Month: November 2015


Time: 8:16 P.M
Place: 5A021, OTP
Week 6

Another long and tiring week.

Dell thing starts Dec  7th.

Week 6 ticked past.

No guitaring

Some ghoting.

See you next week!



Time: 11:37 A.M
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 5

News about the dell thing! The contract has got signed and the delivery will be starting on the 30th of Nov. Me, the new guy Thangapandi and another as yet unknown person have been drafted in to deliver the service. The contract is for 3 months, of smaller length than what I was told initially.  Krishna, who worked in Dell previously, mentioned that their engineering team sits in EGL. If the delivery is in EGL, it will be great for me. I can travel daily along with Mr. AB. Will save time and money.

Lots of other activity this week. The outing this was very successful from an organizing point of view. I worked very hard the entire day and delivered pretty well. It would have been better had Mr. C been there. Nevertheless my effort was recognized by my namesake. At the end of the event, there were spot awards being announced for the top performers. I was happy for the people who were getting the awards and was sitting there hoping that I too would be recognized for the work that I had done. It just so happened that I too was awarded. My namesake called me out and read the award that was given to me. It felt nice shaking hands with the VP and getting an applause from my peers.

I know that at the end of the day, it doesn’t amount to much and the monetary component of the award is paltry. Nevertheless it felt good to be recognized and praised by the leadership. Definitely a high point in my career at Oracle so far.

Another pleasant thing happened in the week. I was involved in an escalated BOA issue for which I got an appreciation from the VP of engineering from bank. I wasn’t involved much in the technical resolution but I did deserve the kudos for handling the customer and involving the collab engineer proactively. More brownie points?

I am working hard to deliver a patching activity for BOA this weekend and am making sure I am letting the management know of the effort I am putting in. All in all a very fruitful week at the office. I did get very tired by Friday and did my best to unwind yesterday but the after effects can still be felt. I am tired now and have another long stint in the office to look forward to today. If I can just manage today, tomorrow will be rest time.

There seems to be something brewing at the marriage front. I don’t have the details and am not planning on getting myself exited. This ordeal is a test of patience like no other in life. Which is why I am planning on taking it as it comes.

Only one botch in my otherwise perfect week. I did not attend the SQL fundamentals exam on Monday. It was raining and I was underprepared and I took it light. Will have to schedule it again.

Sridhar 2.0 initiative has been pretty successful till now. I am planning on stepping it up to include cosmetics and fitness. It have so far failed at controlling my diet. It is so hard to look at the bigger picture when you current overriding need is to satisfy your urges. I will have to motivate myself and tell myself that currently, at age 27, I am working harder than I have ever worked in life so far.




Time: 4:42 P.M
Place: 5A021, OTP
Week 4

No news about the Dell thing. I am disappointed.

While speaking to Bro on the phone yesterday, he asked me when I planned on moving to Hyderabad. I had no answer to give him. For a guy who is as organized as I am, it really goes to show what the current state of my mind is. There are so many considerations and complications regarding this that I have decided to go with the flow and concentrate on other things.

Some new things happening around me. So there is an outing next week with the team and we will be going to a resort and will be spending the day. I have been helping Raghu in the organization part. Time taking but it will earn me some brownie points. Created a poster for the event. Will be doing some planning and stuff. Should keep me occupied for the next week.

I had the SQL certification on Monday. I tried to reschedule the exam but the site was down and I couldn’t do it so I will have to take the exam tomorrow. I have already failed it twice and don’t want to fail a third time. I am not prepared as much as I would like but I don’t have a choice. Will sit today and cover as much as I can and then will hope for the best.

Mr. AB got himself involved in a small accident. We had tickets for the test match on Saturday but he ruined the plan. Idiot.

Started playing the guitar again this week. Need to keep it up.


Place: 005, Devi Residency
Time: 7:23 A.M
Week 3

All the excitement last week about the new project and it turned out to be a damp squib. Mr.C was in the office but he did not speak to me. Meaning that either the project is not finalized or its going to Rupak. 😦

Mr. Chinna called me up this week and we sat and settled the credit card bill. It turns out, I owe him ~ 20K in credit card dues. I don’t know where that money went but it put a serious dent in my budget for this month. After the next bill I will clear off the pending amount and then he is planning to take a loan on the credit card. Will see how that goes.

I sat and did my budget calculations today and it seems by march, I will have a bank balance of 45K. Even if I put on hold what I owe to Mr. AB and Suchi, I will be left with 80K. That’s still about 70K short from my budget for the Euro trip. Which means only one thing.. It’s not happening. Mr. UB has also not been showing a lot of interest. He will be quitting his current job in Jan and has an uncertain future financially. He does not want to commit to Europe as he has other expenses too. Which makes sense. Mr. AB wants to go but he is rich so he doesn’t have to worry about these things. Feel bad for disappointing him.

I paid 8.5K for another 7 month subscription in the gym. I wasn’t sure how long I will be staying but decided to commit to 7 months. Started the new regimen this week. Spent 3 out of the 6 days with sore muscles. I had a measurement done yesterday in the gym and there hasn’t been a marked difference in all the parameters. I will follow this regimen for the next 7 weeks and if it doesn’t work, I will fall back to the Fitness One regimen.

Spoke to Bro this week about the Ms. GTS fiasco. He heard me out and asked me to ignore it. Spoke to Dad about this too. He again denied speaking to the Uppal folks. He seems to have strong views against 2 girls from one family thing. Which makes me wonder how this happened. Either the Uppal folks cooked it up or Dad said something and they understood it in a different way. They seem to be decent people so the second scenario is more likely. Things like these happen all the time with Dad.

