Month: May 2016


Time: 12:33
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 32

So after close to an year of writing these Sunday posts every week, I missed one last Sunday.

While its true that I was busy on that day, I have managed to write at least a quick update in the past when I have been busy. Last Sunday it somehow just slipped from my mind. The last couple of weeks have been very hectic and fruitful as well.

The trip to Madam’s place went well. We had a good discussion at their place. The travel was difficult for our folks but they managed somehow. A week after the trip, I arranged for dad a skype call with Madam’s parents. They had a good discussion about our needs for the wedding. We still haven’t decided a date for the engagement but have decided to put it a month before marriage. Marriage has been set to Nov 26.

I gave 2 presentations to the Starwood guys for the assessment. Both went very well. I am expecting an appreciation from the customer for the work that I put in. Mr. C is aware of the hard work that I put in. There is another BOA assessment that I need to complete in the next 2 days.

Met Madam the Sunday before and we had a good time. Went to watch a movie which was horrible. After that we had lunch and went shopping. I have not been calling her all this time. I have only spoken to her 4 times on the phone during the last few months. Most of the communication has been using whatsapp.

Last week I had to travel to Hyd to help Chinna with an auction that he was participating in. Had to travel to Karimnagar on Tuesday. Visited ammamma on the way back from Karimnagar. Stayed with Chinna for 4 days. We cancelled the XUV we had booked using Zoomcar for the trip to Coorg. On Friday me and Uttam came to Bangalore in his Mobilio.

We slept at 2:30 am on Saturday morning and started for Coorg at around 7:30 am. It was a very tiring but thoroughly enjoyable trip. Me, Mr. UB, Mr. AB, Mr and Mrs Bala and Saranya Thummu.

On the whole a very very hectic but fruitful 2 weeks. Now I need to take some time and reorient myself in the coming days. I have 2 weeks before I will need to travel to Hyd for the U.S trip. I need to complete the OCP certification before that. Difficult days ahead but I can go all out as I have a vacation coming up.




















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Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 30

Another hugely successful week.

Attempted and completed the cloud certification yesterday. It was difficult to prepare as there was a lot of load in SSC this week. Could only prepare for 4 days. I managed to get 69%. I have modified my plan for the next certification. I will be doing the SQL fundamentals exam next to complete the OCA and will attempt the OCP exam before I leave for Hyd.

Gave the presentation to the Starwood guys for the assessment. It went very well. The guys were impressed so they asked me to present it two more times! Need to spend time preparing for that. Have to work on the BOA assessment also next week.

Got a minor back strain while waking up on Monday. Had to skip the gym for 2 days for the fear of aggravating the condition. So a 4 day week in the gym.

The date to visit Madam’s family got fixed for today. I was able to book the to and fro tatkal tickets for Pinni, Suchi, Tatayya and dad. They should be arriving in a couple of hours. We will leave for their place at around 4:00 pm. I am borrowing Vaishnavi’s car for the visit.

We have planned a road trip on May 28,29 with Mr. Bala’s family. Book and XUV for the trip. I asked Madam if she wanted to come. She said she will try.

I asked Mr. Aditya if it was okay with him if I traveled to Seattle with him after the Vegas thing. He said okay. I will speak with Mr. Bakkodu as well.
















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Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 29

Excellent week.

Yesterday I attempted and cleared the Exadata Implementation Specialist certification. I worked very hard for this one and am pleased by the result. This certification will add a lot to my resume and for the first time in my career, I feel good about the place I am in.

I want to expand on that thought a little bit. I have thought a lot about the amount of time I lost in Mphasis. I should have had 6 years of proper experience by now. I have always felt that I have been a little lagging in my career. The last 18 months were very hard work but now I am happy about where I am. I am moving along the curve right now. That of course is not the place I want to be in. I want to be ahead of the curve. For that I need to complete the OCM. I have about an year to do it but I will target it early next year.

My immediate target is to complete the cloud certification which I have scheduled for next Saturday. After that I have the 2 exams for the OCP that I am planning to complete before I leave for my vacation. Should be difficult but I will try to complete at least one.

Week 29 was good. I was busy preparing for the exam but still had some good conversations with Madam. So madam is looking to quit and move to a higher paying job. Given that I am planning to move to Hyd, its difficult for her to find a job in Bang that will allow a transfer. At the same time she does not want to get a job in Hyd before marriage. All of these things I understand. I thought a lot about it. One thing I don’t want is for her to quit her job and be idle while searching for the next one. There will be a lot of expenses after marriage and we will need the salary.

