Month: June 2014

Sunday 8

Last week was probably the most productive that I’ve had over a long time.

I fixed the rating and team issue with Raji. She assured me that the rating will not have any impact on the MSI. And she agreed to get the team change done in 3 weeks. I will be working under Syed. Have to sit and learn Oracle now.

I had scheduled the Oracle SQL fundamentals for Friday. I did a random test on Wednesday and realized that I wasn’t ready to write the test so I had to postpone the test to next week. Have to sit and study properly for the test. The lack of any practice material is making the preparation difficult.

Spoke to Bro again. Asked him to stay on till October. He seemed to agree. His mood will probably change again. Nothing much I can do.

Signed up to Meetups website. Went to a meetup on Friday. Was fun. We went to Rasta Cafe and from there went to Nandi Hills.

For next week: Have to start learning Oracle and prepare for the SQL Fundamentals test.


Sunday 7

I was looking forward to writing this post from yesterday. Looks like the Sunday thing is here to stay.

So last week’s events were a little up and down. The good this was that the land acquisition money has finally arrived. 3.83 got deposited in nanamma’s account. After paying for the Karimnagar plots, some more was used to pay off few of the debts. The only one’s remaining are of Sanjay, Laxman babaiĀ  and Janardhan. Whatever arrives from ECHS will go to Sanjay. The money that Bava has to give me will account for the Laxman Babai’s loan. Only Janardhan’s debt will be remaining which we won’t be able to clear off now.

After all settlements, I think one lakh will remain. I have already transferred the money to my account. I plan to keep that money in my account and use it to pay the housing EMI’s incrementally.

The bad thing was the shocker that I received on Thursday when I checked my rating. I was shocked to see the 2 rating that I was given. Spoke to Dilip on friday and he told me that he had given me 3 rating. Then he told me he had put in his papers. He thinks Raji changed the rating to 2. I sent a mail to Raji asking her why the rating was changed. Haven’t heard from her yet. I will have to start preparing for interview starting next week. Not positive about the outlook of the company.

For next week I need to get the address and phone changed, pursue the consumer complaint against Parveen and start preparing for the interviews.

Sunday 6

Came to Hyderabad this week. Was originally planning to come on Friday but because of a couple of early morning RI’s that were scheduled, I had to move the date to Wednesday. Stayed at Beeramguda till friday. Came to Aliabad on friday evening. Will be returning tomorrow night.

Dad says the money will come early next week. I spoke to him and we came up with the basic plan as to how to manage the money. Had a long conversation with Bro also yesterday. Managed to convince him that returning in October was the best plan for us. He agreed. Wil have to see for how long he stays on that idea.

Money will have to be managed very tightly from next month onwards. With 4 loans to pay and limited income coming in, every rupee saved will go towards paying off the loan. I have thought about a basic plan as to how to go about doing it. Will have to see how well I am able to execute it. I am thinking about skipping the Malaysia trip. Can’t afford the money or the leave.

There was a call with Mphasis management on Friday in which they said that the hike is being postponed to October. That prompted me to revisit the Naukri portal and apply to a few more companies.

Other weeks events: Monsoon seems to have finally arrived. There was a slight drizzle here yesterday. It should rain in the next couple of weeks. Nadal won the French open. He now has 14 major titles. He lost in the third round of the grass court event.. the first game he played. It’s a setback for the Wimbledon preparation. The football world cup started this week. Am not following it so closely.

For next week: Have to get the bike serviced on Tuesday and go to office from Wednesday. Will need to start pushing Raji for shifting me to the Oracle team. I will also have to start preparing to take Oracle certification exams this week.


Sunday 5

So I have decided to add a new feature to these Sunday posts. I’ll take a picture before every post and attach it to the post. Not sure for how many weeks I can keep this going but I think if I can keep it up this could be good.

Onto last weeks events. I started swimming last week and I am getting better at it after every practice. Have to keep practicing. The side effects were tightness in calf muscles because of which I had to cancel today’s Long run. I am thinking about whether to go to next weeks run in Chennai. I don’t think I will be physically ready for the run. On top of that I will have to spend at least 1k for the traveling which will no doubt be tiring. If I had some company then I think I might have gone. Not very enthusiastic about going alone. Will have to see.

