Month: January 2017


Time: 20:11
Place: Home

A painful sunday for me. Had the surgery yesterday. The recovery has been difficult. I didn’t expect it to be this way. I thought it was just going to be some skin being chopped out. They gave me general anesthesia for the procedure, which caused nausea and weakness post operation. Stitches were made after the procedure. Being in a tender location, every movement has been unconformable. Hopefully the discomfort will pass in a few days. I will definitely not be able to move freely for the next week.

The total hospital bill came to around 21000 out of which Insurance covered 18K. About 3k bill for me. Not bad considering circumcision is  generally not covered in insurance and my bill could have been significantly more.

Had another fight with the Mrs this week about some silly thing. Patched up the same night.

Sat with the Mrs and discussed finances this week. It was a good discussion. We both figured out where we were and what we needed to do. I think she understands better now and will not demand things from me.



Time: 12:06
Place: Home

Missed a Sunday post after a long time. Travelled to Nellore for the Sankranthi festival last week. Returned back on Monday and it turned out to be a very hectic week. We did not make it any easier for each other either with me insisting on doing a lot of cooking before we left for our respective offices.

The week ended with the Mrs getting angry and frustrated that I was not spending any peaceful time with her. We had a fight yesterday which lead to her getting teary eyed and me getting angry and shouting some more. We did sit down later and have a good chat and cleared things up.

Upon reflection, I realized that she was right when she said that I was not spending quality time with her. She has never lived away from home in her life and these early days away from her parents are difficult for her. Most days she feels lonely at home after work. I have been returning very late from the office these days and I usually have no energy left to talk. Having said that, I need to be more understanding and try a little harder. Now that I know what I am doing wrong, I will try to do better in the coming weeks.

If there are things at home that I don’t like, I should either change them or keep my mouth shut. In fairness, the Mrs has been working very hard to keep up with me.¬†I need to slow down a little to match her pace. I need to give her some credit and appreciate what she does some more. Those are my learning from these last couple of weeks.

Visited another doctor yesterday for my dick problem. He suggested that circumcision is necessary. He also mentioned that this procedure is usually not covered by insurance and my medical expenses bill can run to the tune of about 20K. I have planned the procedure for next week. I will work the next couple of days to get the pre authorization from the insurance. It will be good if I can get the authorization done.



Place: Home
Time: 22:45

A late Sunday post this. The last couple of days were very hectic. Her parents left for Nellore yesterday. We did a lot of cleaning and setting up over the last 2 days. I also had patching work yesterday so I went to office and returned today morning. Pushed the poor girl really hard today. She must be bone tired.

Visited the doctor for the problem yesterday. He said the cause is narrow skin near the head and the only solution is circumcision. Another thing to worry about.

This week has been topsy turvy for me. I got disillusioned about my life and what I wanted with it. I went very silent and did not speak to the Mrs for a couple of days causing her a lot of anxiety. Managed to drag myself out of that mess and also managed to patch our relationship. There are a lot of things that I have to try to change about myself if this marriage needs to work. Good news is that I have started early and things should get better going forward.

Went to PTP on Friday to check out the office. There is no proper cab facility to the PTP office. Also OTP is only 15-20 mins farther away than PTP. Makes no sense to go to PTP so I have decided to drop the PTP idea and start going to OTP regularly. I will be spending a lot of time in the traffic but there is no other way to it.


Place: Home
Time: 19:00

Good week.

Not much work. Spent the days idle at home. Took off on Friday.

We had planned an outing for the new year but the organizer cancelled the booking. We had to settle for a picnic outside and a house party for the new year. It was good though.

A fresh beginning to the new year. A little tired right now so not really in the mood to write a full post. More next week.

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