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Collage of Jayendra’s Experiences (October 2012 – January 2013 )

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Dealing with tough times

Even as I write this, I have the sensation that I am currently living the toughest period of my life yet. I think the episode with Arunachalam was easier compared to this. Atleast I could see an end there. I had company of friends. I had a purpose. What do I have now? A taxing period of stagnation with no end in sight.

Is this the worst possible position that I can be in? Definitely not. Will I ever have such difficult periods in my life again? Of course I will. For better or for worse, this is an experience for me. I can either continue to wallow in self pity or I can learn from this experience. I am not in this position because of some mistake of mine. I’m a victim of circumstance. Is this right? Calling myself a victim.. I am not looking at the bright side. But what bright side? I don’t see any bright side.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. I would do well to implement this lesson in my life. Sketching a principle on your body doesn’t necessarily bring you to living it. The lesson will slip through your mind along with the pain. One can only be shown the path, it is his will that determines whether he follows it or not.

“Patience” and “Endurance”, the two canon’s tattooed on my left arm will stay with me the rest of my life. Was getting the tattoo a mistake? It is up to me to provide an answer to this question. I showed myself the path. Now I need to walk it.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

I have a point to prove to myself. I am not a kid anymore. I can handle the shit life decides to throw at me. I can be bigger than my problems. I can smile,even in pain. I can vindicate my past actions, I can set an example for my future. I can drive myself out of this quagmire. I will find the highway.. I will cruise.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

Time for me to get going.

Alonso on Podium + India thrash England + Arsenal draw with Man City

So the first super Sunday turned out quite well for me. Positive results in the 3 events has made my week so much brighter.


Alonso finished third in the Singapore Grand Prix on sunday. He started 5th in the race and considering the fact that the Ferrari was slower on the track than the McLaren and the Red Bull, the finish was a fantastic result. Hamilton’s race ended due to a mechanical failure which means Alonso extended his lead to 194 points, 29 ahead of Vettel. Raikkonen sits third ahead of Hamilton in the league. With 6 races to go, the run up to the final race is getting very interesting.


The next event to start on the T.V was the second round match between India and England which India won by a huge margin. We were put into bat by the English and we did well to get to 170 by the end of the innings. Gambhir and Kohli scored 40’s while Rohit Sharma finished strongly at 55. The Arsenal match was going on by the time England’s innings started so I didn’t follow it, but the scoreline suggested that we routed their batsmen. They struggled to play our spin bowlers. Harbhajan had a fantastic comeback after spending more than a year out of the team. He picked up 4 wickets in his 4 overs conceding just 12 runs, fantastic figures for a bowler in a t20 match, in fact the best figures for an Indian bowler in a t20.

We are due to play Australia, South Africa and Pakisthan in the second stage of the tournament. All 3 promise to be very interesting matches. We’ll have to wait and see how they go.


Arsenal traveled to the Etihad stadium on Sunday and returned back with a point. Considering the fact that the Champions had won 29 of their last 31 home matches, I’d say the point we earned was a fantastic result. It was a highly technical game where both teams defended brilliantly. Our Mertesacker stood out in the defence with countless interceptions while Vincent Kompany had a great game for City, making some great tackles throughout the game. Gervinho had a decent game as he made several attempts to dribble into the box from the left side, though he found his way blocked most of the game. Ramsey had a fantastic game in his first full start this season and so did Koscielny who stood in for our sick captain.

With that game, our defensive credentials have been firmly established. Granted City weren’t at their fluent best coming forward, but it was still a great defensive performance. The Chelsea game this weekend will be another test for our defense, one that I am sure our guys will stand up to.

Man City don’t seem to have had a good start to this season. They sit 7th in the league currently. They lost their opening Champions League match against Madrid and then crashed out of the league cup yesterday, losing 4-2 to Aston Villa. With tough times on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how City respond in the coming weeks.

As to Arsenal, we have been great in our current period, having won 3 and drawn 1 match of the 7. Our unbeaten run in all competitions this season stands at 6 matches. We play Coventry in the league cup 4th round today. I hope they don’t cause a major upset.

Superrr Sunday-1

The first super Sunday of the season arrives with 3 very important events scheduled for today. Arsenal take on Manchester City at the Etihad stadium and India take on England in the second group match of the t20 world cup. Before these two start, the Singapore grand prix will be held so all in all, it promises to be a pretty exciting day.


Arsenal have a challenge on their hands when they take on City today. In the pre-match build up, Mancini says Arsenal are title contenders this season  while Mr. Wenger thinks that whoever wins today’s match will get huge psychological boost in the league race. Going by team form, Arsenal are in fantastic form, having won their last 3 matches. We are unbeaten in all 5 matches played this season and in 9 matches going back to last season 8 of which are league matches.

City’s form is more suspect as they lost their Champions League match against Madrid and drew the league match against QPR before that. However, they will be boosted with the return of Aguero just as Arsenal have been boosted by the return of long time absentee Wilshere. I don’t think Wilshere will make the final squad this week or the next though.

