Place: 005, Devi Residency
Time: 10:55 AM
Week 54

100 Sunday posts. 30 months. A casual read through these 30 months will give one a very good idea about my life so far. So much has changed over the last 30 months. There have been highs and lows. Some great moments and some not so great ones. Throughout this turbulent period, I have stuck with this series. It is something that I should be proud of.

Moving onto what was another very good week. I got the result of the Walmart interview last Sunday and I did not clear it. The second round was a tough one. They concentrated too much on one skill set and did not consider the others. Their loss.

There were some issues with the loan approval process. The CIBIL report had incorrect entries and it took some effort to get them cleared off. The loan finally got processed and I got 6,14,000 in the account on Friday evening. I can now start with the marriage work one by one.

Setup a pre wedding shoot thing with Wesley yesterday. Picked up the Mrs yesterday morning and went to MG Road for the shoot. The Mrs was a little uncomfortable during the shoot but we got some very good photos. I will need to collect the photos from Wesley next week.

Came back to my room after the shoot. We had a very memorable time in the room. Did not try to go for it this time. Got comfortable and had a chat and then slept for some time. Had lunch in Zaitoon. Dropped her off at her place in the evening.

Have a lot of stuff to take care of this coming week. I will be travelling back to Hyd the next Sunday. Dad has posted the cards in courier. I will need to visit the Mrs’s place to give them the first card. Then I need to give cards to my colleagues and invite them formally to the wedding. Also need to follow up with dad to make sure the work in Aliabad is progressing.




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