Month: March 2015

Sunday 20

So after many Sunday logs, this one comes on an actual Sunday.

I think the week gone by has been very useful. After all the traveling that I have done over the last couple of months, I think I really started to settle down last week. I organized myself pretty well and got the Loan thing done.

I received the money from the Bank and transferred it to my Andhra Bank Loan account. The only thing left to do now I guess is to pay of the remaining interest amount and close off the account. I did my calculations while making the decision about closing the loan but now that its done, I’m not sure if I am gaining anything after all the effort. Anyway what’s done is done so no point thinking about it now.

Oracle is carrying out a pay restructuring activity where I will need to decide on all the components other than the basic. I decided to allot the 10% basic portion to NPS. Made the other calculations also. Did a lot of research on investment options and chalked out a basic plan of how to go about the next few months financially.

Another thing that I did this week is the organize a basic GHOT plan. Didn’t work a lot on it this week but will try to improve over the course of the next few weeks.

The next couple of weeks are important. I need to decide if I want to try any certifications right now. I have two options, one the Exadata certification and the other the OCA stream. I will see how the next week goes and then make a decision in the second week of April.

Among other events:

Rajshekhar Naidu visited this weekend. He will be traveling to the U.S in a couple of weeks time. Had a good weekend. I guess I won’t be seeing him again for a while.

Anil has had a couple of very difficult months. He’s not got an admit till now and he is desperate because of the position that he is in. Just a bad phase. He had some good news this morning when one of the universities informed him that they were considering the application. I hope he gets the admit.

Purush and Chick decided to buy a car. Spent some time yesterday and today looking at cars. Seem to finally decided upon a Nano from Mr. Joseph. For 1,10,000. Interesting times ahead.

Edit 1: Loan clear screenshot

Andhra Bank Education Loan Payoff


Current state of affairs

Time: 9:51 A.M. 24th of March 2015

Location: Desk 5A014, OTP, Bangalore

State: Sleepy

Current options: Go to the bunker and sleep, or sleep and the desk, or just read something and spend the time for the next 1 hour.

Now had this been a normal M shift, the above options would not have been available to me. But this is not a normal M shift. In fact I am not in any shift today. I am supposed to be off. I just came to the office hoping that because of the resource shortage there will be work and I will be asked to work in which case I can charge this in EBH and make more money. But the shift is silent and hence my troubles.

I want to write something about what I do in Oracle. Now what I write today may seem obvious and unremarkable right now.. maybe in a few years time I will forget what I did in my initial days in Oracle. I have long forgotten what I did in my days as part of the REDS team. Such will not be the plight of my Oracle Days!!

Its been 5 months since I’ve been here. Compared to Mphasis, I have found the going here comparatively difficult. I find my situation comparable to that of a soccer player who moves from a smaller club to a bigger club. Talent may have put him at the top of the ladder in the smaller club but to stand out in the bigger club, latent is not enough. Hard work and correctly channeling efforts are equally important if not more important.

So I now find myself in a situation where I have not been able to pull my weight in a team that has a good number of very capable people in it. My initial days were a struggle and even now I am not confident of handling a shift myself. A lot of hard work is required out of me and I must admit to myself that I have not put in the amount of work required. Blame it in part to Bro’s marriage that took a lot of my time. Added to that was the traveling to and fro Hyderabad and I wasn’t able to focus on my “homework”.

Something that I have realized during this time is that life here in Oracle is a lot more individualistic. Running with the pack does not work here because there is no pack. One has to be very clear about the path that one wants to take and then follow that path with determination. The problem here is that there is very little individual guidance available. No spoon feeding, so to speak. Progress is be based upon results shown by self effort.

A brief writeup of what I do right now:

ACS LOB in Oracle has basically 3 teams based out of India. The SSE team, the Migration team and the Engineering Services team. I have been working in Core SSE for the last 5 months.

In Core there are 8-9 hours shifts where you come in and Pull Sev-1’s from the previous engineer. There  are M shifts and R shifts and A shifts which I generally do during weekends.There are active SR’s, Hot SR’s and Inactive SR’s. Inactive SR’s you don’t need to bother about because there is no work required. Active SR’s require work and there is time available generally to do research and to take help from team. Hot SR’s are tough as there is a need to be on the bridge and there is very little time given to do research. Active SR’s about unfamiliar concepts are difficult to handle. Hot SR’s of the same kind are a nightmare.

