Month: December 2015


Time: 7:25
Place: No:30, Harmony Homes
Week 10

Frustrating Week.

I failed the OCA test. By 8%. This is the second time I failed the exam. Good thing the tests are free.

I had plans leading up to the OCM after I completed this exam. Of the 6 tests that I registered for this year, I showed up for 4 and cleared 1. Very disappointing.

The week has been frustrating for other reasons as well. Much mess with Week 9.

I really need to figure out my head. I have not been in such internal turmoil for a long time. Things that are occupying my head right now:

  1. Marriage: not in my hands.
  2. Finances: Somewhat in my hands.
  3. Work: In my hands.
  4. Relocation: Somewhat in my hands.

Starting with what is in my hands, I know the dell project might take about 3 months to complete. Lets say till mid April. I can stay at Devi Residency till Feb end. In march I will move in with Mr. Chick and will crash on his couch for a while.

In May I will relocate to Hyd. I need a permanent place to function. I don’t work well when I am in limbo. Staying with Mr. AB will only be a temporary affair.

So work and relocation is settled.

Finances.. I think I will concentrate on clearing off the first personal loan. Before I do that I need to pay Mr. AB and Ms. Suchi. With me selling my bike to Raghu, I should be able to pay both of them off in the next month. From then I can start collecting money to pay off the first p loan. My outstanding at end of May will be about 170000. I should be able to collect this money by May end.

Marriage: I have some clarity about this now. I will check out the profiles that come my way. In case I like anyone, I will tell the “elders”. I will let them decide when and how they want to do the marriage. That should give me a lot of piece of mind. In case required, I can use the same money that I had collected to pay off the loan to pay for the marriage. I will take an advance from the company as well.. in case its required.

While all that is going on, starting the first week of Jan, I need to focus on fitness and certifications in a big way.

I think I will leave the planning for that once I return to Bang.












Time: 12:17
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 9

Good week.

My annual reject the phlegm sickness happened this week. Had to take off on Tuesday. Still suffering with cold and a slight sore throat. Should be fine over the next few days.

I did some research into gym regimens and stumbled upon a theory that said that for best results, its important to alternate between high reps and low reps. It seems, high rep sets build muscles and low rep sets build strength. I decided to follow this approach and do high reps for 3 weeks followed by lows reps for 3 weeks. Overdid my lower body training a little bit. Had sore quads for 3 days which went away after a bit of rolling. The weight seems to be coming down. Might get down to 69 in a few weeks if I can maintain the diet.

Prepared hard for the OCA exam this week. Have scheduled it for next week. Satya completed OCM this month. We now have 4 OCM’s in the office. I need to step up my game and complete atleast the OCA before the turn of the year. Which means I will need to schedule the SQL fundamentals for Friday and try to clear it. Won’t be easy but I need to try my best.

Prepared the docs for tax submission which I need to submit be end of next week. While doing the calculations, I realized that I over invested in the ELSS scheme. I need not make any further investments over the next 2 months. I have to arrange money for the car and bike insurance though so next month will also be very tight.

Kavitha from week 8 did not get back. There was another case that came up on week 9. 24 year old based out of KMR. Don’t have a lot of details. No photo or biodata yet. Will see how it goes.

Booked the tickets for travel to Hyd next Saturday. Will be coming back to Bang on the 3rd of Jan.



Time: 9:52
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 8

Interesting week.

More delay in the start of the Dell project. The contract has still not come to us so I will be going back to SSC next week.

5 Day week at the gym. I spent time this week watching youtube videos of various exercises and tried to improve my form while doing them in the gym. The result is definitely better when the exercise is done the correct way. Spent 6 days of the week with some part of the body sore. If your arms are sore then they are building up right?

On tuesday Babai called me regarding a profile that he had got from Mr. Dasarath. The girl is 18 days younger than me. She has a big nose and is not pretty. I forwarded the pics to Ms. N and thought about it for a day. Putting looks aside, she is definitely older than what I would have liked.

I did not want to reject her because of that one condition. She has a job and the family is known so we will be able to get the details. I asked Babai to find out the details. Let’s see how it goes.

Spoke to Chinna Mama yesterday. The Sambaipally girl is getting married. So much for that story.

Had a good talk with Dad yesterday. I told him that I am thinking about moving to Hyd come March and that I do not want to live alone. I asked him to wrap up his work by March and stay at one place from then on. He is going for a visa interview next week for U.S visiting visa. Shouldn’t be too difficult for him. Bro has been asking me to find out the details for me to apply too. I have been putting it off.

Bro’s job has been extended for another 6 months. He said he will start saving up from now and will look to build a bank balance in the next 6 months. He said something about family planning. I think they are thinking about having a kid. Ms. N is unlikely to have a job in the coming year which might be one think they have in mind.

My Bank balance has dried up already. This month will be hard to manage. I am thinking about going to Hyd in the last week.

Mr. B, Mr. UB, Mr. AB, Mr. M and Mr. P

We live in difficult times, we see turbulence all around and our lives go up and down all the time. Is it because the world around us has got ever so faster at change or is it because of the phase of life I am in that it feels that way? Probably a combination of both.

