Month: January 2014

Moving On.

It’s 4:10 p.m right now. The cab that I ordered will arrive at 5:00 P.M. The train leaves at 6:10 P.M. This is in no way a goodbye to Chennai. I will have to come back after the two months that I have been given are up. But still in some ways it feels like a big change to me. This place has been my home for more than 2 years now. When I come back, there will be no Bharadwaj, and possibly no Phani. The last time I wrote this kind of a post was when I was leaving Mangalore. And that was a big change.

The coming two months will definitely be difficult. I will have to spend a lot of time alone in Aliabad. There is nothing I can do about it. This period will be a challenge for me. But it is also an opportunity. I have to do the best I can in this period. Come July 2014, I have to be out of Mphasis. To complete 3 years at Mphasis will be a big failure on my part. That is something I will have to avoid at any cost.

One incident has turned my life upside down. I haven’t even grieved for her properly. The cab is here. The time is up. I need to pack up all the things. The stuff that I leave behind I need to put away. The stuff that I take with me I need to pack. I can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness. I have been reminded in a painful fashion that life does not stop for anybody. Certainly not for me.

Got to go. Next up – Collage of Harmony’s experiences.