Month: November 2014

Sunday 15

After a 5 week Hiatus, Sunday post is back!!

So last week I joined Oracle. The first week was good. The orientation done in the first couple of days was boring but it was something that had to be done. Chetan on friday sat down with me and explained the entire structure of the team and the business we deliver.

SR handling is the primary work the team was doing. Apparently, I will be involved in SR work in a minor capacity. Majorly I will be working on the Exadata Patching team and for Migrations. The SR work is a little scary. But it is a great opportunity for me to learn. Sridhar and Chetan and Chaman reinforced this point multiple times last week. And I recognize it as such. It will take a lot of effort though.

All the team members that I have met so far are very experienced, except for Hari who is a BITSIAN. From now on I expect it to be very challenging for me. I have to see if I am up for the challenge.

Among other things that are going on, Bro is back in US and is just settling in. No matches fixed as of now. Will have to see how it works out.