Place: Beeramguda
Time: 10:57
Week 39

I write this post in a somewhat agitated state. The reasons for my agitation are not very apparent. To some extent I feel I am being unfair. I may also have reasons to be disappointed.

There has been some discussion going on regarding what we would give Swati on the engagement. I would have preferredĀ to give some item in gold but the constraints of the budget don’t give me that liberty. I would prefer she wear mom’s chain. Swati on her part is okay with it but some in my family dont think its a god idea. Yesterday we had a discussion where we thought why not add the gold that bro got for his marriage to the chain and buy some item. That would have cost me an additional 15K. Bro shot the idea down.

The other reason I was unhappy was with the saree Swati bought. She paid 27K for it. When she asked me how much she could pay for the saree, I told her that she could buy whatever she liked. I was truly fine with it. She now tells me that she is having to wear that saree for engagement because her cousin is asking her to. It’s okay for me to pay for a saree that she likes. It’s not okay for me to pay for a saree that someone else likes.

Its not like I can take revenge by spending a lot on my dress. At the same time this is not something that I can discuss with the madam freely.

I did some calculations for the upcoming expenses. I have a debt of around 40K right now. 20k to chick and about 20k to pogo. I should be able to pay for the ring and the dress with my salary. So come first week of September, I will be in a debt of 40K. For the 3 months of Sep, Oct and Nov, I will not have any savings since I agreed with Bro that I will pay the house EMI till Nov.

Since I cannot bank on dad getting his money, I need to take a salary advance this month. I am not sure how much I can get. Probably around 1L. I can pay off 40K debt and I will have some 60K remaining for expenses. If none of dad’s money comes in, I will need to arrange another 3L in loan if I want to do a honeymoon. 2L should be enough sans honeymoon. I should easily be able to get a loan for that amount.

The daring move I made to fudge my tax returns really paid off. I got 28K tax returns last week. That in itself will pay for the ring I guess.

I will have a hectic week once I go back to blore. Next weekend we can roam around looking for clothes. We need to check for the rings as well. At work I need to start preparation for the OCP. I need to discuss L1 and the salary advance with Chaman.

I was thinking of joining the gym. I did gain some weight during the last few weeks. 3 month subscription will cost me 4.5K in cash. Need to think about it.



















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