I have been trying to write something like this for the last 1 year. I started a couple of times and then abandoned it for various reasons. This time, I am determined to go through with it. Today I want to write about 5 men. Three of them are very good friends of mine. One is a self centered attention seeking bitch and the last is a troubled guy who has been included here just for that reason.

Mr. B

The first time I heard about Mr. B was around 10 years ago. I was in Gowtham at the time and he was one of the toppers in the class. He looked like a small boy then. He had great skills at Maths and Physics and he built a reputation around it. I never interacted with him at the time. In fact, we were mere acquaintances for most of these past 10 years. It was only after I came to Bangalore in June 2014 that I got to know him personally.

He is brilliant at work and has good social skills. He is a romantic deep down and has a way with woman. He is bad at organizing things and his stuff is generally a pile of mess. He is a caring and considerate guy and a good friend.

2015 has been a roller-coaster ride for Mr. B. The highlights are the 3 international trips that he made during the year. He has a passion for travel and has visited Malaysia, Cambodia and Spain this year. It all seemed to be going well for him when he found a girl that he thought he could marry and settle down with. They were to be engaged on the 17th of Dec.. on my birthday.

Turns out, the woman is a spoiled brat who is used to having her way and has very little consideration for others. She gave Mr. B a sneak preview of sorts of how it would me like if he married her. He got shit scared and wanted get out of it.

Shit happens. Many a times it happens because of our own doing. Sometimes, bad stuff happens to us even if we are not at fault, and have taken every precaution to prevent such a event. I put myself in Mr. B’s shoes and think about what I would have done differently. He got clues along the way about the woman’s behavior but he never took them seriously. Nobody is perfect right..

He wanted to marry a woman who he could understand and get along with, not someone who his parents showed to him. I would want to do the same. The trouble with that is there is no way you can figure out a person by speaking to them for a few hours or even a few days. It takes time, as it did in Mr. B’s case. Luckily for him, he realized what he was getting into before his marriage.

So did he break it off? No he didn’t. He reasoned.. better a known devil than an unknown angel. He got support from his Mother in law and he decided to go ahead with the marriage. Let’s see how it goes.

Mr. M

Mr. M and I met in 2007 and we became good friends in 2008. We, along with Mr. PRS would always be on the same wavelength those days and we have had some great conversations over the past few years. The Goa trip that Mr. M, Mr. PRS and I did in 2012 was one of the most memorable trips of my life. I have missed him since he has moved to the U.S

Mr. M and I have had our differences on how we handled our lives. He did not like it that I would always be organized and that I liked to follow a routine. He believed that routine brought stagnation to one’s life. I did not like the way he treated women when we were in college. Both of us have followed our paths and have struggled in life.

2015 has been a difficult year for Mr.M. The fact that his girlfriend managed to get into a college but he only got an admit to a shitty college put a lot of stress on him. He struggled to handle the rejects that he got from all the other universities. He did not want to go to that university, but he did not want to stay back either. In the end he did get onto U.S soil and has been spending his time there, even though he does not like it.

The one good thing in Mr. M life is that he has a settled, mature relationship going on with a nice woman for the last 3 years. I don’t know if they will end of staying together but I hope they do.

Mr. UB

I have known Mr UB for 8 years now. He was my backie in my third year. Another brilliant but messy guy.

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Time: 08:24
Place: 5A021, OTP
Week 7

Okayish week.

On-site work is not going to start the coming monday. Have to see how long it is delayed.

Some rumbling on week 7. Ms. GTS brought to my attention a case that I referred to Ms. N. She shot it down. I am glad she has enough sensibility to know what is good for me and what isn’t.

I was doing the morning shift this week. It is definitely harder when compared to the evening shift but I get to have more time in the evenings. Also I get to eat an early dinner which is good for my health. On most days when I do the evening shift, I end up having my dinner at 10:00 P.M.

4 day gym week, same as the last 3 weeks. I have skipped the chest routine twice in a row now.

There have been some positive effects of the new regimen. Yesterday Mr. UB happened to remark that I am building up a good shape. I haven’t lost any weight and haven’t done a lot of chest and abs, so it must be my shoulders that are showing off. The lower body training also seems to be making an impact. I ran an 8K effortlessly in the gym the other day.  That’s good strength training for my future marathon efforts.

I have also been putting a lot of stress on my lower back . I am now doing exercises that I have never done before. My back is so weak that I end up sore the next day every time I work the back in the gym. I have historically done very little work on my shoulders and back so its something I am targeting to work on next year.

My only worry is that I am not losing any weight. My tummy flab is very stubborn and loves me very much given the amount of effort I am having to put to get rid of it. Mr. UB happened to mention off hand the other day that 60% of weight loss is contributed by having a good diet and the rest is a result of time spent in the gym. I have failed miserably at controlling my diet this year. Even this past week, I ended up eating out on 4 days. I have to do better than that.

I am also sad that I will not be able to complete the 500KM target that I had set this year. This will be the third year in a row that I failed to achieve the mileage that I set for myself. Given that this is THE only new year resolution I ever have, not being able to achieve it is disappointing. I briefly toyed with the idea of doing a 10X10 to finish off the year but rejected the idea as even that will not help me reach 500 and I don’t think my body will be able to cope with such an effort just yet.

I hope to do better next year.