Place: Chinna’s Place, Vidyanagar
Time: 09:30
Week 52

Hectic week.

Reached Hyderabad on Monday morning. Did wfh on Monday and went to Karimnagar. Had a couple of fruitful days in Karimnagar. Visited Parlapally, Devakkapally, Saibaipally and Karimnagar. Had a lot of good discussions. Gave the work of preparing laddoos and buying sarees to Sadhana Pinni.

Did another 4 days work after coming back. After a lot of searching around, found a guy for doing the photography. Need to settle the price with him today. Also need to finalize the decoration and wedding card design today.

At Chinna’s place currently. There have been lot of conflicting opinions on how to organize the reception event. The final invities count has surpassed the initial estimate, meaning that the number of people attending the event will be a lot more. The problem is with the 800 per plate cost that Alankritha is charging. If 140 ppl turn up, the total cost will go to about 100,000 just for the food. Decoration is going to be about 40000 more.

Alternative is to have the event in a function hall near home. The cost of the hall will be 25000. Food cost might be about 50000 all included. This setup will save me about 75000. Considering that the decoration cost might be the same, I need to decide in the next 2 days about which option I need to choose.


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