Month: July 2014

Sunday 11

So last week was quite an eventful one. On Monday I called the Oracle guy and he scheduled a telephonic interview on tuesday. I cleared the interview on tuesday so the HR scheduled a face to face interview on Wednesday. The interview processes was quite long, about 5 rounds. I met Prashanth the HR, —- The guy who took the first round interview, Chetan Virupaksha who took the manager interview, then another guy who had a casual discussion with me, and then finally the interview with the senior director Sridhar Yelisetti. All the interviews went well and Chetan congratulated me on getting the job. So did I get the job?

On Friday Prashanth called me and asked me to send him pay slips and a few other documents. He said he will verify the pay slips and call me back to discuss the package.

On saturday I went out and bought the electric guitar and amp. Cost me 24k for both. This is the second impulsive thing I have done after the Tattoo thing. Have to see how it works out.

Bala set me up for an interview with goibibo. I’ll attend the interview just for fun and see what happens.


The road to the marathon -1

This is my second attempt at running the marathon. I have 13 weeks left to prepare my body for the run. I don’t think the time will be sufficient. I might be able to complete the run but I don’t think I will get any decent timing. I guess for the first marathon finish the run should be the primary target.

This Saturday I ran an 18k. I finished strong and still had some energy left. Enough to do another 3 maybe. Not enough to do another 10 or 20. Which is what my biggest concern is. I don’t know how I will be able to increase my mileage over the coming weeks.

So far so good though. The shin is still not ready but it’s getting there. Have to put in more work on the calf and glutes. I have decided to start following the 3+2 program described in the book that we bought. The runs are fewer but more difficult. Specially the speed drills. But its good training. I did the last long run in 2 hours 1 min pace 6.45 per minute. Decent timing but not good enough. At that timing it will take me 2:20 to do the half marathon. My target for the Hyderabad half marathon is 2:10. So I need to cut down another 10 mins. Will take a lot of work but hopefully I’ll be able to get there.

Sunday 10

Mixed week for me this one. I attempted and failed the SQL Fundamentals exam on friday. I kept thinking the exam was on Saturday. I checked the appointment on Thursday and by then it was too late to reschedule. 7k wasted.

Did a good long run on Saturday. The body seems to be holding up fine. Bought a foam roller yesterday to help with the tight muscles. Cost me 1800 Rs so I have to make sure I make full use of it.

Oracle HR called me last week to schedule an interview. I spent 2 days studying for it but they didn’t call. Could happen next week. I have prepare more for the technical interview.

For next week: Prepare for the interview, play more guitar, build strength.

Sunday 9

So after 8 weeks of keeping up this post, I missed writing one last sunday. And a eventful week that had been. Anyway onto this week’s events.

I did 18k in yesterday’s long run. Got a little tired at the end but otherwise it was a good run. Went out cycling today. Met the GE gang in the middle and joined with them. Earphones got destroyed while cycling. 800 Rs loss. So inspite of the night oncall, I completed 34 kms on the road, did a couple of mini gym workouts and one cycling ride. Not bad.