Time: 9:52
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 30

Another hugely successful week.

Attempted and completed the cloud certification yesterday. It was difficult to prepare as there was a lot of load in SSC this week. Could only prepare for 4 days. I managed to get 69%. I have modified my plan for the next certification. I will be doing the SQL fundamentals exam next to complete the OCA and will attempt the OCP exam before I leave for Hyd.

Gave the presentation to the Starwood guys for the assessment. It went very well. The guys were impressed so they asked me to present it two more times! Need to spend time preparing for that. Have to work on the BOA assessment also next week.

Got a minor back strain while waking up on Monday. Had to skip the gym for 2 days for the fear of aggravating the condition. So a 4 day week in the gym.

The date to visit Madam’s family got fixed for today. I was able to book the to and fro tatkal tickets for Pinni, Suchi, Tatayya and dad. They should be arriving in a couple of hours. We will leave for their place at around 4:00 pm. I am borrowing Vaishnavi’s car for the visit.

We have planned a road trip on May 28,29 with Mr. Bala’s family. Book and XUV for the trip. I asked Madam if she wanted to come. She said she will try.

I asked Mr. Aditya if it was okay with him if I traveled to Seattle with him after the Vegas thing. He said okay. I will speak with Mr. Bakkodu as well.
















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