrange the travel once the guests arrive. I am thinking of going to the railway station and ordering OLA cabs from there. For the local travel in Kadugodi, I am thinking of ordering OLA cab on hire. Should cost me around 6K. Need to figure out the hotels.

Spent some time with madam yesterday. Watched our 4th movie together.