Place: 005, Devi Residency
Time: 10:24 AM
Week 53

Very hectic and tiring week.

Mom’s thing was on monday. Took care of that and left for Bangalore on Tuesday and reached Bangalore on Wednesday morning. The travel was a big hassle with the bus breaking down before the start of the trip. They did accommodate in a different bus which reached late.

Walmart scheduled an In Person interview for Saturday. Did not get time to prepare for interview as the work was very hectic. Went for the interview yesterday. Did a lot of waiting. One round was good. Technical round did not go so well. They wanted resource to join as soon as possible. I sent them mail today saying that I cannot join before Jan first week.

This job thing is making my life even more complicated than it already is. With the marriage scheduled next month, I am not sure if I want to join another company now. Added to that the problem that if I join Walmart now, I am stuck here in Bangalore for another 2 years.

Looking at the people, the facilities and the work, I think if I pass this chance, I will be missing an opportunity. Having sent the email, all I can do is wait and watch. There will be 2 more rounds of interviews. I will demand 16LPA salary. If they are prepared to give, I think I should make it happen. If they are not prepared to give, I will pass up the chance, get married, settle down and then look for a job in Hyderabad.

Submitted documents for personal loan on Friday. The processing is currently in progress. They should disburse the loan sometime next week. Once the money comes, I can start planning the expenses.

Feeling very tired today. Will try to get some rest before I need to leave for office.


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