Super Sunday yayyy!!

This is my first sporting related post in I don’t know how long. Even as I write this, it’s not that I am free. I am on-call right now. It’s just something I am forcing myself to do. Anyway I  have quite a few sporting events taking place this week. There is the 4th Grand Prix of the formula 1 season in Bahrain in which Alonso will start from 3rd position. Then there is the Monte Carlo Masters final between Nadal and Djokovic. Then there are a couple of premier league matches which do not involve Arsenal but will have a massive impact on where we finish this season. We take them one by one:


If we look into human history for great personalities who were famous for being fighters, Nadal’s name would feature prominently in the list. This guy is the closest one can get to being truly god-like. He spent seven months out of the ATP tour injured. When he started to come back, I was happy that I would finally get to follow him. I wasn’t expecting him to get perfectly fit and start competing in the level that he used to. But he has done just that even though he has not been perfectly fit given his knee issues.

He has played 5 tournaments after his comeback and has got to the final in all 5 of them. The fact that the first two events were minor ones doesn’t matter. Today he faces Djokovic  in what will be the sternest test he will face after his comeback. And no matter how he performs today,  I will be proud of him and look up to him.

One only has to look at him to learn that no matter what problems you face in life, hard work and humility will get you where you want to be. He faced multiple injuries and ersonal setbacks over the last few years but he fought through each one of them and emerged as a greater person. For this reason Nadal will always be greater for me than Federer. That Federer is the greatest tennis player in history cannot be challenged. No player will ever come close to accomplishing what he has. But if you put aside the tennis and consider the person, Nadal inspires me more. That’s not to say that Federer is a bad person. His behavior on and off the Tennis court has always been exemplary. But Nadal, seeing as how he fights and never gives up just dwarfs Federer’s accomplishments in my eyes. To compare them both is useless. But one can’t help it can he?


I have come to accept the fact that Arsenal will be a team that will always struggle to win trophies and will probably not challenge for the title in a few years to come. This season for them has been as disappointing as the last.And while there can be excuses to last season’s performances, there are none for this seasons. Which brings me to why I am following them in the first place. It’s not that I love football. I hardly watch even Arsenal’s matches. There is very little exiting in their game or their achievements. I think I should just stop following them. But it’s difficult. So I have decided to invest as little emotionally on them as possible.

Anyway having been kicked out of all competitions this season, Arsenal are struggling to get to their final goal which is to finish in the top four. And I must say they are doing very well in this struggle. We are on a 5 match unbeaten run at the moment, 4 of them being victories. Our last defeat was at the hands of Tottenham who were 5 points ahead of us after that win. We are 5 points ahead of them currently having played 2 games more. We have taken 16 points from the last 18 while they have taken 10.

So we are 3rd currently in the table after 34 games above Chelsea who are 2 points behind us having played 2 games fewer. Both Tottenham and Chesea have crucial games today where they play Man City and Liverpool respectively. The best result would be a Man City and Liverpool win. Worst would be the other way around. Anyway I will just have to wait and see what they do.

Formula 1

So Ferrari has seen a mixed start this season. We sit at 73 points in the table, 5 behind leaders Red Bull. Alonso has had 2 podium finishes in the 3 race so far, including a win in the last race. He crashed out in the first lap in the 3rd race and currently sits 3rd with 43 points, 9 behind leader Vettel. He is starting today’s race at third position so it should be an interesting one. Even Massa has started this season decently so Ferrari seem to be better off than they were last season. So here’s hoping for a Ferrari 1-2, however unlikely that may be.


Last but not the least IPL. Unfortunately, I can’t be arsed to write about it just I will just chuck it.


5 to go..

Arsenal beat Wolves 3-0 on Wednesday and moved further clear of Tottenham in 3rd place. The match was effectively over in the 12th minute when Walcott scored the second goal but Benayuon really finished it off with a goal in the 69th minute. I can’t analyze the game much as I couldn’t see it live but it seemed to be a relaxed performance against the bottom placed team in the league.

With yesterdays goal, Walcott has scored 11 and provided assists for 12 this season. I think that is probably the most Walcott has scored in any one season. Encouraging signs I would say. Man City and Man U have scored 79 and 78 goals this season respectively and we managed 66. It’s 5 games to go so we can add another 10 to that total and say a team needs to score atleast 80 goals in the league to push for the title. It may not be enough but lets say we need 80 goals to win the league next season. 27 of the 66 we have scored so far in the league have come from van Persie and that is a fantastic statistic, but I don’t think van Persie could be burdened to score so many the next season too. Let’s say he scores 25 next season. We need another 55 to come from the rest of the team. Where do they come from?