Arsenal are scheduled to play 7 matches before the 8th of October. This is a very important period for us and if we perform well here, it will give us a massive boost for the rest of the season. We have already won 3 of those 7 matches. City and Chelsea are important fixtures to come and if we can win those, it will be a fantastic beginning to our season. Right now we sit at 6th position and a win today will see us move back to third while a draw will put us at 4th position. Man U is due to play Liverpool in the other match today and I hope Liverpool springs a surprise and beats Man U.



India takes on England in the second group match of the world cup. With Afghanistan having lost both matches, India will go to the next round even if it loses today. But a win will give us a lot of confidence as we head into the next round. It will be a tough match though. We labored through our match against Afghanistan while the English brushed them aside with ease. Our batting might be strong, but our bowling is weak. Zaheer went for runs in the opening match and death bowling has always been our weakness. All in all it will be a tough match and one will get an idea of how good the team is based on today’s result.



Alonso will start at P5 in the Singapore grand prix today. He had a decent qualifying session, given how Ferrari were at least a second slower that Mclaren and Red Bull. It’s going to be a tough race and it will take all of Alonso’s guile to secure maximum points in today’ race. It should turn out to be an interesting race.


Arsenal score 6 past Southampton

Arsenal played Southampton at home yesterday. We won the game 6-1 with Gervinho scoring a brace and Podolski and Walcott chipping in with one each, the remaining 2 being own goals. This win takes us to 3rd position in the league table, tied for points with Man City who drew their game. Chelsea also dropped points over the weekend and thus are 2 points ahead of us.

We next play Montpellier, a French team in the first Champions league group game. They are struggling in their league with bad form so it is a game we should win.

A letter to Sridhar-2013

I was going through this article on ways to improve oneself. One of the points the author mentioned there was writing a letter to your future self. I got hooked onto the idea of writing something and reading the post 1 year later. What would I write in such a post? Both writing the piece and reading it one year later would be interesting experiences. So here goes:


R. Sridhar Reddy,
Aged 24 years 9 Months.

Hi pal. Its me, you in the past. How life going?

Exciting?  Boring?  Engaging?  Dull?  Relaxed?  Pressured?  Happy?  Sad?  Content?  Frustrated?

My life currently is a mixed bag composed of some of the above mentioned feelings. I am currently on bench at Mphasis, spending my life the same way everyday, looking for news things to do to pass time and improve myself. This exercise being one of them. Right now I am living a fairly tight life, most of my money going to replaying the 3 loans and having to juggle the rest of the money between living and paying the credit card bill.

If I compare myself from what I was a year ago, I would say that I have become more self aware. I am not content to just pass the time anymore. I don’t necessarily spend my time thinking about the future. That day may yet come. But I do worry about things. Specially since the last 5 months. What I am worried about? I am worried that the continuous lack of project is going to hamper my chances when I will come to being you. In September 2013, I would want to be working in a proper software company, preferably in Hyderabad. Having said that, I wouldn’t be totally disappointed  if I was still continuing at Mphasis. The universe works in mysterious ways. It would be presumptuous on my part to say that I will not be happy at Mphasis, or I will be happy somewhere else. You never know. Right?  What will matter more is: am I content? So am I content right now?

Yes and no. If contentment could be quantized, say in a scale of 10, what will my rating be? What factors can a person use to judge if he is content or not. Money, Peace of mind / Pressures, Health, Interests/Hobbies and of course pussy. We shall deal with them one at a time:

1. Money: My last pay slip read Rs 44,000. 28k from that is going towards repaying the 3 loans. I am having to manage with the rest, watching my expenses. I can still do the normal things I did 8 months ago. I hesitate on the little bigger things and shy away from the really big things. Like buying a new phone, or a laptop or the Takamine G220. These are things I would buy if I had a surplus of 10k every month. These are things I can manage without. These are things I do manage without.
Do I regret being in this situation? No. This is the way India’s middle class lives. At-least this is how the responsible people live. The loans I took were for a specific purpose. The education loan was unavoidable. The personal loan was to pay the home margin and the car was required. I feel happy traveling in the car, and watching how the house is shaping up. I may have to make small sacrifices for this, but I am truly happy making those sacrifices.

What do I expect for you? I don’t think the loans are going anywhere. Specially after the supreme court ruling on dad’s case. So I expect you to still be paying the 3 loans. I am not expecting a drastic increase in salary for you. If I stay in Mphasis in September 2012, my pay slip would probably read 48000. Not more. My current self will be content if earn that in the future. Are you content with what you are earning?

My current rating: 7/10

The rating I expect when I become you: 8/10

2. Peace of Mind/ Pressures : Lack of project means that I don’t have office pressures. Of course I feel the pressure of not having a project, but that is manageable. I feel the money pressure, knowing that I am having to pay interest on the credit card. But I think for someone in the big world, these pressures are to be expected. I just have to train myself to get used to them. And they increase as you grow older…

My current rating: 8/10

The rating I expect when I become you: 7/10

3. Health : I must say I am pretty healthy right now. I ran 5k today. This is the first time I managed it. I am planning to do a 10k in the BITSAA 5k event in 2 weeks time. I hope to do well in that. I started the Batra’s treatment for my hair last month. I will only be able to tell the results when I am you. I hope they are good. They took 9k from me for that.
By the time I become you, I hope to have completed the 10k run atleast 4 times. I hope that my best timing for the run be around 55 mins and that I should weigh under 67 kgs.

