Place: 5A021, OTP
Time: 17:15
Week 40

A successful week.

Came to Bangalore on Monday. I went to the old gym for a couple of days and had made up my mind to pay the subscription for the new 4 months @6500. On the third day when I woke up, I thought long and hard about it. Given the expenses I am going to have in the coming future, I thought about whether this cost was worth taking up given that I could always use the office gym. I decided against paying the money.

Did a couple of runs during the week.

The weekend was very eventful and right now I am bone tired.Started with the friday night when there was a house party at Bala’s place. I asked madam to come but she could not. Had fun at the party. Finished to bourbon that I brought from the US. Came back to the room and slept at around 4:30 am.

Woke up at 9:00 AM and went to Kadugodi in cab. Checked out the engagement hall. The place is spacious and will be sufficient for use. It is however not very clean. It needs quite a lot of makeup before it looks any good. Madam agreed to it.

We came to Murgeshpalya at around 3:00 pm and had lunch in Bala’s place. I had booked tickets for a standup comedy show for 5 pm. We started a little late to MG road and at one junction I took a wrong turn and got stuck in traffic. By the time we came out, we were 45 mins late. We deciced against going to the event that late and instead started looking for rings. 1K bokka for the tickets.

We went to Tanishq first who said that he did not have rings of madams size and that it would take 30 days for get them made by order. This was surprising to us. We went to other shops and they told us similar waiting time for order made rings. We understood that we will need to buy the rings directly. I found a ring of white gold in Bhima Jewellers yesterday and Madam found a ring in Orra today. 24,400 for her ring, 37500 for mine.

Since I had work in the evening, we decided to start early in the morning and go to cubbon park. From there I had decided to go to Brahmins coffee bar. Woke up at 4:20 today and went to Kadugodi to pick up madam in Balas bike. We went to cubbon park and had a good time. Brahmins coffee bar was closed so went to MTR instead who made us wait for 40 mins.

After purchasing the rings, we came back to Murgeshpalya. I ordered a cab for madam at the time when my office cab came.

Need to shop for clothes tomorrow. Madam is of the opinion that I should wear shirt and part. I was thinking of wearing a kurta. Need to see how it goes.

Dads money thing might get finalized next week. Then again it might not.



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