A Reply to Sridhar – 2015



Sridhar Reddy

Aged 26 Years 9 months.

Hey Pal. It’s me, you from the future.

I read the letter you wrote to me today. You signed off by saying that at the core, what makes me, me is the same as what makes you, you. You asked me if I agreed.

My answer is yes and no. At the core, we both might be the same, but the way we handle ourselves and the way we go about life will change as you age.

You asked me if I got married. I am engaged at the moment and will get married on Nov 25th. My fiance is called Swathi and she is a fine woman. I am  quite looking forward to the marriage.

I did not get to do the Europe trip. Uttam and Mr. Chick are planning do go there in October. Instead I went to the U.S. This trip along with the marriage will be the highlights of 2016 for me. It was a fantastic experience and I am proud of the way I made it happen. It all started when bro decided that he will get the visa done for dad. He asked me to get a visa too, just in case I am in a situation to accompany him on the trip. I thought it wasn’t a bad idea so when Ram Bava visited India in Feb, I put in a little effort and got the visa processed.

Once the visa was done, the next step was planning for the trip. At first I thought that I will make the trip if dad’s money comes. But that kept getting delayed (It still hasn’t come). I asked dad to make the trip but he refused saying that he has to wait for the money to come. In hindsight, it was probably the right decision. I thought about whether I wanted to make the trip alone. I was reluctant because I did not have the money. In one of my conversations with Aditya, he mention that if it was a question of money, he could contribute and that I could pay him back later. That made me think of the Kashmir trip and I decided that I would do this one.

Bro booked the tickets. Along with the tickets, he probably had to shell out a further 600$ for my trip. Overall, including the visa, the trip cost me about 1,40000. It was a great trip.

I did pretty well with Sridhar 2.0 too. I changed my regimen in the gym and got very god results from it.I am moderately fit now and am training for the bangalore marathon. I changed my dressing and became a twice a week shaver for a few weeks. More of the same please.


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