Place: 5A021, OTP
Time: 11:36
Week 43

Sunday post on Monday as I was too lazy on Sunday

Decent week.

Worked more on the presentation. The content is ready. I just need to revise the presentation now to get the flow of the talk.

I am thinking of taking it slow so as to cover at least 45 mins with the talk. This way there is very little time for Q&A.

Had an argument with dad about the money. At this point I should forget about dad giving me anything and start making my own arrangements. There is no point in me calling him and putting pressure on him when it is completely out of his hands. The pipeline money which he said he will get by Aug could now take 2 more months.

The credit card bill is at 73K. I will pay the bill using my bank balance and will take a loan from Chick and Puri next month. About 50K. I will take a personal loan around Nov. Will need to manage using the credit card till then.

Arranged the rooms for the weekend.

Pradeep called me for lunch yesterday. Spent some time with them during the day and came back home later in the day.

Need to work on the presentation the next 2 days. I hope it goes well. If it does, I will go a long way in completing one of my targets for this year.


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