Place: 5A021
Time: 11:23
Week 51


Fucking week 51. I hoped it would be so much different.


So yesterday was a mixed day for me. I visited her place. Then we were alone. Then we had some fun. And it ended in disaster. At least I have a fair idea of why it ended the way it did. I  am confident I can correct the mistakes and not make the same ones again. I am not too worried.

Everything else was lovely though. I had to coax quite a bit but she agreed happily eventually. We got to know a lot about each other yesterday. As a couple, we too giant strides forward. And I seemed to be more disappointed than she was. Anyway

Fixed the photographer. 1L for the marriage and reception. He is asking for 50K advance. Will need to manage it somehow.

Travelling to Hyd today. Have a lot of work to complete over the next week. Will be hectic.




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