Time: 12:33
Place: 005, Devi Residency
Week 32

So after close to an year of writing these Sunday posts every week, I missed one last Sunday.

While its true that I was busy on that day, I have managed to write at least a quick update in the past when I have been busy. Last Sunday it somehow just slipped from my mind. The last couple of weeks have been very hectic and fruitful as well.

The trip to Madam’s place went well. We had a good discussion at their place. The travel was difficult for our folks but they managed somehow. A week after the trip, I arranged for dad a skype call with Madam’s parents. They had a good discussion about our needs for the wedding. We still haven’t decided a date for the engagement but have decided to put it a month before marriage. Marriage has been set to Nov 26.

I gave 2 presentations to the Starwood guys for the assessment. Both went very well. I am expecting an appreciation from the customer for the work that I put in. Mr. C is aware of the hard work that I put in. There is another BOA assessment that I need to complete in the next 2 days.

Met Madam the Sunday before and we had a good time. Went to watch a movie which was horrible. After that we had lunch and went shopping. I have not been calling her all this time. I have only spoken to her 4 times on the phone during the last few months. Most of the communication has been using whatsapp.

Last week I had to travel to Hyd to help Chinna with an auction that he was participating in. Had to travel to Karimnagar on Tuesday. Visited ammamma on the way back from Karimnagar. Stayed with Chinna for 4 days. We cancelled the XUV we had booked using Zoomcar for the trip to Coorg. On Friday me and Uttam came to Bangalore in his Mobilio.

We slept at 2:30 am on Saturday morning and started for Coorg at around 7:30 am. It was a very tiring but thoroughly enjoyable trip. Me, Mr. UB, Mr. AB, Mr and Mrs Bala and Saranya Thummu.

On the whole a very very hectic but fruitful 2 weeks. Now I need to take some time and reorient myself in the coming days. I have 2 weeks before I will need to travel to Hyd for the U.S trip. I need to complete the OCP certification before that. Difficult days ahead but I can go all out as I have a vacation coming up.



















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