Month: February 2016


Time: 09:32 AM
Place: 5A021, OTP
Week 19

Good week.

Yesterday I attempted and cleared the OCA exam. After 2 failed attempts, to have cleared the exam raised my spirits considerably. I worked hard in the preparation and was fairly confident before the start. The questions were tough though and by the end of the exam, I was nervous.

I have the plan set for the next 2 exams. This time I am not going to do the SQL Expert exam which I have failed twice. There are books available on safari for the OCA Part I exam. I’ll take this exam as preparation for the same will be easier.

I was working the entire week so got very tired by the end of the week. I will try to relax a little the next week before starting the next phase of preparation.

Nothing in week 19.

Dad is planning to go to Chennai and from there come to Bangalore next week. Things seem to be working out for him now.

Srikanth invited me to his wedding next weekend but I am not very keen on attending. I have a patching activity on Saturday. The travel will be long and I will have to return back alone.

Uttam mentioned yesterday that he was planning to leave his job and go to Hyderabad. He has been saying that for a while now so I dont know when he is going to do it. Might be soon. Mr. Puri is coming back to Murugeshpalya. Next month should be a little easier on the budget.




Time: 10:33
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 18

Busy week.

Mr OCM2 was on an onsite visit so I picked up the sfdc workload. Turned out to be a very hectic week. Surprisingly, I was able to handle the load physically and mentally. I did a late patching yesterday and have SSC work today that I am okay with. Productive week.

I didn’t get the time I wanted to prepare for the OCA though. I have scheduled the exam for Saturday. I am working from home today and have a day off tomorrow so I will see where I am and will decide whether I want to take the test or to reschedule it again.

4 day week in the gym. I have switched back to the high rep workouts starting this week. Yesterday I did the lower back routine and my back is sore at the moment. I think I got the form wrong for the deadlift. I was lifting 48kgs. I need to be careful with the big compound exercises and need to maintain a good form.

Nothing in week 18.

My mental state seems to be improving as the weeks go by. Couple of weeks ago, I had a sudden impulsive desire to buy a new phone. Then I sat and thought about it. Do I really have problems with my current phone? Why to I want to buy a new phone. I realized its not the phone I need, I just need something new to excite me and make me happy. The phone deal would have been a bad one because phones don’t get me excited.

I understood the sentiment though. One cannot go on living life being hard on oneself day in and day out and expect to be happy. You need to do things that make you happy. I thought a lot about this during the week. What makes me happy?

Chocolate milk does. For starters I will drink lots of chocolate milk next week.

I spoke to pinni the other day. Looks like babai is leaving his job. I am worried about how they will manage. They have the rent coming so they are not exactly cash strapped. Still no salary for both of them means that they will find it hard. Added to that Sripal’s situation. He was settled in that job. Will be hard to find another employer who is willing to employ a mentally handicapped person. And will this guy adjust to the new surroundings?

Bro has the flu. Was advised bed rest for a few days. Not sure if the time off will affect his paycheck.

Dad’s irrigation land thing seems to be coming to a conclusion. Its just a matter of the money getting sanctioned now. Not sure how much we will get. Should be interesting.


Time: 12:10
Place: Srindoori Residency, Guntur
Week 17

Writing this journal from a hotel room in Guntur using Mr. UB’s Mac.

A interesting week. The last 2 days have been productive and memorable. We travelled to Vizag on Friday morning. Spent the day roaming around Vizag. Bala’s marriage was at night. Attended the dinner and then decided to roam around the beach for the next few hours while we waited for the Muhurtham. We had Ashwini for company and I think she is an amazing woman.

The actual ceremony happened at 5:00 AM. Everyone was tired but we had plans to visit Araku so we got a  little rest and started immediately. I got increasingly tired as the day wore on, but it was fun. We ate some good food and then some terrible food. I got diarrhea by the end of the day.

We had plans to travel to Guntur by the morning train. We knew it was going to be a harrowing  experience. Mr. Manikantha and Sadu were travelling in the evening so we decided to cancel the train tickets and travel in the sleeper bus instead. I got good sleep in the bus and am pretty rested right now.

We have to pass the time somehow today. In the evening, we have the reception to attend and then there will be another difficult bus trip back to Bangalore to contend with.

This trip will do a world of good for me. It’s a welcome distraction from the stress and the frustrations of the last few weeks.

I have decided to look to travel to Hyderabad the week after to try for the U.S tourist visa. If the Dell project does not start meanwhile that is. I will be able to attend the marriage too.

Nothing going on in week 17. I got many good photos during this trip so I will look to leverage them.








Time: 10:10
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 16

I did a long run today. My first long run after I ran the Bangalore Marathon last year. I skipped my Gym run yesterday so I thought why not do a long run. I think I did well. The months spent doing the strength training definitely has shown results. I need to keep this up.

Bala is getting married next week. I booked a car for the two days. Should be a fun trip.

The girl from Week 13 dropped off. Other than that it’s been a quiet week.

Played some guitar this week. Did some ghoting too. Mom came in my dreams after a long time.


A positive week overall.