Place: Pl 3, KSR Bangalore
Time: 06:48
Week 44

The place says KSR bangalore as I was in the station when I did the recording for this post. Recording because I knew that I would not have enough time yesterday.

The engagement went well. I forgot a few things but we managed to arrange them at the venue. The poojari made us do comedy things. But no one complained at the place.

Swathi was beautiful yesterday.

I made sure I got a lot of good pics with her. I had spoken to Wesley about the photographers. The guys he sent were good. I need to sit down with Wesley when the does the post processing and see how it all turns out.

With the engagement done, I think I can relax for a few weeks now. The planning for the marriage will not start for at least another couple of months. I have decided to bite the bullet and have the reception. I will talk to Uttam about the hall that he knows in Medchal. I will need to money only in Nov so I will stop worrying about that now. I have also decided to take a flat in Bangalore in Dec. So no point in thinking about it from now.

Need to focus on getting more career progress in the next few weeks.


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