Place: Home
Time: 09:15
Week 60

Had a big fight with madam yesterday. Mostly my fault. I said something out of spite. She started crying. I got even more angry. For some reason I took it as a challenge for my ego and then behaved quite nastily. I don’t know why I did that. I will need to be careful about my behavior going forward.

Lots of changes in the office. Firstly, I got a raise of 90K effective this month. No promotion though. I think the next year, Oracle will give me a promotion without any hike going by what they did this year. Baiju, Rupak and Vijay were made PSE’s. I will need to start preparing for a shift now given that there is no SSC work for me going forward.

There is a Dell onsite project that started last week. I was onsite in Dell for a couple of days this week. Doesn’t look like a very difficult assignment. I think I am going to have a lot of time on my hands in the coming few weeks. Need to make the most of it.

Will go out to buy electronic goods today. My budget for a fridge and washing machine is about 35K. The total house budget is 75K. We will look to buy the rest of the stuff next week. We had looked for homes in AECS layout and had decided to finalize that one. On monday I rode to office on my bike and on the way back got an idea about the travel time. Kadugodi would take me about 20 mins more than AECS layout. So I thought long and hard about spending about 1L on new house when the total travel time was going to be an extra 1 hour for me. Decided to go with the existing place for the time being.

In laws will probably leave the coming week or the week after. Then we will be able to settle down a little and get ourselves settled.





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