Place: 005, Devi Residency
Time: 12:44
Week 41

Decent week.

Covered migration, patching and SSC in the same week. I wanted to work today also to make some money but it didn’t work out. Had a good week at work. Chaman gave me a 5 rating in the appraisal. Not sure if that will translate in a hefty raise though. I took up an Exadata customer presentation task last week that I am working on currently. It’s a little hard work but if I am able to pull if off well, I can add another feather to my cap.

I realized this week that I may be overthinking the marriage expense part a little bit. Sure its going to be a little expensive, but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter. I am thinking of taking a 4L loan from bank and about 1L from friends to cover the expenses. Right now, I am 60K in the negative. I have the balance in the bank thanks to Chinna’s money but I have to be prepared for when he will ask for his money back.

If and when dads money comes, I can pay off the other 2 loans. Waiting for his money to come will just cause my BP to rise.

Had fun yesterday. Went to Bala’s place from work and went for a drive in the night. Spent some quality time with the folks. I got some information about how the marriage photographer thing works. I am planning to pay for the engagement photographer myself, given that all the other expenses are being borne by madam. It might cost me about 20-25K.

I had applied to Walmart the other week in their website. They send me a mail this week that the resume is in process. I might get a call this week. Need to be mentally prepared.


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