Bala and Uttam booked tickets for a trip to Malaysia in Feb 2015. The cost of the ticket will come to around 8k but the cost of trip itself could come to around 40k. And I will have to take a leave of 1 week. I think I will book the ticket this week after the land money comes – If it comes.

Bro says he is planning to come back in last week of July. I told him he should do whatever he thinks is right. Not sure what else I could tell him.

Went to office on Monday and after that did WFH for the entire week. The guy whom I met near Manyata Tech park for the bike called yesterday. Seems he could not find a buyer for his bike. Now I have to think if I should take his bike. I dont like the Pulsar all that much but 2007 Pulsar at 25k seems to be a decent deal. Have to think a little about this.

Have booked tickets to go home next week. Will stay for 4 days and will take care of the Nelamashikam. My initial plan was to get the bike as well but I will have to change that now. Most of my time was wasted this week. Didn’t have much work to do as Dilip did not assign any work to me. Didn’t learn any Oracle as well. Have to do better this week.

Other news: Not much going on. Nadal will play Djokovic in the French open final today. Should be a superb match. Don’t have TV in room so I will have to follow the match in streaming. I’m not bothering about the Formula 1 events.

For next week: Have to work on the Parveen travel shit. Letting him off the hook will a lack of will on my part.

Yet Another Masterpiece

I hear the noise of Children playing way below. The breeze is very pleasant.It’s 6:00 in the evening. The light is just right. Everything perfect? Everything external to me seems to be. What about the things inside me?

Its been 2 weeks since I have made PSN my home. Is this my home? It probably is.Do I like the place. Its nice. The tall buildings that surround me don’t offer much of a view. But the feel is nice. Compared to the Chennai whether, the Bangalore whether is swell.

Coming back to home. What is home. After mom passed away.. I feel I don’t have a home to go back to. I think the time has finally come for me to come out of the pseudo state of denial that I have been in for the past few months and start accepting my reality. It is a great loss that I have suffered. How do I cope with that?

The two have left the room. I am the only one in right now. Do I feel lonely? Maybe a little. I must say I have been pleasantly surprised with the way that I have handled her presence in the room. I think I see this as an opportunity to learn about the female species. What good will it do to me? I don’t know.

Where is my life headed? What do I want to make out of myself? I want to stop being a loser and start creating something for myself. I want to work and work and work at everything that I possibly can. There are new year resolutions. I will create a PSN resolution. I will create a life for myself. I have to. 2013 was supposed to be the year of dreams. I will have to make 2014 that year. I have no more time to lose.

The world is a difficult place to live in. Life is never easy, no matter what species of creature you are. Learn to struggle. Make that a part of your life. Dont let patience and endurance just be words on your arms.

This feels like a self pep talk. Sadly there is nothing else for me to write about.

Don’t give up on yourself. Ever.

Sunday 4

Here is a fourth consecutive Sunday post that I am writing. I have to say I am being more consistent here compared to the PROG thing, probably because I decided to write this series every Sunday morning and because I have made the structure simpler than the PROG thing. Anyway about this weeks events:

I have settled down a bit here in PSN. I had night oncall last week so I worked from home from Tuesday onwards. The office is not very far away but the bus connectivity is bad. I called up a few people yesterday about bikes. Will go out today looking for a few. 25-30k budget. Most probably a Pulsar.

Raji had not spoken to Syed about my team transfer as of Monday. Maybe they discussed it later in the week. I have cleared off 3 SR’s that were in my queue. Have a few more left so I should have more time over next week to study oracle.

The GO got signed this week and dad got a copy of it. Will take all of next week to get it processed. Bro transferred money for the home loan so I don’t need to chip in. I should get about 15K from RoopC after all the settlements so I should be able to manage the bike without taking money from anyone. Bro’s work is still not completely good. Have to speak to him about it again next week.

Next week I’ll be going to the office so I’ll get to settle down a little at the office. Have to try to form a rapport with Syed as he will play a major part in my work for the next one year. Other things to do are to buy the bike, settle in a bit more at PSN and work more on fitness. I did a long run today after a long time. Took 1hr 9 mins for 10k. Was a good run as I didn’t feel very tired after the run.

Elsewhere, Nadal is through to the second week of French Open, Raina will captain the Indian team’s tour to Bangladesh and Arsene Wenger signed a new 3 year extension yesterday.