Month: May 2011

After the storm!

It’s been a while since the god of this blog has written anything. It’s not because he was busy. It’s because he didn’t have anything good to write about. Week after week of disappointments are hard for any man to digest, let alone share with others. Nevertheless, here goes…

Lot’s of action this last month. Manchester United beat Chelsea to win the Premier League. Barcelona bean Man U to win the European Cup. CSK beat RCB to win the IPL. Ferrari managed one podium in 5 races. Djokivic beat Nadal in Indian Wells, then again in Miami, then again in Madrid, then again in Rome. I think you can understand my frustration.

It’s not been too bad for me personally though. I’m starting my job next week and am looking forward to it. It is with eyes full of hope that I look towards the future. This tunnel may be dark, but I can see a light at the end; I can’t stop running forward.


Is wrong with the gunners. They finished not first, not second, not third, but a miserly forth in the premier league. They will have to play the qualifiers for Champions league for next season. At least we Arsenal fans will take pride in the fact that Arsenal was the only team to beat Barcelona convincingly in the European League. We will take sadistic pleasure by rubbing this fact in the faces of those Man U fans at every opportunity presented to us.

Is wrong with Ferrari. 5 Races. No Position on the starting grid. One podium finish, that too third. Compete for fuck’s sake you fucker’s. For what do you call yourself the greatest F1 sporting team. They couldn’t manage the starting grid in today’s race. I wonder what they will do in the race. The battle between Sebastian Vettel and Hamilton will be interesting to watch though. I wish Hamilton had a nice attitude. He is a terrific driver, I can’t deny him that. But he sucks at everything else. Learn to be humble asshole.

Is wrong with Nadal. Okay, I accept. Nothings wrong with Nadal. He’s been in his best form. 6 consecutive tournament final appearences is not an easy task. It’s just that Djokovic has been too good. Can’t help admire that guy. And I can’t bring myself to hate him for beating Nadal. He will most defenetly become the world No 1 after next week. Nothing you can do. Accept it and fight on.

Everything is wrong with D.C. They are a noob team with the captain making some silly onfield decisions and the overseas players not performing to their potential. So I am dumping them. I will jump into CSK’s bandwagon for next season. Sorry guys. There is only so much disappointment that I can handle every weekend. And you guys didn’t even compete.

“Shit Happens”. The greatest quote man ever came up with. Or was it a woman. I don’t care.