Place: 005, Devi Residency
Time: 18:12
Week 49

Decent week.

Another week that sort of flew by. Work was hectic this week. Fewer people in SSC shift meant that I had my hands full with SR’s. Also have a couple of assessments that I need to complete and a customer presentation to prepare. Lastly, the OCP exam. Oct 9th is kind of the deadline for me to write the exam. The sooner to do it, the better.

Next week, I will be involved in migrations. Not sure how hectic the work will be. I will need to find time to do the rest as well.

More delays in dads money thing. This week dad told me clearly that I should make my own arrangements. It’s been very frustrating. With a 6 lakhs loan, the budget becomes very tight. In case the marriage budget increases, the after marriage expenses will become difficult to handle. I will have to deal with it.

Had a small fight with her yesterday. I lost the fight badly. I need to be careful about how I approach her for contentious issues. Made some mistakes yesterday that I should be careful not to repeat.



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