Preparing for Bangalore Marathon 2016

For the past few weeks, I have been under the impression that I have plenty of time to start preparation for the Bangalore marathon. Only now have I realized that I have only 7 weeks to go.

Sub 2 in 7 weeks?

I would be happy to have a strong run with 7 weeks preparation. Sub 2 is a far away dream.

With all the stuff with the marriage going on, I have totally neglected my preparation. I will be skipping this years AHM. After running it for the last 3 years, to have to skip it this year is disappointing. I just couldn’t make it happen.

I am in decent shape though. If I can focus hard and be careful with my preparation, I thing I should be ready in 7 weeks.

I will try to do 4 runs per week. One 6K fast run, one 8K tempo run, one 4K speed drills and the weekend long run. I will try to do a few flyover repeats on the weekend run. I am doing a bit of core and strength training in the office gym these days. That should add the necessary conditioning work and also keep my weight in check.

I need to cut down on chocolates, desserts and booze till the end of the marathon. I weigh about 70Kgs now. I should be able to cut down to 68 by the end of September. Lets see how it goes.



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