My current rating: 9/10

The rating I expect when I become you: 9/10

4. Interests / Hobbies : My interests currently are following all the sports I like following, improving on the guitar, and working out. Other things I should be doing are being in constant touch with me parents, brother and relatives, helping them in case of need and the same for my friends. I think I am doing pretty well if you talk about this aspect of my life. With all the time I have on my hands, I am able to do all the things I like doing freely.
I expect you to be in a job and have a project so hopefully you wouldn’t have as much time as I currently have. But I still expect you to pursue a few of the above mentioned interests diligently and feel happy doing them.

My current rating: 9/10

The rating I expect when I become you: 8/10

Last but not the least: pussy. You know I’ve not had any till now. I’m not sure if I’ll get any by the time I become you. I’m not even sure if I want to get any for you. Getting some is good, but it will bring its own issues with it that I will have to handle. This is something that I feel is out of my hand. No use rating myself for this, but I will do it for the sake of completeness.

My current rating: 7/10

The rating I expect when I become you: 7/10

My overall rating currently is 0.8. I am expecting nearly the same for you. I am already on the path for making that happen in some aspects of my life. I will have to start working on the rest soon. I’d be happy if you matched my expectations. I’d be very happy if you exceeded them. Good luck mate. I hope life gives you only pleasant surprises.


R. Sridhar Reddy

Aged 23 years 9 months.

Murray wins U.S Open + Alonso on podium


The big news this week was Murray winning the U.S Open. He beat Djokovic in 5 sets. Djokovic battled for close to 5 hours in a losing effort. That was the third straight grand slam final that Djokovic has lost against three different opponents. All of them were great finals though.

Murray winning a grand slam is fantastic news for Tennis, He has been at the top for close to 5 years now and already has 6 masters titles to his name. That the four grand slam titles this year has gone to separate top four players is amazing. Djokovic and Murray shared the hard court titles while Nadal and Federer won on their favorite surfaces.

The 2010 season completely belonged to Nadal and the 2011 season belonged to Djokovic. This season has been more even among the top 4. Nadal has been out injured since June and I am not sure if he will compete in the Tour Finals having dropped out of the Spanish Davis cup team. Still he has managed to win 4 titles this season, 1 more that what he achieved last season. Comparatively, Djokovic has won 3 titles, Federer has won 6 titles and Murray has won 3 titles. Of the 7 masters tournaments that have completed this year, 3 have been won by Federer while Nadal and Djokovic have taken 2 each.

Comparing these performances, I think Djokovic has been the best this season, having won the 2 masters titles and appearing in all four grand slam finals. Its not surprising that he has amassed 9900 points this season, 1000 more that Federer. There are 2 more masters titles to go. It will be interesting to see who wins those two.

Alonso finished 3rd in the Italian Grand Prix. He had a disastrous qualifying 3rd round and had to start at tenth position. A brilliant few initial laps saw him move to 5th position. He used his pace to overtake Raikkonen and Schumacher. Button dropped out of the race because of a mechanical failure and he passed Massa later in the race to finish at 3rd position. Hamilton drove a perfect race from pole to win the race and move into second position in the drivers championships. Alonso extended his lead at the top to 179 points, 37 more than Hamilton. The next few races are crucial and it will be interesting to see who will come out on top.

Arsenal beat Liverpool + Alonso crashes out in lap 1 + India end series 2-0

Arsenal were due to play Stoke the last time I wrote a post. We went to Stoke City and came back with a point. There were plenty of positives to take back from that game and our strength  in defense was a treat to watch but I was still a little disappointed at the result. Our rivals registered wins over that weekend and we ended the week at 12th position.

We played Liverpool at Anfield last weekend and won the game 2-0. They controlled the pace of the game for the first 20 minutes or so but after that, it was all Arsenal. Podolski and Cazorla ended the game by scoring and providing for each other on either side of the break.

The highlight of the game for me was the performance of Diaby in midfield and Jenkinson at right back. It was only the third game that I have seen Diaby play so I am not sure if he is usually that good but if he can keep that up over the season, we can compete well. Liverpool played decently but their midfield lacked a creative player and they were a striker short with the cunt that is Suarez having to  do all the creating and acting.

So going into the international break, we sit at 8th spot with Chelsea leading the charts with 9 points. After the break comes a crucial period for us where we will have to play 5 games in 15 days including those against Man City, Chelsea, a Champions league match and a League cup match. By the end of September, one will have an idea of the real strength of our first team and bench.

Alonso crashed out of the Belgium grand prix in the first lap itself after getting involved in a crash with Grosjean and Hamilton. Alonso still leads the title race by 24 points followed by Vettel and Webber.

India won the second test against New Zealand  and finished the series 2-0. As I noted earlier, we only gained 2 points after the series victory but there were still positives to take from the game. The performances of Kohli and Ashwin were the highlight of the series and with the long season still to come, hopefully they can continue their good form.