Let’s say 15 come from all the defenders scoring from set pieces and counter’s and with a fit Andre Santos all season, it can be managed. Arteta has scored 4 this season and Song 2 if I am not mistaken. Supposing the midfielders including Ramsey, Arteta, Song, Ox, and Rosisky score 20 among them. That make a total of 60. We need 20 from the wingers. Who’s to score them? Gervinho has played well in patches this season but he hasn’t really pitched in with goals. We need him to put balls in the net for us to compete for various trophies. If Walcott and Gervinho can score 20 amongst them, we would be a terrific attacking force. Goals scored by any new striker we sign (Like Podolski- and I think this is a done deal if Goal.com is to be believed) will be a big help and really help us end our miserable dry run when it comes to trophies.

Interesting statistic: Man U has scored 78 goals and have accumulated 79 points this season. Man City scored 79 and their total points come to 74. We have scored 66 goals and are at 64 points, Tottenham scored 57 and are at 59 points, Chelsea scored 57 and have 56 points, Fulham have scored 43 and have 43 points, and at the other end of the table, Wigan have scored 31 goals and are at 31 points. There seems to be a direct correlation between the number of goals scored and total points on the table. Doesn’t say much.. just thought it was interesting.

That’s enough of football for one post. In other news, Nadal is playing the Clay court season opener at Monte Carlo and seems  to be physically fit at present. Good news is that Federer is not playing this tournament for reasons I don’t give a rat’s ass about, but the bad news is that Nadal will have to win this tournament to avoid dropping further points. He has already won Monte Carlo Masters 7 consecutive times and that in itself is a record. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this tournament as the results here may come to define the clay and grass court tournament that are coming up in the next 3 months.

Last but not the least: IPL. A match is probably going on as I type this but I haven’t bothered myself following these matches. I saw the Bangalore- Chennai tie yesterday and it was a great match but I don’t think I will be supporting any one team this IPL. That’s it for now.. obviously as you have come to the end of the post and don’t see a lot of lines below this. You are probably an idiot if you’ haven’t stopped reading this page and moved on to other things. Seriously.. get a life man… or women whoever you are. Just stop. Right NOW.

After the storm!

It’s been a while since the god of this blog has written anything. It’s not because he was busy. It’s because he didn’t have anything good to write about. Week after week of disappointments are hard for any man to digest, let alone share with others. Nevertheless, here goes…

Lot’s of action this last month. Manchester United beat Chelsea to win the Premier League. Barcelona bean Man U to win the European Cup. CSK beat RCB to win the IPL. Ferrari managed one podium in 5 races. Djokivic beat Nadal in Indian Wells, then again in Miami, then again in Madrid, then again in Rome. I think you can understand my frustration.

It’s not been too bad for me personally though. I’m starting my job next week and am looking forward to it. It is with eyes full of hope that I look towards the future. This tunnel may be dark, but I can see a light at the end; I can’t stop running forward.


Is wrong with the gunners. They finished not first, not second, not third, but a miserly forth in the premier league. They will have to play the qualifiers for Champions league for next season. At least we Arsenal fans will take pride in the fact that Arsenal was the only team to beat Barcelona convincingly in the European League. We will take sadistic pleasure by rubbing this fact in the faces of those Man U fans at every opportunity presented to us.

Is wrong with Ferrari. 5 Races. No Position on the starting grid. One podium finish, that too third. Compete for fuck’s sake you fucker’s. For what do you call yourself the greatest F1 sporting team. They couldn’t manage the starting grid in today’s race. I wonder what they will do in the race. The battle between Sebastian Vettel and Hamilton will be interesting to watch though. I wish Hamilton had a nice attitude. He is a terrific driver, I can’t deny him that. But he sucks at everything else. Learn to be humble asshole.

Is wrong with Nadal. Okay, I accept. Nothings wrong with Nadal. He’s been in his best form. 6 consecutive tournament final appearences is not an easy task. It’s just that Djokovic has been too good. Can’t help admire that guy. And I can’t bring myself to hate him for beating Nadal. He will most defenetly become the world No 1 after next week. Nothing you can do. Accept it and fight on.

Everything is wrong with D.C. They are a noob team with the captain making some silly onfield decisions and the overseas players not performing to their potential. So I am dumping them. I will jump into CSK’s bandwagon for next season. Sorry guys. There is only so much disappointment that I can handle every weekend. And you guys didn’t even compete.

“Shit Happens”. The greatest quote man ever came up with. Or was it a woman. I don’t care.