I told her that I am okay to live in Bang for some time more if she gets a very good job here. She is confident of getting a 10LPA job. I thought about it and surprisingly enough, I don’t mind my wife earning more than I do. Some confidence I have. Anyway we agreed to go with the flow and discuss it when we next meet.

I have arranged for the folks to come to Bang to meet Madam’s folks the coming Sunday. Dad told me that Katkuri Pradeep lives in Bangalore. I need to get in touch with him and in case he lives close, arrange for the folks to come to his place. Should save me some money for the hotel. I still need to book the tickets for the trip. Need to take the tickets in tatkal. I am looking forward to the meeting.

Dad told me that the pipeline money has been calculated and that we might be getting another 9 lakhs. Its not what dad had calculated initially but something is better than nothing. I am planning to ask dad to clear of his personal loan. I will clear off one of mine. The rest we need to keep in the bank for the marriage.

I asked Aditya to book the flight tickets from Chicago to Vegas. He has not done it till now. I need to follow up with him again.


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Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 28

Good week.

Had an internal review for the starwood assessment with the Tech Leads. They seemed to be satisfied with the report.

Had an escalation this week that I worked hard on. Got some recognition from my namesake and Mr C.

Last week I spoke to Aditya about my U.S trip and I told him that I wasn’t sure if I can make it to the U.S as I didnt have the money. He told me that if money was the issue, he would sponsor some part of it and that I could pay him back. This made me think hard about the situation and finally I decided that I will go to the U.S. Dad can make his own plans. So bro booked the tickets this week. Emirates flight. Cost a decent 64.5K. The folks decided they wanted to meet in Vegas. I need to book the tickets from Chicago to Vegas.

Met Swathi yesterday for lunch. Spent 6 hours with her. The time really flied. It’s amazing how comfortable I am with her even though we know very little about each other. We had a good chat yesterday and she opened up about her previous marriage alliances.

Earlier today I went through all the Sunday posts that I have written in the lat 8 months. Its amazing to me how a lot of the focus was on the marriage blues. Now that the marriage is settled, what is my current state of mind?

I need to figure out what I want to do now. Swathi will be a part of my life. I need to understand myself better if I want to be a good husband and partner to her. I want to be someone she would come to look up to and love. What do I need to do to be that person?

So much of my focus has been on the marriage for the last year, I need to now figure out what I need to focus on. Things that I have on my plate right now:

  1. The U.S trip.
  2. Certifications.
  3. Upcoming marathon season.

I registered for the Hyderabad marathon couple of days back. I have to make sure that I have a good marathon this year. My goal has to be to do a sub 2:15 in hyderabad this year. Given how hard I have worked in the gym the last few months, anything worse than that will be disappointing. I will start the preparation this month.

I have the Exadata certification scheduled for the end of this week. I need to make sure I clear the exam. Then I have the cloud administrator certification lined up for the end of the month. I will try to have a crack at the SQL fundamentals again before I leave for the U.S trip. I will be doing a lot of ghoting in the coming 6 weeks.

Bro has paid for the U.S trip tickets. I need to make sure I pay him back. Dad is paying for the home loan this month so I have some extra money with me. Should I settle his debt or should I save money for the U.S trip? He did ask for the money the other day but I can extend it a little longer. It should be fine. I think I will pool in my money for the next couple of months.

Another interesting thing happened this week. When I spoke to the 2 Mr. C’s regarding the vacation, the topic of the L1 visa came up. They told me that short term and long term opportunities will come up for which I will need to travel. They told me to think about it and get back to them.

I thought about it and discussed with Bro also. I am not that interested in the offer. I was debating about whether or not I want to discuss it with Madam. So I went ahead and discussed it. I have more to lose by not taking up the offer than I have by taking it up. My goal of completing the OCM will take me 2 years to achieve. By that time I will have completed close to 4 years in Oracle so nobody should grudge me if I leave then for greener pastures. Madam feels the same too.

I have decided to talk to Chaman about this tomorrow. Will see how the conversation goes.

When I started the week count,  I wrote down that I want to have a count of the weeks until I get. Which means the count will continue. 🙂