2 years after mom’s death, I decided that I was ready to start dealing with it. Yesterday when the memories flashed before me, I went through them instead of pushing them away as I usually do. And I was rewarded immediately. I can’t remember the last time mom came in my dreams but yesterday she did and it wasn’t bad. In the dream I think we were trying to board a flight to go to spain or something. I woke up feeling pleasant and happy. More of the same please!

Friday morning I got a thought about writing a letter to my unborn child. I have been doing some “writing a letter to the future” thing but this was taking it to a whole new level. The idea is to give the letter to my child when he/she gets to be 27. There are so many uncertainties with this. Firstly, I don’t know if I will live long enough to bear a child. I don’t know if any children I have will live to be 27. I don’t know what they will be called or what sex they will be. What if I have more than one child. Which child shall I be giving the letter to? And what if I die before they get to be 27. Also the world 30 years into the future will not be anything like the world we live in today. Will what I say today be understood by kids 30 years from now.

Let’s assume all of the above works out. I have kids, I live to give the letter and they live to read the letter. What can I write today that will be relevant to them in their time? All of this made it very challenging which is why I got hooked onto it. I wrote a draft on Friday. I did not have a plan before starting out but just went with the flow. I think what I ended up with was pretty good. Most of the things I write in this journal are pieces that I wrote in one sitting. I have never gone back to complete a piece that I left in between. I don’t want this letter to be like that. I want to take my time and revise the letter multiple times. I can write only one such letter and its an incredible opportunity to communicate. I don’t want it anything less than perfect. I think my kids deserve it.


Place: 5A021
Time: 5:15 P.M
Week 2

50 Sunday posts covering a year and a half. Great going me!

This on a Monday as I was travelling yesterday. I was supposed to have returned to Bangalore yesterday morning but changed my plans at the last minute. I was visiting Lava on Saturday and was planning to leave for the station from there. Dinesh came over and asked me to stay for a day and leave the next day.

I thought about it and didn’t see any harm doing it. I didn’t have anything specific planned in Bangalore anyway. I was expecting an SSC shift to cover on Sunday but Vimal did not put me in the shift so I had the day off. I spent Saturday at Lava’s place and spent the Sunday at Dinesh’s place. It was an interesting experience.

I worked three days from the Hyderabad office. As expected, I got very tired by Tuesday evening. I traveled to Aliabad on Wednesday along with Pinni. The event went well. A lot of people attended. We had some interesting conversations on the day.

I was informed that Dad had approached the Uppal folks for marriage between me and Ms. GTS. I was surprised as he had not discussed anything regarding this with me. Considering the way he is, I should have expected it. I confronted him about this later and he denied doing it. Again its just like him to do something like that and later deny it. I left it at that and asked him to talk to me before he does anything like this again. I know I can’t really hope that he will listen to me.

I don’t know if this needs following up or if I should leave it at that. I definitely don’t want to marry Ms. GTS. She is far too immature and will be a headache to handle. I dont want to get into that mess. I think I will have a discussion with Bro about this. Mr. Chinna warned me that when it comes to marriages, nothing is straight forward and there is a lot of drama going on behind the scenes so one should be very guarded. I think its good advise and will follow it. I have been a little naive so far in my dealings with Ms. GTS. I will try to avoid her going forward.

Pinni has my full biodata now and will inquire about my <I dont know what word to use>. There was a photo shown to me. The subject of the photo was nice enough but there are very few details available. There is nothing I can do at this point. Wait and watch..

Mr. C contacted me earlier in the week and said he wanted to talk to me. Since I was in Hyd and he was busy, we decided to discuss whatever it was once I came to Bangalore. I saw him today but he did not approach me. I am suspecting its related to the Dell thing and something seems to have changed later in the week. Wait and watch..

Mr. Vimal has handed me a difficult schedule for this month. I spoke to him and asked him to make changes. Need to see how that goes.

Starting the new regimen in the gym tomorrow.

New Regimen

Two weeks back I picked up a book about health with the name: Don’t lose out, work out.

Reading this book has been a revelation to me. I had been working out fairly regularly at the gym in the last 7 months. While I have lost weight and have become fitter generally, I felt that for the effort I have put in, I haven’t achieved the results. Now I understand why.

For some reason I have always emphasized on cardio as a method for fat loss. Apparently, my judgement was without any basis. Weight training seems to be the more optimal approach to achieve that goal. I have already decided that I am going to extend my gym membership. I still don’t know for how long I will be staying here in Bangalore so I’m not sure for how long to take up the subscription.

I have a new regimen mapped out now. 3 days strength training, 3 days running and one day rest.

The schedule will look something like this:

Monday: (Back)

Barbell Row
Barbell Curl
Hammer Curl
Reverse Fly

Tuesday (Run, about 8K)

Wednesday: (Lower Body)

Squats with weights
Lunges with Weights
Leg Extension
stiff leg deadlifts
Leg curl
standing calf raises

Thursday (Run, faster 6K)

Friday: (Front)

DB Press
Chest Press
Machine Fly
Overhead DB Press
Side Lateral DB
Cable Push Down
DB Extension

Satuday — Break

Sunday (Long Run, 16K)

With this regimen, I will be covering 30K per week on the road and will be able to focus on only weights in the gym. The amount of time I will be spending in the Gym will reduce. Hopefully I will see the results.