Place: Atta’s Place, Kadugodi
Time: 07:07
Week 59

So the marriage is done.

It was hectic and tiring yet enjoyable at the same time. During the past week, I have slept as much on the road as I have on a stationary bed. All the travelling is over now though.

I want to move into a flat as soon as possible. Given that the Mrs. does not want to move away from her mom’s place, she is not showing a lot of enthusiasm. This is something that will require a bit of a push. Saw a place yesterday that I thought was good. Need to show it to the Mrs. today and confirm it. The travel to the office from there is going to be a pain. But I expect to survive somehow.

Most of the pending accounts have been cleared. The total expense of the marriage including the initial expenses came to around 7 Lakhs.

The SSC work has completely moved out. I am not sure what I should do tomorrow. I will start to office at lunch time and will have a chat with Chaman regarding what he wants me to do. Oracle gave me a 10% hike btw. Better than nothing.

Given that I have started a family now and there are 2 of us to manage, I have to be very careful and sensitive when it comes to managing expenses. Had a mini fight with the Mrs. yesterday regarding her credit card bill. I will need to ignore her expenses at least for the coming couple of months and let her manage her own stuff. Me demanding accountability one week after marriage will make her feel like I am dominating her.


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