Place: 005, Devi Residency
Time: 10:42
Week 48

Good week.

I was working on a Delta assessment this week. I finished that and Manish handed me another one. I will be busy for the next 3-4 weeks. I volunteered to provide a OGG basics training to J&J. This will be my second customer training session and first at the client place. Should be good experience.

Fixed the reception hall. Called up Alankrita resort in Hyderabad. First they said that the hall is booked for Saturday so I decided to book the hall for Sunday. Then we found out that in fact the hall is available for Saturday and on Sunday, the hall that would have been the right size for us was booked. At the end I got the hall that I wanted at the time that I wanted so I was happy. We negotiated the price and the guy quoted 770 per plate. I am thinking the total will be about 120 people so the hall and the decoration and the photography should not be more than 120000.

We also took contact numbers for decoration guys. Need to get that done when I visit Hyderabad next month. I can probably do it in Nov also I guess. But its a good idea to meet them and talk to them to get an idea of what the price might be like.

Visited the bank. The guy there said that eligibility for the loan is not an issue. However, the bank cannot disburse more than 2 loans so I will need to foreclose one of the loans. Doesn’t make a lot of difference at the end of the day but I was hoping to take a separate loan and close the previous 2 off when dads money comes in. About the money, there is no word from dad. Need to talk to him now.








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