That being the case, I should say I have had a good time in my first 5 months here. There have been no escalations on me and even though I have not performed stellar work in closing SR’s, I have done okay. The first few weeks I was afraid of pulling actives. I was shit scared of weekend shifts. I had beginners luck in that my first few weekend shifts were all silent. Even when I had actives in my weekend shifts, I had help from others.

Most of my SR closures have been GG SR’s. I managed to close one SR related to PT and one other which I can’t quite remember now. So it’s not been bad.

What lies ahead for me is a lot of individual hard work to put in. My effort levels in the next couple of months will determine how my first year at Oracle will turn out. I will no longer be a newbie in my next few weeks so more delivery will be expected out of me.

I am thinking of sitting down with Chetan this week and discussing with him what how my performance has been these 5 months.

I think I will write another review in October when one year completes.


P Loan Outstanding principal — 267071

Plus processing fees — 12000

E Loan Outstanding andhra – 218895

Total — 497966


10000 — purush

15000 — Uttam

12021 — Past expenses

Total — 37021

Min to Pay — 22021

March Salary — 60000 approx


EMI Loan — 17000

Home Transfer — 20000

Expenses — 13000

SIP — 3000
Insurance EMI — 4700

Total — 57700


Min to pay from last 2 months — 22021

Total — 79721

Extra needed 19700

Loan to take 520000

From May

Monthly Sal take home — 74000


1. Rent + chillar — 13000

2. SIP — 6000

3. Insurance Premium — 1200

4. Home transfer — 20000

5. Loan EMI — 17000

6. NPS — 4000

Total — 61200

Net Remaining  — 12800
Max Net Remaining — 20000

Suchi gold — 5000

Total Hard Deductions — 20000+17000+3000 == 40000
Direct Deductions

HRA Claimed 12k per month — Total exemption — 104257

Conveyance 19200

Total — 123457

Insurance — 18844

ELSS — 72000
PF per annum — 47692


Total — 138536

NPS — 48000

Total Excempted — 309993

Gross Total Income — 883191 + 100000( shift allowance) = 983191

Net Taxable Income — 673198

Tax Calculation

0-250000 — 0

Net — 454890

250000-50000 X 10% — 25000

Net — 173198

500000-673198 X 20% — 34640

Total Tax — 59640

Per Month — 4970

Net Monthly Salary — 81932

Total Deduction — 4200(Professional Tax + PF) + 4970 (Income Tax) == 9170/mnth

Take Home — (81932-9170)=72762 + 1500 internet bill

Total Take home — 74000

Sunday 19

10 Months after the first Sunday comes the 19th Sunday. In my journal that is. On to the last few weeks highlights:

So I had to go back to Hyd once again. The travel was horrible. Indian Railway did it again to me. Argg. The trip itself was quite fruitful. Got to meet Ramu again after a gap of 8 years. Got to spend some time in Parlapally and with V. Had a nice long chat with Bro on the way back from Parlapally in the car. So another good trip.

Bro boarded the flight this morning. The next 2 months are crucial for him. Will have to wait and see how it goes.

Yesterday I sat and made calculations about my financial state and taxes. Will approach the bank to consolidate the loans today.

Sunday 18

So this particular Sunday post comes a good 2 months after the last one. As always I will probably decide to write more regularly. As always I will probably forget that and come back a good month later.

This Sunday is however a little different. It seems that I have personally turned a corner. The last 4 months have been very hectic and fruitful at the same time. Bro’s marriage is done and he will probably be leaving in a couple of weeks. Sis will be staying back for a couple of months maybe.

After a long long time, I am truly relaxed. I don’t have to think about anyone but myself. The coming months are crucial for me as how I go about my life in this period will directly reflect how I turn out.

The coming days will be very difficult financially and from the job’s perspective. I have to be ready for the challenge that is coming towards me. I probably have an year to do whatever I want to do with my life. I terms of the job I think I will be well settled into Oracle having spent an year and a half by then.

Hope it turns out the way I want it to.