Month: April 2016


Time: 18:26
Place 005, Devi Residency
Week 27

Good week. Completed the performance assessment. It turned out good and the report needs to be presented tomorrow. Will need to sit today and work on how I want to do the presentation. Hopefully it goes good.

There was a trek with BASC organized yesterday. I registered and attended. It was fun doing the trek. It was a little challenging given I had done some strenuous lower body exercises on thursday so the hamstring was a little stiff. I went up to body weight on squats and dead lifts this week. I was careful with my form. Lower back was sore for a day but its fine now.

Saw the email for the Hyderabad marathon last week. I need to register before the end of the month to get the early bird discount. I am thinking of starting the preparation sometime in may.

No time spent on guitar this week.

Lots of time spent on batting on week 27. Still not completely sure if its the right thing to do. Dad will be traveling to Bangalore next weekend.

Need to complete the assessment review and continue working on the Exadata certification. Have booked exam for first weekend of May.



Time: 23:27
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 26

Interesting week that I will talk about tomorrow since I am going to sleep now.

Sunday post that got started on a Monday and got completed on a Tuesday.

Hectic week at work. Worked very hard on the assessment. There was low bandwidth in SSC so was working on SR’s as well. It was very hot in Hyderabad so the travel to and fro office was hard.

I had decided to stay back for the week because Swathi’s parents were visiting Aliabad on Sunday and I wanted to be present. The meet itself went well. I got a lot of confidence after that meeting.

Had a good long conversation with Bro yesterday. The marriage dates are in November/December. We talked about the possibility of dad not getting his money by then. We decided it was better not to do the U.S trip as it would become very tight money wise.

With the U.S trip cancelled, there is no reason for me to hurry my move to Hyd. I am thinking of staying back for a month or 2 longer. With the lean marriage season starting, Uttam and Purush are not going anywhere so the room will be there. Will think about moving in case someone leaves.

Starting batting with Swathi yesterday. I will need to be careful here. 6 months might turn out to be marathon. Need to pace oneself.

Do I need to continue the weekly count?


Time: 15:12
Place: Beeramguda
Week 25

Good week.

Came to Hyderabad on Friday early morning to meet Aditya who had come down from the U.S.Travelled to Gandhinagar to meet the folks. The usual suspects were there, minus Manasu and Satti.

Along with meeting him, I thought I would sit down with dad and discuss things.

Dad agreed to the travel to the U.S. Bro and I discussed the dates and decided on June 20th to July 14th. I am not able to fully make up my mind about whether or not I want to travel. There are just too many things going on at the moment. Namely:

  1. Chaman pushing me to do the Exadata certification. Needs lots of effort.
  2. Me pushing myself to complete the OCP certification. Postponed this one out as of now.
  3. Chaman pushing me to do a few migrations. Lots of time and effort.
  4. Me settling my accounts in Bang and prepare to move to Hyd.
  5. Pelli Pelli Pelli Pelli
  6. Working out.

As the time runs out, the prices of the tickets are going to increase. So this is not something I can leave out to maintain status quo. It all boils down to whether or not I really want to go to the U.S. And this is something I am not able to make up my mind about. It’s not like me to be indecisive about something.

And that is pretty much my state of mind on week 25. I am not able to make up my mind about Swathi. I look for help from the people around me and I see them shrug their shoulders in helplessness. What do you think? What do you want to do? These are the questions I am getting asked. If I knew the answers to the questions, I wouldn’t need help now would I?

Just found out that Pelli would need to be after August 26th. This fact has given me some clarity. I will ask Bro to book the tickets for me and dad using his credit card.

I will go back to Bang next week and will work hard to wrap up all my remaining things there. I will travel to Hyd in the last week of May. Chick and Purush will probably want to vacate the flat. That is up to them though.

About Swathi then 😦 What to do..  what not to do.












Time: 21:07
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 24

Fruitful week.

Met Swathi today. At first I was surprised by her confidence and straightforward approach. I wasn’t expecting someone equal to me and when I did, I don’t know what to make it. I was a little intimidated and I did stutter a little.

For a conversation that went for an hour, we didn’t get into the personal details. I was hesitant to ask her personal questions. We didn’t have many awkward moments which was good. She was open to the conversation so I didn’t really need to draw her out. Given that that wasn’t what I was expecting, I didn’t really know how to handle the situation.

One thing that kept bothering me is her broken tooth! and the slight mustache. I had a hole in my t-shirt though I am not sure if she noticed it. We talked about hobbies and career and her sister and her brother in law and her relatives. I was awkward so I thought she did most of the talking.

Such a contrast to the Swarna case, who incidentally got married this week.

Got the visa for 10 years. Told Chaman that I will move to Hyderabad in June. Chaman asked me to do the Exadata certification and I have started the preparation. I will try to complete it this month. A difficult few weeks up ahead.

Bro asked me to plan the U.S trip regardless of whether or not dad makes it. I asked him to talk to dad and to keep an eye on the tickets.

I have decided to mix up the low rep and high rep routine in the gym. I will try to cut down on the food will try to drop the 1 kg that I added in Hyd.